Food Review: Liverpool 12/02/2010 by Ollie
February 13, 2010, 6:27 pm
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So as many of you had suggested Egg we went to it last night.  Gareth and Kim had been to it earlier and had come back praising it.  There was a nice amount of choice.  I went for the Dahl and opted for half rice, half salad.  When it appeared it was a massive plate of food.

The Dahl was quite thick but it was quite nice, the lentils had been cooked so that they were nice and soft but still retained some bite.  There were green beans in it but not much else was visible or distinctive.  It could have been slightly spicier.  The amount of salad was massive, with a variety of different ones ranging from lettuce to pasta to a mixed bean salad.  It was a lot of salad and perhaps the amount of different flavours affected my pallet.  That was my own fault as I said I would eat all of them.

It was an enjoyable meal and for once I failed to finish it.  Moreover, it was superb value, only £5.95 for a massive plate of food.  The surroundings were very relaxed, though when they turned the lights town, me and Tom felt like we could have had a nap, especially after all that nice food.


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Comment by Rawr

That sounds lovely, though mostly for the portion and price. I can’t convincingly sound as if I understand the taste.

And I write that as a pretense; I insist that you return to Bloomington,IN on your tour of the states. I want to see a review of our local fare, will even treat you if I have to. That requires months of saving versus my alcohol budget, so I am dead serious. I am nearly as much a fan of your reviews as I enjoy watching you play.

Comment by Clint

wow, you were beaten!

Comment by dave

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