And The Winner Is…. by Ellen
March 7, 2010, 6:37 pm
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Like a crazy Miss Haversham I sit on Oscar day/night dressed up and rocking backwards and forwards waiting for the last minute invitation to slip through the post so I finally have a reason for inventing teleportation.

As you can see I am prepared for said event to take place.

However it is looking more likely that me and R Pattz are gonna just have to hang out here and watch it on the television.

I am gonna go the distance folks, I am gonna watch the entire ceremony, AND I am gonna twitter my predictions/inane thoughts through the event or until I pass out with laughter at how funny Alec and Steve are…. (bit worried about that to be honest, I mean did they really sizzle on screen together in that Meryl Streep film about old people love?)

I might fall asleep half way through but I will try not to.

Anyway if you wanna join in the prediction party follow me and Rob (my lifesize cut out not Sparky) @ellenstarbuck  on twitter, so lets all close our eyes and pretend we are Kristin Stewert, I mean there.

Right I must go prepare the twiglets and put some rose on ice.

p.s I bet you wouldn’t get Jonny Greenwood posing with a cardboard cut out of Daniel Day Lewis  and twittering about it. Yeah.


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Old people love in that movie was really not that cool.

Comment by David

That movie was more gross than anything, I think.

Comment by alisonhumphreys

Well I am quite enjoying your twitter commentary.

Comment by Victoria

I think there may be somthing to learn from the fact Jonny Greenwood wouldn’t do such a thing. I mean, in all fairness, he is frickin’ awesome.

Comment by Kyle Cruvoski

I wouldnt dare compare myself and Jonny Greenwood im just saying he isnt awesome enough to have a cardboard cut out of a hollywood star.

Comment by Ellen

You know, the funny thing is, someone would have to have been even more mental than you to have taken that photo.

Comment by Jamie

alright, so what i am taking from this is that you guys prefer jacob to edward. cool.

am i the only one who enjoyed critiquing all of the one-strap dresses? there could have been some pretty ones there, with a few alterations.

Comment by Julia

Sandra Bullock came round last night, she went on and on and on and on. So we started talking about Los Campesinos! and she soon shut up I can tell you!

Anyway… We have added Los Campesinos! to our playlist and featured your work as the closing number in this week’s show. It went down a storm. Thanks for being pretty damn excellent!


Comment by This Reality Podcast

ellen u no radiohead won that award insted of u cos r the best and we won fair and square (not really lols) cos we rule!!!! ;lol!!!!!!!!1!!!

Comment by jonny

I am mental Jamie, I am.

Comment by Ellen

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