Romance Is Boring: Video by Gareth
January 18, 2010, 11:35 pm
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Video by Alex de Campi

Released 15th February 2010 (Digital/7″)

The perfect late Valentine’s gift for the one you loathe.

A. Romance Is Boring

B. Too Many Flesh Suppers


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Comment by Ben

this is incredible. i love how the two parts come together, and it’s all just really beautifully done. i’m really excited about the single and the b-side and everything, i need to make sure i pre-order this.

Comment by charlotte

this is quality

Comment by michael

Awesome picture!

Comment by Matthew

Insane and brilliant. Wow 🙂

Comment by Ed

I’d buy LC beer, great video. ❤

Comment by Jac

Preeeeeettty, preeeeettttty, preeettty good video. I would also buy LC! beer. Seriously, please make a Los Campesinos! branded beer. Frank Zappa did it (

Comment by Jed

You know, there’s very not much that makes me squeal anymore, let alone smile from ear to ear. But this, yeah, this does it. This made my next three days.

Comment by Megan


Comment by Jayby

That was amazing! First the album stream and then this! Best week ever!

Comment by Shannon

I want to watch this so much but my school’s internet is making it near impossible 😦 hopefully tomorrow this will work!

Comment by Jeska

Oh glorious victory I got it to work! A++, would watch again 🙂

Comment by Jeska

Bake Phallic Cake! I love it!

Comment by Drew

[…] Aggiornamenti dal fronte Los Campesinos!: nuovo disco Romance Is Boring in streaming su Myspace e vi… […]

Pingback by Vitaminic

Not directly the kind of video I’d expect from you guys. I mean that in a good way. It’s BRILLIANT! I love how all the movements of the characters go so well with the sounds in the music (especially Gareth sighing and the girl blowing out the candles in the end).

Comment by gerlin

Ace. Dead excited for ‘Too Many Flesh Suppers’, too. Going to go and put a pre-order in right about…now.

Comment by OlliB

Great video! I really enjoyed it.

Comment by Fanny


Comment by Brendan


Comment by Brendan

I am so confused!

Mainly why that guy looked like Johnny Drama.

Great single.

Comment by Josh

Also, any information on where to buy digital or is it still too early?

Comment by Josh

i totally wish my first instinct was right, and that WAS stacey soloman.

Comment by maudie

I would buy a Keg of LC beer

Comment by Justin Leon


Comment by Sarah

I’m guessing you love Pitchfork’s description accompanying the video. Twee brigade. heh.

Comment by Eric

@maudie I totally thought it was Stacey Solomon too for the first couple of seconds! Awesome video but I do kinda wish that you guys featured in some way.

Comment by Anna

LC beer for sale please!
great video-colours kinda remind me of David La Chapelle’s work and also a bit of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. You never cease to surprise me poeple 🙂 x

Comment by Veee

wundervoll! Will see u in hamburg 🙂

Comment by Heino

I like the song a lot it goes well with There are listed buildings. But the music video did not impress me too much. I like when the members of LC! are in the videos themselves, like Death to Los Campesinos! and My year in lists.

Comment by Drew

Wow, that song is brilliant! The video was so surreal. Now I can’t wait for my birthday, bring on the 15th! =D I want a Mills and Boon Los Campesinos book! =0

Comment by Stephen

i wouldn’t give the person i loathe to credit of having a song that good

Comment by James Walker

Ha, nice vid. Love the nacho libre style wrestling nod, presumably of Gareth’s insistence? Big Ray Mysterio fan?

Comment by Samuel

I love you guys probably more than anyone, but that video (minus the LC! beer) is lame-city.

Comment by brian

VERY interesting…i just love the song title

Comment by Lee B

Completely brilliant. I loved it. The video was extremely insane and weird but that’s why I love it so much 🙂 Plus, I totally want the LC beer and the book. ❤

Comment by Victoria

Well, that was insane amounts of awesome!

Comment by JONNY

WIN for getting miss lauren laverne to ask if it was stacey. made my day. loved the idea of you guys shouting to each other on the train too.

Comment by maudie

I’m not sure I like this one nearly as much as the There Are Listed Buildings one.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Those sure are some dainty panties.

Comment by Tess

Spinechillingly awesome, especially the last minute. Amazing.

Comment by Ben C

I just noticed I said nacho libre instead of lucha libre and now feel terrible. Jack Black is a horrible actor and Mexican wrestling is the nuts and doesn’t deserve that fat cock. Or something.

Comment by Samuel

Great song, not quite sure the video does it justice unfortunately. Would definitely buy LC! beer, mind.

Comment by Laika

Hi guys. Really looking forward to the new record. Haven’t streemed it or d/l it yet. I’m tolerant enough to wait.

Honestly though, as much as I really enjoy you, this is going to be a feckin’ killer year for music. Already the Four Tet, Knife, and Beach House records are stunning. As a central Scotsman I hate that description but it’s apt.

Anyway, well looking forward to it. Enjoy 2010 guys. Play safe 😉 Spread the love. Eat well. Excercise. Watch Skins.

Comment by Jamie

[…] Look at Los Campesinos!, for example. As their career progressed, I’ve experienced unbridled, novel, joy (their first, dazzling, frantic releases); anxiety at their bratty teenage years (when the once-fun Tweecore sound became grating); and finally, most recently, joy and pride again as maturation has arrived in the form of their new, brilliant, single, Romance Is Boring. […]

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