February 26, 2010, 11:23 am
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A little lacking in spin right now, as we just played the show of our lives last night and my whole body, inside and out, ACHES. But we, the full eight piece LC! (let’s just call it “LC!”) will be playing in these places, on these dates.

(All details to be posted shortly. To confirm, the Toronto show is DEFINITELY all ages. Most of these shows will be)

17 Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
18 Laval, Quebec Maison des Arts De Lava
19 Burlington VT Higher Ground Showcase Lounge
20 Toronto, ONT Phoenix Theatre
22 New York, NY Irving Plaza
23 Princeton, NJ Terrace Club at Princeton University
24 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (18+)
27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
28 Covington KY Mad Hatter Club
29 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
30 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro
01 Minneapolis MN First Avenue
04 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre
05 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre
07 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom
08 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
10 Pomona CA The Glass House
11 San Diego CA San Diego Women’s Club


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San Diego Woman’s Club dude what? AWESOME

Comment by OurIllWills

no vancouver? gareth, i’m hurt.
ah well, glad youre hitting up NA and hope the tour is awesome anyway

Comment by Tina

I’m just curious.
Do you think there will be another U.S. tour sometime in 2010?
None of these places are close to me.

Comment by Blake

When will you visit Mexico again???? I couldn’t make it to your gig on guadalajara 😦

Comment by Ernesto

why does the maxwell’s show have to be during coachella

Comment by John

Wonderful! See you in NJ or NYC, hopefully.

Comment by Pats

No love for Texas. :[

Comment by muffinsoup

YAY! Already got my NYC tickets and am going to work on the Jersey date. Your last show at Mawells was life changing for me. 🙂

Comment by Shannon

Sasquatch? Please?

Comment by Jack

I assume the Princeton show will be open only to students at Princeton University; can anyone confirm this?

Comment by sms

Can’t wait to see you in TO. Let us know if you need restaurant recommendations….

Comment by Sarah

no fucking philly date…..:(

Comment by marcel

i’m seriously considering flying up to ny from florida just to see you.

Comment by kathleen

Absolutely gutted to not see any TX dates on here.

Comment by Barry

Whaaaa. You guys have a song named after the “Show Me State,” yet no dates in good ol’ Missouri? What is thissss.

Comment by Ashley

You’re in NY the same night as Owen Pallett! I’m torn!!

Comment by HP

😦 there’s really nothing wrong with Utah. you guys really should give it a try…

seattle, here i come! see ya there!

Comment by KiaMarie

I agree with Ashley.
No Missouri shows?
I am beyond crushed.

Comment by Jeni

I just went from the happiest moment in my life to one of the worst. My favorite band, at my favorite venue….on my sister’s wedding date. AHHHHHHHHHH

Comment by Drew

Aww man, no Southeast love again? Last time, the closest to Atlanta you got was St. Louis; this time, it’s Kentucky. Bummed out! Maybe I can make the Kentucky trip… maybe all of the Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, et al can make the Kentucky trip.

Comment by Christin

I second Barry’s notion here. I’m devastated.

Comment by Josh

I am all for a Caravan Of Love to Kentucky. I’ve been busy working out the mileage and times all morning, right after I picked up my jaw from the floor.


Comment by Barry

thanks for maxwell’s! So excited!

Comment by griffin

no ottawa? T.T i am disappointed.

Comment by Sarah

Please please come to mexicoooo!

Comment by lynn

amazing… no AUSTIN stop 😦

Comment by Chris

But what about Austin? 😦

Comment by Anna

Thanks for playing an early show in Chicago. Based on the timing, your show should be done by 10:30 or so, leaving me time to also hit the Apples in Stereo. I’m really excited for both.

Comment by Seitz

It’s sad to have you not come to Vancouver again. We all love you here. Now, how to convince my friends to roadtrip to Seattle.

Comment by aimee

Majestic Theatre is a hellhole crawling with dickheads, but I’ll take what I can get. Goddamnit am I glad you’re coming back to Madison.

Comment by Kyle S


Comment by alice

Thrilled to death that Minneapolis was added

Comment by Tim

Minneapolis date is 18+. Sad.

Comment by Joel

Thank you 🙂 x

Comment by Amy

Gutted Detroits not there. Maybe next year.

Comment by Colin

I live in San Diego, but I am visiting my parents in Seattle for a couple weeks in May. You’re in Seattle the week before I’m in Seattle and you’re in San Diego two weeks before I’m in San Diego. This happened last year too. It’s like I’m cursed. Cursed never to see you in concert.

