My Films of the Year! (Last Year) by Ellen
January 11, 2010, 4:40 pm
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Here in no particular order is my fail safe opinionated and completely flawed list of films I enjoyed the most last year. There are a lot of films I did not see, so for all “A Serious Man” and “Antichrist” lovers IM SORRY I DIDNT GET AROUND TO WATCHING THEM! They are on my ilovefilm list, honest. There are also some films missing which I thought were okay, but did not find them as effecting as others, e.g “Let The Right One In” and “Up” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy them, it just means I am a heartless bitch. Also my memory sucks so I probably left loads out too.

Drag me to hell!

An entertaining B movie pastiche of disgustingness and stupidity with Mr Raimi returning to his “Evil Dead” esque horror comedy roots after the awful “Spiderman 3.” Plus the heroine does battle with a evil handkerchief, and we all love it when linen goes bad.


Starring lots of Sam Rockwells and Kevin Spacey’s REALLY creepy voice, it’s budget allowed special effects which make “Red Dwarf” seem sophisticated but is a highly original and character driven Sci-Fi film. Yes, it was made by David Bowies son.

Zombie land

Best Bill Murray cameo I can remember.

Inglorious Basterds

This film got bafflingly average reviews despite the fact it is a complete return to form after the film about Kirk Russel killing women WITH HIS CAR!

The acting displayed from Christoph Waltz would make Daniel Day Lewis weep into his cobblers shoes, and the  scene in which the “Basterds” are undercover in the German bar….I was literally hanging off my seat, about to fall unto the floor, gripping the chair of the arm scared… was unrelentingly good. Even my mum liked it, and her favorite film is “Shirley Valentine.”

The Hurt Locker

This Katherine Bigelow piece tracks a bomb defusal squad in Iraq and although I am unsure about its slightly one sided patriotic message, it is still an educational, gripping and somewhat disturbing insight into the American army.


One of my favorite films of last year, I knew little to nothing about Watergate or Nixon himself and this film made me learn things which normally I hate! plus Michael Sheen is always an incredibly watch-able and charismatic presence.

Star Trek

It could have sucked, it could have been a sacrilegious experience, but it was entertaining and sensitive to its origins.

Where The Wild Things Are

This is a incredibly brave and incredibly heartbreaking film which shows that Mr Jonze does not bend to the will of studios, it explores the confusion of childhood so perfectly and really pulls the “Stand By Me” esque punches. Perfect. BRING TISSUES.

In The Loop

I love Armando Iannucci very hard, plus its nice to know what “My Girl” is up to. The political ramifications this film depicts are also somewhat terrifying.


I love Michael Fassbender very hard as well, and this biopic of political prisoner and hunger strike participant Bobby Sands is a uneasy viewing experience… he was also great in the disturbing “Eden Lake.”


A heartbreakingly beautiful biopic with the guy from High School Musical.

Public Enemies

There was something about this which sparked me despite its glaring errors and flaws (e.g filming on digital and Christian “continually disappointing” Bale.) I think its the unrelenting charisma of Marion Cottilard and Johnny Depp.


A incredibly terrifying “kids” film with wreaths of imagination and darkness to boot.

My Least Favourite Film of the Year: (500) Days of Summer. It has to be seen to be believed how try hard and awful it is. I would recommend going out and watching it right now, honestly. Do it.

Ellen x


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I liked (500) Days of Summer. 😦

Comment by Ben

I dunno… i found (500) Days of Summer tolerable. Wouldn’t make my “Best Of” list by a long shot, but it was kind of cute, and I liked the way they shifted back and forth.


My best film of the year? Ponyo. If you haven’t checked out Miyazaki yet, let this be yer introduction.

Comment by Ray

It was under the heading: My least favourite film of the year Mr Ray x

Comment by Ellen

Well I realized that! It just baffles the mind that Alvin and The Chipmunks didn’t take that spot from the get-go!

Comment by Ray

Spiderman 3 AWFUL!!!!! I know it wasn’t a film from this year but seriously that is a great film Ellen. But apart from that some nice choises. Any recommendations for the coming year? Well apart from obvious choises like the Lovely Bones. xx

Comment by Anna

I still have yet to see Wild Things b/c I’m too worried/almost positive it won’t meet my high expectations of it.

