Food Review: Aberdeen 15/02/2010 by Ollie
February 17, 2010, 3:32 pm
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We have friends in the Aberdeen area and they had promised to take us to a cracking restaurant for lunch.  We went to Carmine’s and ended up sitting in, what felt like, the front room.  We seemed to take up the entire room and everyone else having lunch was on first name terms with the owner and the staff.  The kitchen was in the same room so you could watch him prepare everything.

Carmine’s has a three course lunch time menu which is what we went for.  I picked the soup which today was Minestrone.  It was nice sized portion with plenty of pasta and vegetables floating in a lightly herb tomato stock.  It was a wet and miserable day in Aberdeen, so this really warmed me up.

For my main I went for a Penne Arabiatta.  The pasta was slightly overcooked for my liking but the sauce made up for it.  Arabiatta can sometimes have so much chilli in it, that all you can taste is that.  This one however, was a nice level, leaving a nice tingle on your tongue whilst still allowing you to taste the other flavours.  The tomatoes seemed to be sun dried and though they were quite oily they were packed with loads of flavour, the tingle of the chillies bringing it out even more.

Dessert was a slightly strange Tiramisu.  It was almost a cross between Tiramisu and a trifle as the ricotta filling was more the consistency of custard.  I’m not sure if this is what they were trying to achieve or whether it had gone off I don’t know.  It met with mixed reviews amongst LC!

The crazy thing about this meal was that for three courses it was £4.50, and with drinks and coffee it ended up being £7!  The staff were a bit blunt at times, but that may be because we weren’t local.  I’m sure if you became a regular, and I probably would if I lived in the Aberdeen area, that they would warm to you.


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Is it wrong that I have lived in Aberdeen all my life, but I have never heard of/ eaten in Carmine’s?

Comment by Sorcha

I love that the LC! blog has just become a food criticism website. I had one of the best burritos in my life today in Boston, you should experience it when y’all play here.

Comment by Tim

Sorcha – yes that’s wrong! Union Terrace, HMT end. It’s an experience alright.

Comment by Richard

I used to frequent carmine’s ten years ago when i were a student. I’ve since travelled halfway across Italy and still the best pizzas I’ve eaten were made by Carmine on Union Terrace Aberdeen! Great to hear the place is still going, amazing. Nessun Dorma

Comment by bob

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