Food Review – Wrexham 11/02/2010 by Ollie
February 12, 2010, 4:51 pm
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Tonights catering was in Yales Café Bar attached to the Central Station.  I opted to go for the pasta, which comprised roasted Mediterranean vegetables in a spicy sauce and garlic bread.

Some of the vegetables hadn’t really been roasted.  The pepper and tomato was still pretty much raw and despite it providing a nice contrasting texture with the courgette and aubergine, it wasn’t really what I had expected.  In, say, an Arrabiatta, you would expect to find chillies, but this sauce seemed very peppery and spicy, more similar to a Mexican chilli.  It would have felt more like a pasta dish if there had been some herbs present such as Basil.  The pasta was overcooked as well.  Despite this the garlic bread was good, with nice levels of garlic and herbs and the bread had been toasted enough so that you got that crunch when you bit into it.

Perhaps this dish would be better served with some rice and nachos?  Adding some kidney beans would give it a whole different feel as well.


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in chicago, down the street from metro is uncommon ground. it’s freaking outstanding. lots of organics, some vegetarian, all really great food. i’m not telling you where to eat out in madison, wisconsin. i’ll wait til you get here and take you myself.

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Comment by Jayby

it does look good.
what am i doing 1amPST. reading ollie’s food blog.

Comment by tps

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