My least favorite movie of 2009: Men Who Stare at Goats – so boring, I walked out.
Also crappy: Paper Heart – Charlyne Yi = most irritating comedian ever?

I need to see Ponyo! Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are gold.

Comment by Julia

@ Julia
Ponyo was absolutely adorable! Everything from the story to the sound effects to (especially) the art was amazing. More films should be traditionally animated again, it really gives an indescribable charm that’s lost with computer animation.

I liked it so much that I picked up Spirited Away, which is probably one of my favorite movies ever. I’ve yet to see Mononoke, but I’m looking for a copy so hopefully I’ll catch it soon.

Comment by Ray


ellen’s right spiderman 3 was so terrible. it was long and just dreadful and i hope that lovely bones comment is a joke.

Comment by john

‘drag me to hell’ over ‘let the right one in’? tsk!

although, ‘drag me to hell’ did have that goat that said, “youuuuuuu biiiiiiiitch”… so i guess i understand your reasoning. haha!

Comment by E.

The whole disaster that was Spider Man 3 is justified by this incredible moment:

Comment by Ben

I love you for the 500 Days of Summer disliking. Everything about this film made me think i’d like it, then it was dreadful. I physically cringed at the last line.

Favourite films of the year were Where The Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr Fox, this year was obviously the year of ace kids books adapted by brilliant directors.

Comment by Alex

Also, spiderman 3 was made good by the fact Conor Oberst played Spiderman during his confident emo phase.

Comment by Alex

where the wild things are was horrible. i never finished the film and never plan on it. best movie of the year would be susan boyle.

Comment by lnc

I’m heartbroken. (500) Days of Summer is definitely my favorite movie of all time. Note that I haven’t seen a lot of movies. I just don’t know what to think right now.

Comment by Robert

Three of my favourite films about relationships
High Fidelity, Closer and She’s All That. I like the narcissistic horrible characters over the big eyed “OH MY GAWD IS THAT THE SMITHS” characters from the first two, and I like the stupid escapism in the last choice. I didnt like the try hard quirky by numbers of that film, but then I did enjoy scoffing at it, but I am a snob like that. I dont want to take anything away from your enjoyment of it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I have some pretty stupid ones!
Oh Ben, that clip is amazing, I forgot how wonderfully creepy Mr Franco is in this! He is suprisingly great in Milk as well…
Ray I must see the Miyazaki long list of animations, I have heard nothing but amazing things…. and i am going to watch “Let The Right One In” again, I was not concentrating the first time, but I think i may remain unconvinced.
Your films of the year in general? Soundtracks of the year?

Comment by Ellen

If you like downtempo electronica I highly suggest Death By Panda’s “Birthday Party”. It was on my “Albums of The Decade” list. It’s seen me through pretty much everything I’ve experienced in the last couple of years. It’s massive while quiet. It’s emotional while calming. Give it a chance:

Comment by Ray

ha (500) Days of Summer the only film i went to see with my first and last girlfriends, great soundtrack though

Comment by James Walker

Milk = Superduper extra awesome.
Also i have yet to see Where The Wild Things Are, but I’ve listened to the soundtrack a million times.
Spiderman 3 superduper sucked. Tho James Franco is clearly a very good actor. As were the rest of the cast of Milk. x

Comment by Hannahsaurus Rex

oh and Julia totally agree about the men who stare and goats, my friends all adored it i couldn’t stand it, got to be one of the worst films i’ve ever paid to go and see

Comment by James Walker

I’ll admit I only went to see 500days to look at Jospeh Gordon cute face, but now I realise I can do that whenever watching 3rd rock on comedy central, doesn’t matter he’s a child. I have penned a sequel though:

Comment by s

I saw Drag Me To Hell three time. Loved, loved, loved it. I adore Sam Raimi though. Zombieland was amazing. I liked Public Enemies, and I’m not a Johnny Depp fan. Inglorious Bastards was hilarious (Arrivederci!)

And I like a lot of those movies too, but I haven’t seen Coraline yet. Probably going to rot in hell or something, but what can you do?

Comment by Tess

Ellen, about Milk.
Are you thinking that Emile Hirsch is Zac Effron?
Zac was the one in High School Musical.
Don’t ask me how I know this.
Great list.

