January 22, 2010, 11:10 am
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It is our pleasure to announce that in this coming April/May we will once again traverse the Atlantic Ocean to play shows in North America. These are SOME OF the dates. More to be announced in due course, so please don’t go flipping out just yet if we don’t appear to be playing somewhere you would like us to be. There’ll still be plenty of time for that later.

We’re very excited to be touring Romance Is Boring in the States and Canada, and playing all these new songs to you.

(All shows ALL AGES unless marked otherwise)

20 Toronto, ONT Phoenix Theatre
22 New York, NY Irving Plaza
24 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (18+)
27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
30 Chicago, IL Cabaret MetroMay
04 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre
07 San Francisco, CA Grand Ballroom
08 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre

9th May is the last day of the Premiership season, so it looks like we might be needing somewhere in LOS ANGELES to watch THE SOCCER. Nice one.


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Ye Old King’s Head in Santa Monica if you want to trundle out to the westside, or The Fox & Hounds if you’re staying in the Valley again. It’s super close to Sportsman’s Lodge.

Comment by Jen

great!!! what about são paulo Brazil ?
(still looking for a drummer)

Comment by joaquim

I will be buying tickets the instant they go up.

Comment by Nick


Gareth said at the August show in NYC that you’d be back in JANUARY.

Comment by Ray

but we do get an album out of it, so i still love you 🙂

Comment by Ray

I was bursting with excitement until I saw that the Toronto show wasn’t all ages.
Curse my youth!
Last time you guys came, I was somewhere in the fetal position dying of the flu and couldn’t go.
I just can’t win with seeing you guys.

My broken heart will heal for next time you guys come around.

Comment by Sonya

you’re playing the same night in toronto as hot chip! never thought this tour announcement would sadden me in any way. 😦

Comment by Julia

but, also…the phoenix! this is where i hoped you’d play. 🙂

Comment by Julia


Comment by Jeni

See you in New York! I can’t wait. This makes for a great birthday present.

Comment by Patty

no there isn’t!
we booked this tour ’cause we want it, not cos of prayer!!!!!!

Comment by Gareth

I am so glad I have no finals and can come home for the Chicago show!!! (unless you announce a date closer to Southern Indiana around that time :P) I will be very excited to see you no matter what, LC! 😀

Comment by Jeska

Where exactly can we obtain tickets? For toronto, if you need specifics.

Comment by Ben

New York on my birthday! You guys are so thoughtful.

Comment by Chris

I might need to make a road trip to Chicago if there is no Minneapolis gig. If you are still working on a gig in the Twin Cities try to book 1st Ave if you can. The Fine Line and Varsity are great but 1st Ave is just amazing.

Comment by Drew

if you ever came to miami, i could die happy. CANNOT WAIT for the album.

Comment by kathleen

Please come back to Austin! I promise to bring more cupcakes! (And a vegan one for Gareth this time too.)

Comment by David

no florida shows? 😦 then, i guess, i’ll just have to a find a way to fly to new york. You guys are worth it.

Comment by natalie

I love that this lists Chicago’s Metro as the Cabaret Metro. Viva 1982! LC! is keeping it real, hardcore style.

Comment by Blackbeard

Yes! Los Angeles! My life is complete now 🙂

Comment by Victoria

If you need a place to watch the Saturday or Sunday morning games in Chicago, let me know and I’ll meet you guys at Ginger’s. Just a couple blocks from the Metro.

Comment by Seitz

Los Angeles !!! loved the last El Rey show can’t wait to see you folks play again!

Comment by robert dean

UUUUUTTTTTTAAAAAAHHHHHHH PLEASE!!!! I promise would would adore Kilby Court! It’s pretty famous among great musicians (Tilly and the wall, Jenny Lewis, M.Ward,etc.) They’ve all talked about how great it is when they’ve come! PLEASE come!

Comment by Jack

So excited; see you in Chicago.

Comment by Gregg

P.S. that was meant to say YOU would love it! Pardon my idiocy, I was typing to fast due to the exxxcitment!

