NEWS ROUNDUP (Feb 2nd) by Gareth
February 2, 2010, 12:42 pm
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So, today saw the release of Romance Is Boring in the UK. I hope you like it. We do.

Thought I’d just do a blog post to tie up some loose ends/remind you of some things/etc

  • Thank you ever so much to all those of you who came to the Rough Trade instore on Sunday. It was an incredibly fun show to play. We’re excited to be playing all the new songs, and although a couple of them were a little shaky yesterday, we felt it was a cracking day.
  • Slight (!) frustration that the slipcases for the UK CD version of the album came back printed incorrectly. This was not our fault, or anybody who directly works with us, but an error by the printers. They are supposed to be matt, but as a result of this cock up, a lot of the CD slipcases are gloss. We will be carrying the correct slipcases with us on the UK tour, so you can come claim one if you like. I understand that this slight difference won’t bother many people, but it bloody bothers me, alright? Cool.
  • There was a little confusion with some of the dates on our US tour. I was given some incorrect information, so, unfortunately, despite being told that the Boston show would be All Ages, it is in fact an 18+ show. Good news for different people though. We have been able to make the Toronto show All Ages. We always endeavour to make our shows All Ages, but sometimes it’s just not possible, I’m afraid.
  • The song Too Many Flesh Suppers is available on iTunes as an “album bonus track”. 79p for one of my favourite songs we ever recorded. It was recorded during the Romance Is Boring sessions, but never really ‘fit’ on the record, y’know?
  • I’ve been trying to tease international release dates out of people for a while, and eventually got the answer that it should be out everywhere by now. Only place I’m unsure of is Australia, which I’ll keep enquiring about. Wish me luck.
  • Sunday night, some of our music was used as the bed track to introduce the Arsenal v Manchester United match on Match Of The Day 2. Definitely up there with my proudest moments.
  • The incredibly talented Marc Ellerby drew a comic strip including one of our songs. Nothing like a bit of mutual fandom.
  • A few people have enquired about the press shots that have accompanied all the recent chat about us. They’re by the brilliant Jon Bergman, who also did the birds of prey shoot for us.
  • And finally, a reminder that we’ve got a load of tour dates coming up. Some of the UK Dates are already sold out, and others are close to, so I’d recommend getting a ticket in advance to avoid potential disappointment. Unless you live in Falmouth. Also, all current touring plans will be undertaken by the eight piece Campesinos!, which means we’ll be joined by Mr Sparky Deathcap, Rob, in our band once again. Always a pleasure.

(with Islet and Swanton Bombs)
11 Feb Wrexham, Central Station (14+)
12 Feb Liverpool, EVOL@O2 (14+)
13 Feb York, Fibbers (14+)
15 Feb Aberdeen, Tunnels (14+)
16 Feb Dundee, Dog House (14+)
17 Feb Edinburgh, Bongo (18+)
18 Feb Derby, The Venue (14+)
19 Feb Leicester, The Musician (14+)
21 Feb Cambridge, Junction (14+)
22 Feb Norwich, Arts Centre (14+)
23 Feb Brighton, Audio New Slang Night (16+)
24 Feb Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (14+)
25 Feb London, KOKO (15+)
26 Feb Falmouth, Princess Pavillion (ALL AGES)
27 Feb Bristol, Thekla (14+)
01 Mar Birmingham, The Rainbow (18+)
02 Mar Northampton, Roadmender (14+)
03 Mar Reading, Plug & Play (16+)
04 Mar Kingston, Banquet New Slang (18+)

(with Copy Haho)
10 Mar Munich (GERMANY), Atomic Cafe
11 Mar Zurich (SWITZERLAND), Club Room
12 Mar St Gallen (SWITZERLAND), Theater Palace
13 Mar Cologne (GERMANY), Gebaude 9
14 Mar Amsterdam (HOLLAND), Melkweg
15 Mar Paris (FRANCE), Le Point Éphémère
17 Mar Hamburg (GERMANY), Molotov
18 Mar Brussels (BELGIUM), Rotonde

20 April Toronto, ONT Phoenix Theatre (ALL AGES)
22 April New York, NY Irving Plaza (ALL AGES)
24 April Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (18+)
27 April Washington, DC 9:30 Club (ALL AGES)
30 April Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro (ALL AGES)
04 May Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre (ALL AGES)
07 May San Francisco, CA Grand Ballroom (ALL AGES)
08 May Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre (ALL AGES)

21 May Cardiff, Solus


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I bought the album last Tuesday from Polyester Records in Melbourne, so I’d presume that means it’s out here.
Places like JB HI FI don’t seem to have it though, although that’s mostly because they (shamefully!) never seem to have any LC! stuff.

Comment by Nicola

Here being Australia by the way, forgot to mention that bit. Hope that helps though!

Comment by Nicola

yeh, your stuff is always available in good indie music stores, and if not via special order. totes waiting on my preordered copy though.

Comment by Trung

Got RIB last week (came w/ SFIS). Hopefully I will be able to make it to the Toronto show.

Comment by Brent

hate to be a brat but announce the rest of the US dates!! i need to determine how many i can get to geographically and monetarily in the northeast…

Comment by brian

Do you guys have an idea of when you will be announcing more U.S. shows?

Comment by Ashley

love to see you back in BCN!

Comment by lewis

I couldn’t bare watching MOTD2 (not for Chiles’ beard, no) but for the embarrasement of seeing Arsenal destroyed by Nani, of all people in this world! We made Nani look good! I nearly tore apart my Henry 14 03/04 shirt right there and then. I don’t think I’ve been that disappointed in a game of football for years (5-1 against Spurs? Lehmann making a cock out of himself in the most important game of the clubs history?). I am still the only Arsenal fan on the globe who still believes we can win the league but even my optimism is fading. Cheers for making the perfect record to watch Chelsea win the league, I guess. (Man I need a girlfriend to have complicated feelings about, as opposed to just cunty football teams.)