Comment by Blake

Tess, there’s still time! you just missed out on seeing it in its big-screen 3D glory. The 3D demo at the end of the movie actually had me grabbing at the imaginary objects in the air and giggling like a child.
James – glad you agree with me on that, I was also the odd one out in the theatre. everyone else LOVED it.
pre-emptive least fave of 2010: the American remake of Let the Right One In, “Let Me In”
Ellen, what’d you think of Avatar?

Comment by Julia

500 Days of Summer was my second favorite movie of the year. Inglourious Basterds was number one though, so no hard feelings at all. That scene also put me in the edge of my fucking seat, every second that passed I tried really hard not to shout things at the big screen. Unfortunately, I had a few people in the back constantly going “huh huh huh, Tarantino is such a nut case, huh huh huh”. SHUT UP DAD.

Frost/Nixon was pretty good and actually made the whole issue much more interesting, but now the real tapes are so boring to watch.

I can’t believe my friends refused to go see Zombieland with me. And then they claim they are Bill Murray fans. Hmph. Where the Wild Things Are finally came out yesterday in Portugal. I’ll check if I have any friends and then see if they are up for it. I have Milk on DVD, still haven’t watched it. Really wanted to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, but unfortunately it’s not coming out in Portugal. I suppose you’re not a big Wes Anderson fan, are you Ellen?

Comment by Tiago F

Blake, I am a high school musical fan, so i have not confused the Efron with the Emile, i mean the blonde one who is the twin brother of the one who says “Toodles.” He is in milk. I thought Avatar was very entertaining, but i would never see it again, i think my opinion falls in with most, its smurf fern gulley with lovely visuals but an awful script and a dire plot which is stupidly predictable….yet its nice. and its pretty.
I have not seen fantastic mr fox, i was meant to but there was incident involving a large queue full of noisy teens and a sudden bout of caustrophobia and old person style cynicism so i didnt. But i will… I love The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjing Limited (I think it has some amazing cinematography) and Rushmoore is my favourite… so I am a fan, but not a die hard one as such. I am currently watching Glee for the first time, and I think I like it.
Oddly enough the thing that irritated me about Where The Wild Things Are (which wasnt much at all) was the occasional warbling of Karen O bursting in and out (i love her normally but…it seemed like unnecessary padding)

Comment by Ellen

Seleena that is awesome by the way. Juno is a bag of lamb shank too x

Comment by Ellen

wow. this list is almost perfect. hunger is such a ridiculous film. I cant decide if i love it or not. some of the visuals are amazing.

Comment by alastair

In The Loop

I love Armando Iannucci very hard, plus its nice to know what “My Girl” is up to. The political ramifications this film depicts are also somewhat terrifying.

-Umm… Alastair Campbell is going in front of the (i forgot the name of it) official war report to be questioned about the manipulation of American reports concerning Iraqi WMD capabilities tomorrow. It’s based on true&fuckingterrifying life.

Comment by Samuel

ellen, i can’t believe you hate (500)… AND LIKE HIGH FIDELITY!! i think they are both awesome, though high fidelity is a lot better, worst film of the year that i have seen was 2012, which i saw cos i missed fantastic

Comment by nathan

Nathan oh nathan DONT EVEN COMPARE HIGH FIDELITY AND 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. 2012 was a better film then 500 days of summer because it knew it was a stupid pointless and laughable bit of blockbuster bums on seats money making piece of rubbish, 500 days of summer thought it was good, and intelligent, and quirky. When it was obvious and stupid, and the penis game is stolen from a childs tv show four years previously called Dick and Dom in the Da Bungalow where they shout “Bogie” as loudly as possible in museums. It was preeeeeetennnntiousssss.
Sorry. I got rannnty. I do apologise

Comment by Ellen

I’m starting to think (500) Days of Summer was mean to you as a child or something! 😛

Comment by Ray

My favourite film was Zombieland. You couldn’t find more of a straight up entertaining movie all year in my opinion.

But I also liked 500 Days of Summer, so my opinion is null, haha.

I didn’t see many new ones this year though, still gotta see Moon and Wild Things, and Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson is awesome).

Comment by Josh

Also, I was playing the penis game in primary school about 8 years ago 😉

Comment by Josh

My mums favorite film is also Shirley Valentine. My dad likes to pretend he doesn’t like it to gain man points but I’ve seen him watching (and enjoying) it a few times..

Comment by Gareth Parker

Oh shit, dude, now this is a blog post I’m excited to discus, I’m a total film dork.