Comment by Jack

No Philadelphia??….. 😦

Comment by Doug


Comment by Shannon

“More to be announced in due course, so please don’t go flipping out just yet if we don’t appear to be playing somewhere you would like us to be”.
C’mon guys?

Comment by Gareth

May 7th looks to be a good day all of a sudden

Comment by Ryan

Ben, there’s this company called Ticketmaster…

Comment by Julia

“More to be announced in due course, so please don’t go flipping out just yet if we don’t appear to be playing somewhere you would like us to be”.
C’mon guys?”

Your right..i didn’t read the whole thing..i apologize.

Comment by Doug

I would be forever indebted to you if “Houston, TX Warehouse Live” happened to make its way onto the updated list sometime before late August.
Well, maybe not FOREVER indebted, but I’d say 3-4 years at the very least.

Comment by Josh

For those in Toronto, if you don’t want to go through Ticketmaster you can usually find tickets at Soundscapes and Rotate This

Comment by Jim

Oh, I read that comment, I just thought I could throw in some outside influence to come incase you weren’t considering.

Comment by David

Phoenix on May 10th would be fantastic. I’ll make th is happen

Comment by Eric

Stop in Providence Rhode Island please so i dont have to drink and drive, if not i’ll troop it up to Boston. O yeah I love that song The Sea is A Good Place to look to the future!

Comment by seps1816

Come to St. Louis again, please.

Comment by Justin

Philly! Come on!

Comment by Chris F

18+ for the Toronto date?
… I’m pretty sure you mean 19+. Otherwise, those bartenders/bouncers are going to hate you for being difficult.

Comment by sarah

FUCK YES!! I think I am going to plan a road trip to see you guys both in NYC, Boston. Maybe even DC.

Comment by Justin Leon

i would travel from hell and back just to see you guys live.

i shall be patient and have my fingers crossed that you guys’ll come to rhode island. *starts saving money* if not…i shall see you in boston!!!!

you’re all amazing. x]

Comment by Em.

YES. This made my week, possibly my year. I can’t wait to see you guys at the El Rey again.

Comment by Lindsay


Comment by Madeline

Alright, the El Rey! I will be there, with lots of extra cash to buy merch. Do you guys still run your merch stand personally?

Comment by Keith

Count me in the “b-but I already bought Hot Chip tickets!” group. I’d really hate for it to be (I think) the first LC! show in Ontario I DON’T make it to. Hmm.

Comment by Ian Mathers

I’ll go ahead and put in a bid for Memphis. Y’all had a damn good time when you came with Titus Andronicus–why not come back for another round?

Comment by Mark

Seattle. Well done LC! Head to the George and Dragon in Fremont to catch a match if you are in town early. Sat. May 1st is Sunderland away.

Comment by Ian

no mexico? it’s pretty close you guys. if not, i might just have to go to la, that wouldnt be so bad.

Comment by andie

I recall you saying you wanted to be in Carrborro, North Carolina at the Cats Cradle on April 9 or 10. I could just be misremembering though.

Comment by Jayby

Please please pleeeeeeeease add Atlanta to that list? I missed you guys last time you were in town and I still haven’t stopped kicking myself for it. Also: if you do an 18+ here I will destroy things.

Comment by Kyle

I am pre-flipping out so I dont have to flip out when you inevitably skip Virginia, like every other good band.

Comment by Robert

I can’t wait to see you guys again in April. You were great at the 930 club last July!

Comment by Allen

I think you guys should come to ottawa. 🙂 that would be so epic! and you’ll already be in toronto!

Comment by Sarah

If you promise to only play the 3 or 4 decent songs off the new record and pretend the rest of the album doesn’t exist I might come to a show.

Comment by mcbain

“More to be announced in due course, so please don’t go flipping out just yet if we don’t appear to be playing somewhere you would like us to be.” Bearing that in mind, is this tour going to flesh out into an extensive tour or are we talking like four more cities added to the list?
I just want to know how much I should invest of myself into hoping you guys head here. I myself would love to see a Houston tx date on the list. xD

Comment by Michael

Really excited about this, hope you guys come to St. Louis/Nashville. Would love to see ya’ll finally. 😀

Comment by Brandon

YAY Seattle!!
It’s on a school night, but who cares?

