Rulez Britannia by Ellen
December 24, 2009, 2:22 pm
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This is a little video about our UK tour earlier this year, showcasing the first part of the experience complete with SWN festival footage, a guide to making the fabled Scottish beverage of choice “The Jaeger Bomb” and a trip to Manchester United. Enjoy my lovelies!

Ellen x


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great opening!!!!

Comment by joaquim

I am very northern sounding and very swine flu’d up. Not the best of moments for me.

Comment by Lois

Love Connection pt. II \m/

Awesome stuff.

Comment by Tiago F

Not enough Ollie. 😦

Comment by hmm

I dig Gareth’s purple flute. At least, it looked purple.

Comment by flute!

i was filmed for this, but looking coy on a bed, talking to Sparky obv. wasn’t the highlight of everyone’s year.

Comment by thepigeonpost

i’m quite proud of my 1 second appearance

Comment by James Walker

That was ok, not half as cool as the WAB, WAD dvd. there wasn’t much stuff with Neil, Tom or Gareth and a whole lot of Rob. 😦 oh well.

Comment by Eliot

Best tour video I’ve seen in memory, yaaay. Nothing to do with my cameo during Swn. Backstage Alexei banter is brilliant.

Comment by Ed

Now you got me wondering, so does Lady Gaga’s penis kinda do like a suck in/lunge out thing? like the Alien tongue in Alien?

Anyway, thanks again for another great tour doc, Ellen, always love these, so funny.

Comment by Nick

Here is the video which made us wonder about the gagaz, I think she is a lady and kind of awesome, and its a unfortunate angle/costume incident

Comment by Ellen

Lolz … 1:54 – 2:05 … You could’ve cut the sexual tension with a knife.

Comment by Jamie

Was talking with someone last summer about how lots of times the videos that bands put up on blogs are so long and boring that you can’t watch all the way through, but that Ellen always puts up fab ones. 🙂 This is obvs no exception, can’t decide what my favorite bit was.

Comment by Clair

Yeah, someone else showed me that same video. I’m still not sure what the hell that is there, I don’t actually think she’s a dude but that is an amusing sight.

Comment by Nick

Another fine Ellen Campesinos! production. This, Lolz in America, and A Line of Coke And A Hotdog shows how good you are with video. Keep doing your video thing.

Comment by tps

Wait, seriously? Jaegerbombs are a Scottish thing?

And to think all this time they were a New Jersey thing…

Comment by Kyle from TX

sex shop – erexiter

Comment by metamagical

A gym – flexiter?

Comment by Kyle from TX

I loved the the video. Ellen, you are great at these and their always great and funny. But why no video of the tour you did this summer in the United States with Girls?

Comment by David

Oh, and marry X-Mas.

Comment by David

Entertaining from the 90210 intro to the Mr. Vain dance party. Is Sexeter too obvious of a suggestion for a sex shop? I need to listen to Sparky Deathcap. This line is fantastic: “one day i would like to paint your portrait from the entrails of all the animals and the people that i would kill for you”. and did I see Menickie on the lineup for one of those shows? that could only be an all-male Kenickie cover band. ok, /end disjointed thoughts.

Comment by Julia

At times like this I wish English was my mother tongue. I love all of your accents, but hard to understand sometimes unfortunately.
Awesome video as always though, Ellen.

Comment by Gerlin

I always thought they were Jag bombs not Jaeger bombs but wutev. My favorite parts were definately Rob’s halloween song and the gang playing different instruments.

Comment by Drew

Totally agree with Gerlin above. I’d do anything to drop the American accent and pick up the English one.

Comment by Kyle from TX

thanks for that ellen! really funny and a great way to spend the earlier half of a saturday evening!

Comment by Shannon

Great stuff Ellen. Between you and JoFo, I can’t get enough of you charming Brits and yr tour videos.

I laughed out loud at “SEX WITH POO”, and it’s always good to know (for future trivia nights) that the LC lads have larger than average penises.

Comment by Josh

No Tuts! No men in spandex! No record of it so I can try and remember what happened!

Comment by Di

Who supports what club? As an american who loves football and Los Campesinos!, I feel I need to know this.

Comment by Colin


Colin, iirc, LC! are all skanky glory hunting Man Utd fans.

Comment by Samuel

Loved the blog, loved the clip, loved the show in Dallas back in October, hope you come back to the states! You all were so nice after the show and that is what makes you even better to follow! Keep up everything!

Comment by Bren Pike

Watching this reminds me of hanging out with my friends in Devizes, Wiltshire… Looks like a lot of fun you guys are having so keep up the good stuffs.

Dennis (from Holland)

ps. loved the gig in Amsterdam last sunday. Got me properly ill as I had to travel for about 1,5 hours back home in all sweaty clothes xB

Comment by Dennis

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