Lots of good picks, I loved Moon, The Hurt Locker and Inglorious Basterds. I think Inglorious Basterds most of the listed, I certainly liked Kill Bill and Jackie Brown but for me it was Tarantino’s strongest film since Pulp Fiction and I was surprised just how great the writing was, I loved the scenes between Shoshana and the misguided Nazi trying too hard to impress her very funny but also kind of sad. The entire finale was fantastic and it’s hard not to love Landa with his giddiness meeting Aldo.

I do disagree with you on 500 Days of Summer, I thought it was quite charming and didn’t really expect anything particularly insightful or real. I thought it played with some romantic comedy conventions in interesting ways, was light and funny throughout but didn’t betray the emotions of the main character who I could relate to alot. I actually felt quite similarly about it as I do High Fidelity.

Zombieland, has one of the best cameos like ever and Woody Harrelson is hilarious throughout.

There’s a bunch of 08 movies here but I’m guessing that’s probably cause of the release dates and shit, which is the same reason why when I was working on my list I put Hunger on it. I just recently watched Hunger for the first time and was quite impressed, all the pieces didn’t really click with me first the first half hour but once the conversation between Michael Fassbender’s character and the priest started, I was completely enthralled, that might be one of my favorite scenes in some time and the scenes following are definitely painful and heartbreaking.

Star Trek I really enjoyed too, it really could’ve been complete shit but it was quite thrilling, I thought in general it was a great year for sci-fi in film between Star Trek, Moon, District 9, and Avatar. I still have some mixed feelings on Avatar though. Moon and District 9 I adored.

Speaking of things it was a good year for, I also loved the amount of great animated films this year. I’m guessing I liked Up quite a bit more than you but I also loved Coraline and it was one of the few films when I saw in theaters where the 3D didn’t strike me as a gimmick and I liked how it added texture and a new level of depth to all the sets and scenery in the film. Really loved the more dark, slightly surreal tone of it. As another person mentioned, Fantastic Mr Fox is also really great, it’s just really really funny, maybe Wes Anderson’s best just pure comedy. I loved that it wasn’t really toned down Wes Anderson at all and that it didn’t really feel like a kid’s film though most of the kids actually seemed to like it there. Also really like Ponyo and found it sweet and warm though it wasn’t really one of Miyazaki’s best IMO.

Uh..this comment is gonna end up really long but I sorta can’t resist 😀

I hadn’t seen or heard of The Thick of It over here in the States but after walking out In the Loop immediately went to check it out, definitely a fan, pretty much every line in the film just had me laughing and was quoteable, also some of the most creative uses of profanities I’ve seen in a film in quite some while. It’s amazing just how dark, sad, and funny the end is.

Where the Wild Things Are I’ve seen twice now and I really really like it and it definitely gets me in moments. I love that Spike Jonze’s made something so ambitious and sad and love the way it sort of get’s closer to the actual feelings of childhood than most films I’ve seen. I did find myself kind of distanced from it though in the middle and for whatever reason just didn’t totally love it despite wanting to. Definitely a good film, but didn’t work for me as well as it did for others I know.

Public Enemies is one that sort of just didn’t work for me at all. I found the first hour or so of the film sort of tedious and was kind of disappointed by Depp’s performance and really found my only anchor into the film at that point was Marion Cotillard who I thought was terrific throughout. I thought the second hour was better and had some thrilling moments, I especially love the scene with Depp in the police office. I just never really felt emotionally engaged though and walked out kind of disappointed.

A Serious Man I really want to see again, it was definitely interesting and funny but the day I saw it I got to the theater 20 minutes late and had a horrible hangover and remember walking out and not being able to remember much.