Comment by Clair

Please please please come to Dallas!
You guys are amazing, and I would love to see you live!

Comment by Josh

I can’t believe I am so excited to see you live again. I have been so lucky to see you live twice now in the US. And the first show, that first US tour!

UGH, couldn’t ask for much better – a tiny show in some weird church. Anywho, perhaps Portland, Oregon will come on the list, – hint, hint, great food here!!!

Comment by Robert Huston

“More to be announced in due course, so please don’t go flipping out just yet if we don’t appear to be playing somewhere you would like us to be”.
C’mon guys?

Sorry Gareth. We as a fanbase are, by and large, completely illiterate. Most of us are such degenerates that we have to summon are best modicum of composure just to not throw feces at your shows.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Jason McBain – don’t worry dude, you stay in and have a wank, and we’ll play a rock show on the other side of the world to which we live.

Comment by Gareth


Comment by vanessa

I forgot to say THANK YOU!!!!!

Comment by vanessa

can you please play philly on the 23rd?

Comment by griffin

Please stop in MONTREAL. We love the band and want you back here. Just let us know what you need. Supper, beer or just a bag of our world famous bagels. Please… We can help you load your equipment. Please….We can wash your clothes and have them ready for the following gig. Please….

Comment by Petrellad

i cant believe I’ll be in arizona while youre in chicago!! Maybe i’ll have to make a birthday trip to LA on may 8th, unless you decide to come to Tucson for some crazy reason

Comment by Allison F

I can’t wait for the DC show. 1,000,000 more east coast tour dates would be awesome (preferably Philly/Baltimore so I can see you guys a number of times.)
Agh. This is great.

Comment by Steven

THANK YOU BOSTON YESSSSSS. I can’t wait to see you all again!

Comment by Corinne

Gareth, what did you think of Turner Hall? I’m sure they’d love to have you back…Just like I would.
Milwaukee? Yeah? Brave the end of winter? Venture into the north?

Comment by Christian

getcho asses in philly….

Comment by marcel

Anywhere In Michigan.

Comment by Colin

young people, at last year’s el rey gig, on 1 side of the room was a wall of sitting moms (i’m assuming) i thought that was really cool; young fans liked it so much they asked moms to take them. so if you really want to go ask your mom, dad, legal guardian etc. no shame in that. i’m pretty sure when i’m old and grey i’ll have to take my niece to some show where i’m either what are the music kids listning to these days or i actually liked that.
the wall of moms did look happy.

yeah last el rey was good so most likely will go to this. dranked a bit too much bc excited and nervous seeing LC! for the first time.

speaking of, 4 my fellow LC! fans. i was a nervous wreck meeting them in person.

when i saw gareth the first thing out of my mouth wasn’t you guys rocked up there! or luv ur mUsIc man!
it was “can i get the blue LC! shirt”
hehheh yep, muy nervioso. i barely able to mumble out loved u guys on kcrw and your music.

and Aleks- super friendly. she invited, “don’t you want to be in the picture?” didn’t want to bc the picture would’ve been so bad bc i would’ve been blurry from shaking so bad and not from the photographer’s hands.

better late than never so sorry for that embarrasing encounter LC!

see you when u get to LA 🙂

Comment by tps

Did you know that I was banking on a North America tour for the opportunity to buy the CD version of Romance Is Boring
did you
did you
did you

Comment by michael

Montreal, Montreal, Montreal, Montreal.

Not flipping out, merely hoping.

Comment by RT

The toronto show is like 9 days before my friends 18th 😦

Comment by Brent

Since I’m set one going to one of the dates, do you know when tickets will be on sale for the show dates? I assume you will post on Twitter/here as well when they are available. 🙂

Comment by Jeska

You better come to Austin! 😛

Comment by Joseph

Guys, you simply have to add Detroit to that list somewhere….. after all we sang happy birthday to your manager last time you were here over your mobile. You can’t have an American tour leg without a stop in Detroit Rock City.