Comment by Samuel

Surely you can squeeze a Dublin date in there somewhere!?

Comment by fintan

When you guys say more US shows to be added, does that mean Canada too? Cause that would be really nice.

Comment by aimee

When are tickets on sale for the US shows?

Comment by Madeline

Don’t skip Austin, TX, Gareth. You’ll break my fucking heart.

Comment by Andrew

See you in Liverpool!

&&&& How would I be able to exchange outer casing? via merch or something?

Comment by Alex

Please come to Austin!! We need you here.

Comment by Justin

Too Many Flesh Suppers is fucking great, by the way.

Comment by michael

I hope “more US dates” means Montreal (in Canada).

Comment by Petrellad

I’ve got the album coming in the mail, but RIB isn’t up on the Australian iTunes, which means I can’t get Too Many Flesh Suppers. Sadness.

Comment by Josh

i’m Australian and I just got the album in the mail. I can only ever find LC! albums in Melbourne, and I live in Sydney half the time, so it’s a rubbish deal. But note to Australians, it is cheaper, even after paying postage fees and the exchange rate, to buy the album online and have it shipped from the UK.

It’s incredible, by the by. Better than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much

Comment by maddy

I’m in Perth, Australia, and I am getting it shipped in through my local record store (Planet) on Vinyl and CD. I daresay any of the independent stores will either have it, or be able to order it in on a 7-10 day turnaround from the States/UK.

Comment by Ben

I’d love the bonus track version of RIB on the US itunes. I’m super excited about it and I really want to buy it.

Comment by Robert

BAHH, still no Portugal :c
And I love your new album, It’s brill!

Comment by MafaldaCinnamon

“April Toronto, ONT Phoenix Theater (ALL AGES)”
I got my hopes up, the ticketing sites all say 19+ still.
Curse my youth.
I’m going to have to get a bit crafty to get into this one.

Comment by Sonya

mexico wants you!! come soon please!!!!

Comment by daniel

Yeah, ticketmaster still says the Toronto show is 19+

Comment by Brock B

Sorry LC! but considering the TALB 7″ has no b-side, I illegally downloaded Flesh Suppers. I know the leak thing was a big old horrible thing for you but I’m poor and as far as I can tell, I’ve bought every album and single you’ve released since You! Me! Dancing! and I’m well poor, so I treated myself…

Comment by Samuel

What are you hoping to achieve by saying that, Samuel?
Seems a wholly unnecessary, and ill thought out, story to tell.
Good one. You look silly to me.

Comment by Gareth

@Samuel, you look like a bit of a knob. Flesh Suppers is the b-side to the Romance Is Boring single…

Comment by Josh

I know you’re going to be swarmed with this, but I’ll ask:

Any western Canada date? Vancouver or Edmonton maybe? I am seriously considerin gheading to your Toronto show, now that it is all ages (I really don’t like 19 being the drinking age there, I was all excited to be 18 here, in Alberta, thinking it would allow me into more shows.), but don’t want to waste my money on a plane ticket to Toronto if you’re coming ’round this side anyhow.

Also, ticketmaster is listing the tickets as “Adult Ticket 19+” just so you know.

Also, what is Aleks singing on “Who Fell Asleep In” when Gareth sings “she said I was her favourite heresy”?

Comment by Galvin

tried downloading Too Many Flesh Suppers on itunes but I get a message saying it’s currently not available in the US :/

Comment by Hugo Robledo

crap… nevermind, I got it to go but had to type the song name in the search field.

it wouldn’t let me get to the song by clicking on the ‘RIB Bonus Track Version’ album

Comment by Hugo Robledo

Hey, Gareth, I fucking love you for getting that Toronto date changed. I have a friend from high school that is going to university there who is picking up my ticket for me in person there. He can do that, right?

Comment by benkehoe

I just discovered that I will be in Boston with my boyfriend for your show. He’s going to be running in the Boston Marathon the Monday after your show; I cannot think of a better way to get pumped to run 26.2 miles. If you guys add a Milwaukee/Madison date, we will let you know how he did (he’s hoping to place in the top 1000 out of ~50,000).

Comment by Matt

hey gareth.. along with the other toronto people, all websites say 19+. i’m assuming the tickets do too? i don’t want to show up and be denied, haha.

i’m most likely picking up my tickets today or sometime this weekend so i guess i’ll see then!

Comment by ryan

Gareth you need to come back to cleveland, don’t forget.

Comment by John

Aha, so I will buy it then. And yeah, comments I make on blogs post-midnight are rarely ones to savour.

Comment by Samuel

Surely You can go to Glasgow or there abouts?

Comment by JordanLeft

come back to argentina

Comment by roy

Come to the south east US please!

Comment by Zeph

Too Many Flesh Suppers is brilliant.

Comment by Matt

Got my ticket for Seattle yesterday! (:

Comment by Clair

“unless you live in Falmouth” ??????

Comment by Christopher

[…] the meantime, my review of Los Campesinos! new album Romance Is Boring went live up at Global Comment. I felt a strange frustration listening to the record, wondering why […]

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Is that Kele’s guest vocals on Too Many Flesh Suppers???

Comment by Mando

Damn! I will miss your show in DC again. I come back from Iraq right after your show in DC. Make sure you come back to DC again.

Comment by Jeff

Come to Arizona! Pleez!!

Comment by Alicia

Haha, I’m in Falmouth, went to the show. There weren’t as many people as I’d expected. You’ll catch on down here soon. I’m sure.

Comment by Jessica

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