A couple other films I really loved during the year was Up in the Air. I can’t say how happy I am to see Jason Reitman once again writing his own stuff since he’s definitely leagues above Diablo Cody. I found it to be one of the few dramadies I’ve seen in recent years where it’s actually as consistently funny as it is heartbreakingly sad, I also was really impressed by Anna Kendrick after only having previously seen her in the godawful Twilight movie. I loved An Education, this was a film that sort of looked at first to me like Oscar bait but was surprisingly smarter and more human than that and Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgard are really great and Alfred Molina brings alot more layers to a character who could’ve been a stereotype. A couple others I’d throw out are Goodbye Solo which is a really moving small character driven film that avoids gimmicks. Anvil: The Story of Anvil which is just amazing, so funny, so inspiring, I don’t even really like metal music but after seeing it these guys are my heroes. Adventureland was maybe the most overlooked movie of the year in my opinion, it was from Greg Mottola who did Superbad and when it wasn’t Superbad 2 it kind of flopped at the box office but was a nice little dramedy that was very sly and funny, definitely nostalgic for anyone who grew up in the 80s. I’m gonna try and cut this short before it gets too long, Julia is quite impressive, Tilda Swinton deserves a Best Actress win for it. Sugar from Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck who did Half Nelson, take what should be a cliche immigrant sports story and create a wonderfully personal little drama. The Brothers Bloom definitely has it’s fair share of quirk but less than the trailer would seem, a very clever and funny crime film with Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz in top form. Lastly really liked The Informant!, very strange and offbeat but smart and funny, Matt Damon’s most interesting performance and my personal favorite.

Thanks for letting me geek out all over here, sorry to make my little rant so long 😀

Comment by Nick

Oh god, my grammar was atrocious

Comment by Nick

come on, i like EVERYONE else watched a bit of dick and dom, moving past 500.. cos there is now nothing i can say on the matter, i loved 2012 for the 1st hour when it was stupid, i was laughing at the brilliantly predictable ‘oh my god’s’ but it was like 3 hours long!!! it got so bloody boring. The novelty of the 20.12 screening wore off

Comment by nathan

Oh, thank god! Someone else agrees with me about (500) Days. So so incredibly awful.

Comment by Fresh A

Hey nick, that was a long commentry i very much enjoyed reading, I thought Adventureland was great, i was suprised by how much I liked it ad not just because of Ryan Reynolds, (oh swoon etc) but it was incredibly sweet. The Brothers Bloom was an odd film, there were parts i absolutely loved, but it it had some weird flaws to it (too many endings) but it definetely had something….. need to see Anvil v bad x

Comment by Ellen

Thank you so much for (500)Days of Summer! Everything you’ve said is everything I’ve thought about the movie…and I thought I was alone! It was just so very aware of itself, if that makes any sense. It seemed to think (if movies can think) that it was a better, more original, quirkier movie than it actually was and as a result it just came of as fake…and I absolutely hated the two main characters.

I’d have to agree with the rest of your list…but didn’t some of them come out in 2008, or is it just that you saw them in 2009? And my favorite movie of this year probably has to be An Education…and I have to say, Sherlock Holmes was some pretty great escapism.

Comment by Alison

I don’t see many movies, and usually they’re not decent ones, but the best I saw of 2009 was Pedro Almodovar’s Broken Embraces. Penelope Cruz really is a terrific actress, and Almodovar really knows how to write up characters with real, human qualities and a depth you don’t get in Hollywood. Aside from being quite heartbreaking (but with some absolutely hilarious moments in between), it’s just wonderfully crafted, and it’s been too long since I watched a really excellent foreign film.

Where The Wild Things Are would be my close second, it was absolutely terrific too. It was depressing and joyous in such equal measures in just the right way. Unfortunately, I’ve had a fair amount of trouble finding people who agree with me about that movie, I think it went right over the heads of a lot of people.

Comment by Laurence

Some may have come out in 2008 in the land of america, and some may have come out in 2008 in the UK as well, but what is time between friends.
Still need to see An Education as well x

Comment by Ellen


One reason you may not have liked Let the Right One In is due to some translation issues on the DVD (explained here ). It takes a little bit from it. And cgi cats, nobody likes those. They apparently printed more DVDs with the correct subtitles so try to find one that says has ‘english (theatrical)’ under the subtitles listing at the bottom of the back of the case

Comment by Jarred

You schooled me on HSM.

Comment by Blake

I, for one, greatly enjoyed (500) Days. It was the best romantic comedy I’ve seen since Love Actually.

Then again, for some reason I tend to enjoy movies that fall under the “Indie as FUCK” genre, despite my attempts to instill good taste into myself.

Comment by Jack

I don’t know if Still Walking made it out to the UK in any form but I think it’s the perfect family drama. It has none of the shouting matches or dramatic accidents of most of them but it generates a steady undercurrent of tension from generational gaps, disappointed expectations and quiet negotiation.