Comment by Jay

please PLEASE come to st. louis again!
the last time you guys were here, i was in a SAT class that i couldn’t get out of… on my birthday.

Comment by BL

so.. argentina?
maybe brazil?
i don’t know.. one of those places?

pretty please?

(not to influence you guys on this whole decision making (?) or whatever, or anything, but I love you guys more than a dog loves licking it’s own crotch.. if that, you know, counts and stuff)

Comment by Victoria

Back to Toronto. Very good. Toronto Islands is particularly nice in June, you know? The 19th may be a good time to come back for a return gig. You have some label friends putting on a big show then. Just thought I would throw that out there. Hope I didn’t come across as greedy. Can’t wait to see Kim in the line-up.

Comment by Glen

I agree with Glen, Toronto Island is very nice on the 19th of june

Comment by Brent

I really hope you guys play an All Ages show in Minneapolis. I went the last time you played there at the Fine Line with my dad and i was the only person under 18 there. MORE YOUNG FANS!

Comment by Eliot

All ages in Boston! Finally!!! When do tickets go on sale?

Comment by Chloe

I hope you guys come to Montreal again, I couldn’t get my EP signed by Tom and Neil last time! And there’s Kim now too, I hope there will be enough space left for more silly scribbles 🙂

Can’t wait to hear the new album live, I’ve been streaming it like crazy. Every track stands out, absolutely no filler… Not that there has ever been any of that on HONY or WABWAD either, of course.

Will Copy Haho be joining you on this tour too? I’d love that.

Comment by Alexis

Thank you so much. Not only is Seattle the coolest city in the world, but the Showbox is the best venue in it. This post caused me to do a happy dance around the room before I tripped over a wire and stubbed my toe. I blame you.

Comment by Winnie

with regards to glen and brent: wasn’t there speculation about this for some time now? anyways i’d definitely go to both shows. ESPECIALLY this theoretical set on June 19th @ Toronto Island.

Comment by Clem

Denver, Please!

Comment by Nick

Come to Houston, Please!

Comment by Oscar (Houston)

Yay Boston! Thanks guys!

Comment by Mark

Phoenix, AZ would be AMAZING!

Comment by Dalton

[…] aren’t many dates yet, but the band’s official site promises more in the future. However, what’s already on the cards is pretty, pretty, prettay […]

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I love it how you specifically asked people, in bold no less, not to flip out over the absence of a particular favored venue.
Having said that….
Please attempt to make a trip out to Houston Tx. Granted the city has all the excitement of warm tap water, but so few bands make the stop.

Comment by Meeks

on the dise’s website it says the boston is show is 18+.

Comment by John

AUSTIN for sure. I first heard of ya’ll on KUT-NPR radio live and saw ya’ll in August. You are from my dreams.

Comment by joeXmapunk

Silly Gareth. I don’t PRAY. I sacrifice toddlers.

Comment by Jeni

Just got the album in the mail today, having preordered it through Insound. Fucking brilliant work.

*fingers crossed for a stop in Pittsburgh*

Comment by Matt

Today’s the day!!! Time to stop counting down days, and start counting down hours!!!


I’m hoping ya’ll make a stop through Omaha again.
Blake misses you!!!!

Comment by Blake

YES! TORONTO!!! Wooo. =)
You may mean 19+ though….just a heads up!

Comment by Chantal Da Silva

LA!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Comment by Ceindy

Your best bet for Premiership in LA is either King’s Head or Cock n Bull, if you all are staying in Santa Monica or on the westside somewhere…

Comment by Robert

Hey, is Rob “Sparky” going to be a part of this tour too?

Comment by David

Is the Paradise show 18+ or not?

Comment by Chloe

Hey, you have to come to México!!!

Comment by Nx.


Comment by Iloveyouguys

FYI the Boston show is 18+ according to the paradise rock club website. I am extremely saddened by this, now i can’t go ): If there’s anything you could do to change that could you at least try? please.