(When you’re in San Diego, try to eat at Pokez. It’s about a 30 minute walk from your venue, but if you have an extra day or a few hours to kill you should check it out. It’s a delicious Mexican place that is incredibly vegan-friendly. I recommend Joey’s Special to the non-vegans in the band. With the green sauce)

Comment by Alison

Ahhhhh! You’re playing at the EL Rey AND Glass House! 😀 You guys have seriously made my year. I’m so happy. It’ll be my fifth and sixth time seeing you guys! ❤

Comment by Victoria

What happened to the southeast? Thought Bottletree was one of your favorite venues.

Comment by ronald

Seattle is so close, yet so far. Sucks that you’re not coming to Vancouver again!

Comment by DianaS

what’s with skipping philly the last 2 tours!? we’re certainly one of america’s foremost cities! i would go so far as to say the foremost after new york!

Comment by ian

Philadelphia! Oh well, I guess I could go to New Jersey.

Comment by Chris F

fuk yeh. Lovely tour, good luck lads, hope to see you in South America once again.

Comment by Mark.

No way “Drew”! Ive got the EXACT same issue…

Comment by Mark

just bought my tickets for the seattle show. roadtrippin’ it from vancouver island.

Comment by hannah

glad to see sparky making the trip.

hope your guys tour schedule isn’t as insane as the last one; all those back to backs on the west coast. crazy.

Comment by tps

I’ll see you in Burlington.

Comment by Ethan

Holy shit, you’re playing in Laval Quebec (just off the island of Montreal). You just made my day!Thank you. Yeh………………

Comment by Petrellad

sooo excited for the minneapolis show, i only wish it was all ages so my mom didnt have to bring me but at least you’re coming!!

Comment by Audrey

Laval??? Whoa, nice! I won’t even have to take the metro to Montreal this time!

Made my day!

Comment by Alexis

so excited. already grabbed my tix for the glass house and the el rey! 3rd and 4th times seeing you live.

Comment by Charles

Yes! Thank you, LC! PORTLAND!

Comment by Wolf Black

Sparky should open for these shows

Comment by megan

I’m so happy that my AP test isn’t May 4th – that would have ruined my entire spring. 🙂

Comment by Clair

I think you played one of the shows of my live on friday, it was so enjoyable. Shame there was no encore though! x

Comment by Jessica

Oh man, I cannot believe you guys are coming in Laval! Is this some kind of big fuck you to Montreal? Haha. So awesome.

Comment by Anthony

OH SHIT COVINGTON I may have to make TWO ROAD TRIPS for these shows. But alas, at least I’m going to Chicago. Have you picked openers yet?

Comment by Jeska

hey guys why dont you stop complaining?
it sucks if they cant come to your city but its not because they dont want to, its just somewhat impossible to play in EVERY city in the us

Comment by carly

KOKO was incredibly fun.
But I feel terrible. Harriet’s name was not on my bag of vegan cookies for you all. HARRIET: HOW COULD I FORGET? I love your name, and the cookies were absolutely for you too.
Hugs for Harriet. I am terribly sorry.
No excuses.

Comment by Claire

When are tickets going on sale for the Minneapolis show? Making the 7 hour round trip once to just by the tickets ahead of time is something I’d like to avoid. I just haven’t seen any option to buy a ticket online.

Comment by Shawn

This is strange. The gig on April 19 in Laval, Quebec is being advertised as The Lemonheads. Once you click on the name to purchase tickets, then “Los Campesinos” pops up. Are The Lemonheads opening for LC?

Comment by Petrellad

Heh. So I’m not the only one with the “you’re playing in Laval!?” reaction. Also…not sure if it’d be funnier if “The Lemonheads” is someone’s inputting error or if LC! will be sharing a stage with Evan Dando. I checked, they have some dates posted for March, so who knows.

Comment by Julia

You should SO come to Dallas…I’m just sayin.

Comment by Elizabeth

The closest show is 14+ hours away! Nooooooo! I swear, Colorado is right in the middle of all the assuredly crazy-awesome places you’re going to! >_<

Comment by Patrick


This just made my WEEK.

Comment by Alia

What are you guys doing May 12th? Coming to Las Vegas to play a show? Wonderful.

Comment by Andew T

GARETH! why no cleveland this time? will you be coming in the future? did something go particularly wrong for you last april? do you not like the grog shop as a venue? please come back dude, i helped you buy a beer during the show and was right next to you in the crowd. it was the most amazing experience of my life. can i PAY you to come?

Comment by John

I’ve been waiting to see you again but you aren’t hitting anywhere within a state of Kansas. No Sooner State? No Show-Me state? Hoping for fill-in dates to hit the middle states!