I can add to the love for Hunger (although it was in cinemas last year in Aus). As someone who was bored through many of the long silent takes in 2001 I’m not quite sure why I found it so much engaging, although it was obviously more visceral and I can point to little things like the way the played the guard’s day twice. I knew why his knuckles were bleeding but to actually see him actually dealing with the prisoner the second time around brought it home so much harder.

I liked Genova much more than I was expecting to as well. It looked so much like a by-the-numbers BBC style thing in its trailers that I almost didn’t see it (thank God for the holiday release) and I was surprised to find it so loosely structured.

Let the Right One In was one of the most rich movies I’ve seen in ages. All that sentiment tempered with the Elly’s tendency to use people and her need for violence made for a pretty heady mix.

Zombieland was such great fun and would have beat A Serious Man as the funniest movie of my year if they hadn’t insisted on beating the family message to death. Still, it was kind of nice, if a little awkward, to have a cooler version of myself celebrated as a movie hero.

The Class was fantastic as well. Take the normal teacher-student power struggle and add race and class (eeek) differences. Stand well back. The first movie I’ve seen that accurately portrays school.

I good go on and on but I’ll stop there before it looks like I’m trying to beat Nick for longest post.

Comment by GlenH

Great list. Coraline 3D was tops for me. You’ve got to see Mr. Fox and Serious Man.

Comment by brian

Two points.

Brick (with Joesph Gordon Levitt) is one of the finest films ever made. 500 days is largely 5hit.

Point two – where was Synedoche New York? That film is genius!

Other than that though, good list Ellen!

Comment by Alex

Ellen, do you prefer High Fidelity in book or movie form?



Did you know much about the hunger strike situation prior to watching hunger? I loved the film but can’t separate in my head if background knowledge takes or adds to the film.

Michael Fassbender is also exceptional in the film fish tank.

Your list makes me want to have a cinema day,if only there was not so much crap out 😦

Comment by Ronan

New Moon? alright ellen if you say so. i’ll go see it 😉

yes i need to somehow someway watch Moon. been hearing lots about it.

Comment by tps

I think what you said on (500) Days of Summer & High Fidelity is one of my favorite things I have ever read.

Comment by Shannon

I need to see The Class, and Synedoche, New York AND fish tank, I am going to now update my Ilovefilm list accordingly….
I mostly claim ignorance to the situation which occured in Ireland with the hunger strikes, but I know bits and bobs mainly due having an irish heritage, I think their is a sympathetic element to the film if you take it for what it is without any kind if background knowledge….another amazing film about the political events in Ireland around that time is “In The Name of the Father,” it is just a fantastic film in general….
I think the transition from book to film was faithful to the character if Rob, and was obviously made with love for the book, I kind of see them as two seperate but amazing entities,plus The High Fidelity soundtrack is wonderful…. and Brick is a great film, it took me a couple of watches before i clicked with the whole film noir language, but i found it really rewarding still on repeat watchings x

Comment by Ellen

@ Ellen I must first say that The Class is certainly a must see. As a person in the teaching profession tis the only film, apart Half Nelson, on education worth watching.

Other films of note this year: A Single Man (my favorite), A Serious Man, Summer Hours, and Antichrist.

Comment by Damien

My favorite 09 movie was Adam. (Although I’m still working my way through ones I didn’t get to see in theaters — An Education, Coco Before Chanel, Whip It, Bright Star.)

Least favorite was The Class, which I had been really excited to see by the time I finally rented it over the summer. Maybe I just didn’t “get” it or something, but I thought it was very rambling and I didn’t like the teacher or the students in it, so I was a bit lost throughout on the hero-front, which made it a test of whether or not I’d just fast forward to the end… (Actually, I did like that one goth/emo kid in it who the teacher made fun of for his clothes – he was the best. Everyone else was a big thumbs down in my book.)

Comment by Clair

Best of 2010: Piranha 3D?? heh..not quite, but it’s going to be hilarious!

Comment by Julia

You seem to have great taste in films- which makes me wonder how you didn’t like 500 Days.. Anyway,as one film/ music lover to another, add “Let the Right One In” to that list of “must see” films. A Nordic, non- vampire, vampire film that is beautiful and disturbing, dark yet heartwarming.

Comment by Bryce

Woops, just saw aforementioned comments that said same thing I did. (Sorry!)

Comment by Bryce

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