January 25, 2010, 1:57 pm
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On this coming Sunday, January 31st we will be playing a FREE instore at Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, to celebrate the release of Romance Is Boring.


Rough Trade will be selling CD and LP copies of the album on the day; the day before the album’s UK release. You can guarantee a wristband (and therefore entry to the show) by purchasing a copy of said record from the store earlier on in the day.

OBVIOUSLY, if you’ve already pre-ordered the thing, it’s unfair to expect you to buy another copy, SO, if you email your proof of purchase to romanceisboring (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name and the subject title (this is important) RT Instore List, we will put your name on a guestlist.


  • We won’t start playing until the Manchester United v Arsenal match is finished, so you don’t need to worry about missing the end of that, incase you would have been. For those of you who, for whatever reason, do not live your life according to football, that means we’ll be on 6ish.
  • Obviously this instore is aimed at promoting and showcasing Romance Is Boring, so expect a set made up entirely of tracks from the new album. Because they are really fun for us to play right now.

Of course, this is a precursor to the MASSIVE ‘Romance Is Boring’ tour.

11 Feb Wrexham, Central Station (14+)
12 Feb Liverpool, EVOL@O2 (14+)
13 Feb York, Fibbers (14+)
15 Feb Aberdeen, Tunnels (14+)
16 Feb Dundee, Dog House (14+)
17 Feb Edinburgh, Bongo (18+)
18 Feb Derby, The Venue (14+)
19 Feb Leicester, The Musician (14+)
21 Feb Cambridge, Junction (14+)
22 Feb Norwich, Arts Centre (14+)
23 Feb Brighton, Audio New Slang Night (16+)
24 Feb Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (14+)
25 Feb London, KOKO (15+)
26 Feb Falmouth, Princess Pavillion (ALL AGES)
27 Feb Bristol, Thekla (14+)
01 Mar Birmingham, The Rainbow (18+)
02 Mar Northampton, Roadmender (14+)
03 Mar Reading, Plug & Play (16+)
04 Mar Kingston, Banquet New Slang (18+)


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Mainland Europe?
Is that including Ireland?

Comment by ciaran

i hope there’s a chance for a eastern europe date (or dates) this tour 🙂

Comment by Yavor

Wohoo, European tour! I sure hope that includes a visit to Sweden.

Comment by Erik

Barcelona please please please on 5th March. that would be perfect cos’ i’m on a school trip there then

Comment by James Walker

Australia is in Mainland Europe, right?

Also, any Aussies out there that don’t know, you can vote for There Are Listed Buildings in Triple J’s Hottest 100. You’ve got until midnight on the 17th Jan.

Comment by TheMattfish

Plenty of pubs in shoreditch, sports bar is pretty cool if you guys dig foosball?

Comment by Kevin


Comment by Gerlin

As Yavor previously said, I too hope for some eastern european dates 😉 You won’t disappoint us now, will you? x

Comment by Nina

Europe! exciting. I hope this means your N.A. tour will fall during festival season/summer.

Comment by Julia

Can’t wait for some parisian action 😉

You’re doing this instore on my bday. Shame i’ll prob be massively hungover…in Paris. I have great memories of the Super Sunday instore tho!


Comment by Veeee

this would be so convenient if I were still living in London 😦

Comment by Allison

southern Germany? pleasepleaseprettyplease?

Comment by Torsten

switzerland would be very very nice! 😉

Comment by Fabian

Keep getting the Europe gigs done early in the year. It will leave time for a Summer tour through America. Lollapalooza 2010!

Comment by Drew

I’m guessing the mainland tour isn’t going to feature Ireland but you kind of should just come anyway. Just for the laugh like yknow?

Comment by Jamie


Love you 🙂

Comment by Ray

Yeah be sure to include an irish date in there!

Comment by fintan

Ireland ≠ Mainland Europe

Comment by Gareth

I don’t understand you Euros. Granted, I’m a little inebriated, but here’s my rant:

If you live in fucking Ireland, how hard is it to get to the UK? Or, for the sake of argument, how about France? I’m in Texas, but I would easily drive to Louisiana or Oklahoma for a Los Camp! show, and I’m pretty damn certain that’s no easy task both financially and timewise.

So really, you Irish, why can’t you just ride a boat over to the UK to watch shows? Is it really so hard?

Rnat over. You guys need to drink more and worry less.

Comment by Kyle from TX

I just realized that the LC blog is usually such a friendly place, and I think I’ve disrupted it with my misanthropic insobriety. I promise I’ll like y’all in the morning…

Comment by Kyle from TX

argh I so want to go! And they get the new album 1 day early, lucky!So annoyed I’m leaving London to go back to Birmingham now grrr.

Oh well, just have to wait till March 1st I guess.

Comment by Reece

All Points West this summer???

Comment by Bobby

Blech. APW was such a poorly org’d festival last year!

Comment by Julia

Ah, this just made my day! (and will make my January that much better!)

Comment by Chris

What about America?

Comment by vanessa

What ABOUT America?

Comment by Gareth

i feel sad that you totally ripped off violet violets photo (your new bird one) they did it a while a go and it is exactly the same… poor girls!