Comment by Andy

Anyone know of a good hostel/cheap place to crash in Toronto near either the Phoenix or the Greyhound station?

Comment by Matt Scott

Anyone want to roadtrip from Minneapolis to Madison?

Comment by Drew

Chicago and San Francisco tickets are purchased! So excited!

Comment by vanessa

Without trying to sound like a 16yo groupie and I’m sure they’ve heard this before…

I find it really sad/depressing that LC hasn’t toured Australia. I mean, 3 studio albums and no mention of one, ever.

And when they do eventually make it down to Australia, they will be promoting RiB, meaning less songs from Hold On Now and We Are Beautiful – records which made me fall in love with LC.

ps. Yes I am aware that LC doesn’t owe us fans anything, I just find it sad that after 3 albums they haven’t been here. And compare that to really shitty bands who have been here after one. Where’s the justice?

Comment by Charlotte

Matt Scott: there are a lot of dingy hostels in Toronto. I usually stay at the Hostelling International on Church near Front. It’s about a 15-20 min. walk from the Phoenix and the bus terminal. Last time I stayed there was after the LC! show last year, actually, and they gave me the “midnight special” so a private room with a bunk was only $30 or something. As long as there’s nothing major going on, I’d say you’d have to problem walking in for a room on a weekday in April.

Comment by Julia

that’s “no problem”, of course…

Comment by Julia

alright, three posts in a row – I don’t think I made it clear that the HI hostel was nice. yup.

Comment by Julia

No Vancouver + no valid passport to get to Seattle = very disappointed LC! fan.

I was too young to see you last time you were here, and now you won’t come visit. 😦

Comment by annie

I’m just disappointed that you chose New Jersey over Texas. NEW JERSEY.

Comment by Josh

Any Chance you all will make it to Dallas again It was a blast last time.

Comment by Bren Pike

maxwells in nj and the princeton place in nj are both 18+

Comment by Rita

To say im disappointed about that, especially after i bought the tickets is a gross understatement

Comment by Rita

Gainesville, Florida is holding out hope.

Comment by stationagent

Just got my ticket for the Laval gig (I still can’t believe LC is playing in Laval instead of Montreal). The strange thing about the venue is that there will be seats. What’s with the seats? Are we suppose to sit while LC is playing? This should be interesting. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by petrellad

Please, Please, Please come to St. Louis!

Comment by Ken

no texas dates?

Comment by chris

First Ave in minneapolis has a picture of some people who are for sure not Los Campesinos! in their calendar as LC! also, its listed as 18+ so either you guys forgot to make note of that above or first ave is wrong…
just thought i would let you know!

Comment by Audrey

please come to Mexico city!!

Comment by Kiv

Less love for south texas.. I’ll make it to one of your shows one day!

Comment by Karen

Yea screw Texas, go Jersey, but why no Philly

Comment by Siebel

people in new jersey hate new jersey

Comment by chris

Missing a date around NYC on the 16th of April there :3

Comment by Peter

WOHOOOOO!! is it real??26th may is BARCELONA!it is confirmed in PRIMAVERA SOUND’s site

would you come to madrid too?

Comment by Pablo

I just called the Phoenix a few minutes ago, for the Toronto show, and they said it’s definitely 19+. So confusedddd.

Comment by Sam

Just got my ticket for DC!!! See you there!!!!!!

Comment by Madeline

Just got my Toronto tickets, it better be all ages like you say.

Comment by Brent

You really need to come to texas again!!

Comment by Nick

st. louis misses you LC!

Comment by BL

Can we get a check on the whether the Toronto show is 19+ or All Ages? Everyone says something different

Comment by Zack

Consider Dallas again, third time is a charm!

Comment by Bren Pike

Damn Florida and all it’s inconviniance!!!

Comment by Dakots

You don’t want to go to TEXAS! The place is full of simpleton hillbillies that look, smell, and talk funny.

Comment by Yee Haw

Y’all should come to Texas!

Comment by Fucking Handsome Texan!

Looking forward to the show in Chicago at the Metro. A note for Gareth: We met last year at Lollapalooza. I am the LFC supporter (Chester) whose married to the MU supporter (Sandy). Anyway, the book – The Globe – I mentioned on watching footie in the states will be released May 15th:

If I get an advanced copy, I will bring to the show.

Finally, my 3rd book – Listen – is in process. This artbook will look at the the act of listening to music! It may be of interest also 🙂

Good luck with your tour. Be safe.

Comment by Chester Alamo & Costello

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