NEW MERCH by Gareth
February 3, 2010, 11:05 pm
Filed under: WHEAT

Above, please view our new Merchandise, which you can obtain from the “Buy Merch” link to the left of this blog post.

Black “We’ve Got Your Back” tee designed by Mr C M Ruiz (he who did all the WAB,WAD art)

White “Heart Swells” tee by Sparky Deathcap and myself.

‘Romance Is Boring’ Mugs, my crappy handwriting.

All will be available at our coming shows.


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Oh, those t-shirts look really nice!

Comment by Fanny

ooh, pretty… can’t wait to buy, will get mine at London show 🙂

Comment by Liam

black t-shirt is my favourite one yet

Comment by James Walker

That looks so cool! I can’t wait to buy it 🙂

Comment by Victoria

If this includes the you-ess-of-eh? shows, I’m pumped.

Comment by Jeska

I’m so excited for the mugs!
New shirts are beautiful, too.

Comment by Clair

I’m so going to start drinking coffee again so I can use that mug. :3

Comment by Yash

Is it wrong that I want like four of each?

Comment by Shannon

I am now in the midst of a major dilemna. I have no money and already have 3 Los Camp t-shirts (one of whoch I’m currently wearing) and yet I desperately now want another! Curse you and your amazing t-shirt output!

Comment by Reece

Getting the second one, pronto!

Comment by Megan

i like them all. saving my pennies now.

Comment by tps

Can you make some more female T-shirts…
Its not fair that the guys get all the good stuf…

Comment by Becky

Mugs!!!!!! 😀

Comment by Veee

It’s Gareth’s handwriting on the mugs?? I thought it was too romantic to be a guy’s handwriting. Seriously.

Comment by heartswell

The white tee and mug shall be mine!…if I can scrape together enough cash for the Liverpewl gig

Comment by Alex

i really ❤ the mugs!!! you are the 2nd band on my top 5 list to put out mugs!!! Genius idea and they are so rediculously adorable! Can't wait to be sippin something hot from them.

Comment by kimber

I will definitely be buying,the mug and one of the shirts next Saturday.

Comment by Jamie

Got my signed RIB today, thanks for putting so much effort into such a beautiful album. I agree with Gareth, it’s undoubtedly yr best album yet.

Any hope of the merch (mainly the mugs) being sold online after the tour? I’d love a mug but we’re not getting a tour.

Comment by Josh

Ahhhhhh, I bought a heart swells t shirt from Wrexham! And you (Gareth!) said nice t shirt when i bought a mug off you! And i like, squealed a little bit. I’m not gay, though.

Comment by Damen

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