Comment by moaner

you might want to double check on that ‘moaner’. I’m a fan of Violet Violet, but our bird pics are from about 16 months ago. VV were a three piece way back then so…y’know…just saying.

Comment by Gareth

If you come to Sweden again, I’m gonna cry. Come to think of it though, if you don’t I will cry as well. If you do come, however, and especially if you come to Umeå Open which happens to take place in March, I promise to make up for the fact that I didn’t know who you were the last time I saw you.

Comment by Anna

Probably the best band in the world. Pre-ordered the new album from recordstore but couldn’t resist downloading the leak as well. I’ve got your back! (whatever that’s worth)
Coming to see you guys again… In Liverpool this time. Hope you have a great release and continue to mesmerize us fans.
Patrick x

PS: Plan A would be sex live.

Comment by Patrick

i think it’s fair to point out that perhaps the north american’s should feel lucky they’ve had them tour at all, not to mention spending the majority of last year doing so. some of us all the way down in australia gracefully accept that we probably won’t see them on home soil. possibly ever.

also, anyone in the world, i’m pretty sure, can vote in the Triple J Hottest 100. so go vote for there are listed buildings. it’s kinda a big deal.

Comment by maddy

When are you coming here? Its killing us. We want to dance and sing soon

Comment by vanessa

As an American I am feeling quite deprived.
If you just wrote on your blog “We will be announcing an American tour in the future” Id feel better.

Comment by Jayby

Going to the bristol gig from manchester (it worked out easiest and cheapest somehow), cannot wait.

Dunnoh why you’re not playing manchester considering you said it was your “favourite place in the UK” but i spose you say that at every gig 😦

Comment by ste

If that tour includes Sweden would you be so kind to play an all ages gig or at least a 15/16 yrs age limit. I would hate to miss you guys just because I’m too young… I’m dead excited about the new album ofc, it feels like ages since I ordered it.

Comment by Fanny

What about South America?

Comment by upe

Belgium would be ace , Antwerp or Brussels. 🙂
The dates are probably already set but hey I can hope.


Comment by Domien

😦 no Ireland……? :’-(

Might I add, if your playing France, you said you wouldn’t ever again after the Theirry Henri incident…..

Just saying…

Comment by Lorenzo st. Dubois

Thumbs down whiny Americanos… like it’s been said, us Aussies have yet to be graced with the presence of Team Campesinos.

Also, I didn’t see LC in the Triple J list, so you missed my vote sorry 😦

Comment by Josh

Amsterdam 14 March, awesome 🙂 Cherish great memories of the previous concerts in Amsterdam.

Comment by Kevin

ah, the greedy Western world! What do you expect!? 🙂

Comment by Julia

Meanwhile, I get to see them 3 times in 33 days, which is once every 11 days : D

Comment by Daniel

Yes, those greedy Westerners sure do suck, don’t they?
*shifts eyes suspiciously*

Comment by Josh from America

they’re all pigs!

Comment by Julia from Canada

I think I’m gonna try and make it here! Will you be doing a signing there, as well?

Comment by Bigontheinside

If some stupid American was the one who leaked the album and now the rest of us are being punished let me know because I would love to kick their ass.

Comment by vanessa

Why aren’t you coming to America?

Comment by Amanda

wow, its amazing you’re doing a massive tour. You sure are nice to us. I hope you return to South America, we have some “oles” left for you

Comment by Mark.

I wish I still lived in London. Watching Arshavin score 5 against the mancs and then LC! would be the best day ever. Instead it will have to settle for just being a very good day.

Comment by S. Pooley

[…] here and Wonderful Noise will see you […]

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Seen as i’ve pre-ordered the CD and the LP, would it be cheeky to ask for 2 names put down on the guest list?

Comment by Dave

Do you happen to know what the capacity for RT is? It’s just I can’t buy things on the internet on my card, so I was looking forward to buying it on Sunday, like the geek I am!

Comment by Lydia

Just went to Amoeba and got Romance Is Boring on cd and vinyl.. its amazing

Comment by vanessa

Hmm, Fin. I’d have hoped you’d have a greater appreciation of your country’s history than that.

Comment by Jamie

“You can guarantee a wristband (and therefore entry to the show) by purchasing a copy of said record from the store earlier on in the day.”
Does that mean you HAVE to buy it to get it?
I want to bring my friend, but he’s not 100% sure on you guys, and saying that he’ll have to buy it isn’t encouraging him to come.

Comment by JONNY

Oh internet, you are the provider of such good news.

Comment by Pete

Any time for the gig on Sunday yet?

Comment by Fi

Nice to hear YMD as the back in music for the United Arsenal game on MOTD2 tonight.

Comment by Jonny

Guys, can’t believe you are coming to Falmouth. Hope your up for some cornish pastys and old fisherman! so excited, can’t wait. love the new album, and all the old ones, unconditionally.

I think i would do it for love, if it were not for the money.


Comment by Charlie Mann

also, falmouth is one of the smallest towns, your show is going to amazing for you and for us.

Comment by Charlie Mann

[…] their lyrics are intelligent and plentiful, they answer fans’ questions (à la B&S), they delayed an in-store appearance until the Man U-Arsenal match was over,  um … and they make a real big […]

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