December 30, 2009, 5:58 pm

Hello, Kim here.

I’m a woman of few words so i’ll let this list speak for themselves, also i’m worried i’ll slip into musicgraduateanalysismode.

These are my top ten albums of my decade…

Joint 10. Her Space Holiday
The Young Machines (2003)

Joint 10.Tender Forever
The Soft And The Hardcore (2005)

9. Life Without Buildings
Any Other City (2001)

8. Final Fantasy
Has a Good Home (2005)

7. Casiotone for the painfully alone
Twinkle Echo (2003)

6. Le Tigre
This Island (2004)

5. Xiu xiu
Women as Lovers (2008)

4. Help she can’t swim
Fashionista Super Dance Troupe (2004)

3. Why?
Elephant Eye Lash (2005)

2. Mika miko
C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. (2006)

1. Sleater-kinney
One Beat (2002)



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I’ve seen a couple of these now on several lists, feel like I need to check out more, heard of all the artists but never heard the albums, should probably do that.

Comment by Nick

I’m so glad to see Her Space Holiday on that list. I love, love, love that album.

Comment by Jeska

Final Fantasy! New favorite band member.

Comment by Joel

Joint 10. Her Space Holiday
The Young Machines (2003)

My heart jumped when I read this. Marc Bianci is one of my favorite artists of all times. I sometimes feel as though the genius of his records goes unappreciated. Manic Expressive is my favorite record of his. I find his raw expression of emotion/depression is unrivaled.

Wonderful list! It’s cute (cute?) how you and your bro share favorites.

Comment by Simon

marry me?

Comment by rp

07 & 08 are indeed awesome. :]

Comment by Cassie

good to see Help She Can’t Swim on there, totally underated band

Comment by Andy

yr eyes are magnificent. nice list.

Comment by Samuel

This is one beautifully indie household. I need an older brother and sister to nick Xiu Xiu and Final Fantasy records from.

Comment by James

Yes Her Space Holiday! Yes! May i love the young machine’s forever and never grow up. ‘So carry me around, like a picture in you purse, Pull me out when things are at their worst’

Yes Elephant Eyelash! May i love Elephant Eyelash forever and never grow up!. ‘i wanted to breath on beat, and go a fifth higher than my physical voice was coined for, i wanted to serve with hunger, but my gut split, and the hunger men poured into wars’


Comment by danglingman

Xiu xiu, Final Fantasy, Casiotone! Absolutely brilliant.

Comment by sk

Awesome to see Help She Can’t Swim on there! Nice list.

Comment by Ed

Great list, Kim. Had never heard Help She Can’t Swim. It came in the mail yesterday and I really like it. Thanks for the tip.

See you in Seattle! Will it be your first visit? Hope the sun shines for you. Got to the Pike Place Market for food and West Lake Center for shopping.

Comment by Ian

Casiotone remixed So Much for the Afternoon by Headlights – well worth a listen as is the whole remix album 🙂 Thanks for the list, bring on Birmingham!

Comment by Tom Jenkins

can i marry you?

Comment by BEN

tender forever ❤
sleater kinney ❤

Comment by andi

[…] backing vocals at times so I was not surprised when I read that “One Beat” is Kim’s #1 on her top 10 best albums of the last decade. The band is very energetic and charismatic and it’s not a coincidence that there is an […]

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please marry me

im a good guy

Comment by pino

I agree with 6 & 5 and now I have some new albums to check out.


Comment by Boston

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