Comment by Dan

You all should really swing by Sacramento while you’re in California. Not that I don’t feel like driving 3 hours down to the bay to see my favorite band.

New album is fantastic, though. I’ve listened to Romance is Boring about 50 times already today. Love you, Los Campesinos!

Comment by tristan

I just bought tickets for boston and New York! I hate live nation, but I hope the fees are going to help out the band.

Comment by Justin Leon

I called the Paradise in Boston (I don’t turn 18 until May so I really wanted to know what the deal is with the show before I buy tickets) and they said for now it is definately 18+ and that they almost never do all ages shows on Saturdays. If this changes, an announcement will have to be made but based on what the girl told me, it’s definately not all ages. I am so bummed, this is the third time LC! has played there and I can’t go. I know bands have no control most of the time with age restrictions for shows, but hopefully you guys can either work to change this or add an all ages show somewhere in the MA/RI/CT/NH area, I will definately go! (I’m currently trying to work out how to get to NYC on a Thursday night with a broken car) You guys are my favorite band, and I mean that as truly and sincerely as I can, LC! is incredible!

Comment by Evanisboring

I second Dan’s comment. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and unfortunately I have missed you guys on every tour because the Boston shows are always 18 plus…

Comment by Chloe

er…Justin, those service fees definitely do not go to the band!

Comment by Julia


Comment by KiaMarie

oh… i didn’t actually read the whole post… sorry about flipping out prematurely…

i just really want to see you guys!!!

Comment by KiaMarie

Oh yay! It looks like a few of us will be celebrating our bdays with you guys in NY ;D I suppose I would rather go to the Paradise but whatever. For people under 18, I used to write letters to the Paradise and ask if I could go with my dad and they’d let me in. But then my dad is cool and was willing to go with me. That’s how I saw Pulp back in the 90s. I feel old now. 😉

Comment by Julie

Ticketmaster says Toronto is 19+

Comment by Brent

Gareth… If you love me at all (which I’m sure you don’t because you’ve never met me (well maybe you do in that artist-fan sort of way))… if you love me at all, you will do one of two things. You will either a) play a Toronto show that isn’t 19+ OR b) you will do all that you can to get on that June 19 gig with Pavement and BSS that I have already bought tickets for. After all, IT’S FUCKING PAVEMENT!

The point is: please don’t make a little redheaded Canadian cry because he missed his favourite band in Toronto because they played a 19+ show.

Comment by Brock B

You guys have to understand that LC! has no control over the venue ages limits. Unfortunately for most clubs it is simply not profitable to have shows with the majority of the audience not drinking.

Blame the stupid drinking laws in NA.

Comment by Justin Leon

you still need some vegan restaurant info?

Comment by Casey

any idea who your touring mates will be when you’re on the West Coast of North America?

Comment by Hugo

why 19+ in toronto? boo

Comment by tess

Just got my tickets for NY!

Comment by Chris

Just bought tickets for Chicago. Very excited!

Comment by Jeska

Please oh please come to Richmond, Va so I don’t have to skip my classes to drive to D.C. I would love you forever and ever if you did. I will bake you dinosaur shaped cakes if you do. I’m not even lying.

Comment by Gina

i guess I’m not the only one crying about the 19+ show in Toronto. Maybe I’ll call over my other 13 year old friends and we’ll all cry together 😛

Comment by Ylana

Any chance on filling in the empty 4.23.10 date with a second NYC show or will you be taking the day off to spend some time in the city?

the reason I ask is that you are not paying anywhere in Pennsylvania (where I am from). I can not make the 4 hour (one way) drive to NYC on a Thursday but would love to see you Friday in the city and then that Saturday in Boston.

I managed to make it to the NYC show last August at Webster Hall…. one of the funnest shows I have ever been to.

Comment by Jordan

No San Diego date I guess…? 😦

Too bad–there’s a lot of good venues…

Comment by Scott

will LC! be in Eugene Oregon on June 3 2010?

Comment by paul infante

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