January 11, 2010, 10:18 pm
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In March of this year we will be undertaking a brief tour of some countries in Mainland Europe. We will be joined on this tour by our true brethren COPY HAHO. I cannot tell you how excited we are to be touring together again. Last time we did we all got Swine Flu and bathed in malibu, so who knows what will happen when we do this ON THE CONTINENT!! It’ll be like a Christmas special of a past it’s best British sitcom. Lock up yr daughters.

These are the dates:
10 Mar Munich (GERMANY), Atomic Cafe
11 Mar Zurich (SWITZERLAND), Club Room
12 Mar St Gallen (SWITZERLAND), Theater Palace
13 Mar Cologne (GERMANY), Gebaude 9
14 Mar Amsterdam (HOLLAND), Melkweg
15 Mar Paris (FRANCE), Le Point Éphémère
17 Mar Hamburg (GERMANY), Molotov
18 Mar Brussels (BELGIUM), Rotonde

Please consult venue websites, etc, for ticketing details.

If we are not playing in a country you live in, I am sorry. I hope we will some time soon. It is not (necessarily) personal.


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do I have to bring you some malibu then? x

Comment by Veee

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH IT HURTS. I AM SUPER EXCITED ALREADY, my heart just skipped a beat. Also: yes, Rotonde at Botanique, favourite hall in my favourite venue!!!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES
March better be here quick!!
(sorry for all the caps and exclamation marks)

Comment by gerlin

hell jeah cologne!!! COMING!

Comment by Dennis

What? No Spain? Tsk Tsk

Comment by búho

Okay, I’ll just view this announcement as a step closer to a US tour.

Comment by Steven

Come back to the big O.
Omaha that is.
Miss you guys.

Comment by Blake

Nooooo! Please please, you NEED to come to Portugal again!! Come on.. maybe in the summer… You guys need to stop by again. Honestly.. I think you should do a tour around Portugal and Spain.. play in 20 city’s… enjoy the sun,the food… and you can even sleep in my place! xD
Think about it!

Comment by MafaldaCinnamon


Comment by filip

oh my goodness! i thought the only person in the world named Mafalda was my aunt.

Comment by Julia

Im just happy you played in Argentina last year. It was amazing. I wish you the best on this tour.

Comment by Marcos.

Spain(and Mafalda)needs you….that’s a 2010 bad start,guys

Comment by dissan

Thanks ever so much for tonights gig in rotown. New songs were amazing live, the sheer intensity of sea and letters was breath taking. Hope you enjoy yr short stay in holland, all the best.

Comment by Kevin

Hope you guys have fun! You should come to Canada sometime.(preferably Ottawa!)Come on…we’ve got beavers…and maple syrup. I would really love it. =D and play an all ages show.

Comment by Sarah

All right, just so you know, Poland still waits for you guys!

Comment by Plasticweather

I hope Thierry Henri enjoys the show,

Comment by Lorenzo st. Dubois

Ha good call Lorenzo.

Comment by Anna

No Sweden? That makes me a sad puppy.
Please come soon.

Comment by Joppe

gosh and nothing in the U.S. that really makes me sad

Comment by Lee B

Guys come on. You can’t play thrice in Germany and not play in Berlin, that’s just bad form!

Comment by Scott

Pleeease, come to Italy sometime soon! Around Venice maybe? Good luck w/ the shows!

Comment by Micca

Come to Ireland! jes! its closer Aswell! im sure you all will jump now that i wrote this 😛 so see you very soon!!

Comment by Brian

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Comment by Ravi Mathur

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