Food Review: European Tour March 2010, Part One by Ollie
March 21, 2010, 7:27 pm
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So, I’ve become lazy.  Its pretty difficult to write a review every day and get it uploaded, on average most food reviewers don’t review a meal each day so I’m covered.

Instead I’ve decided to do a couple of posts covering what I had with a few notes.


So if anyone worked it out, the picture from the vaults of me and Tom was in the Rischart cafe.  It was here that we discovered good Apple Strudel.  Now, I know this will cause all of Germany and other European countries to argue that they have the best strudel, but compared to what you can get in the UK, its pretty damn good.

This was the first port of call in Munich.  Unfortunately due to time constraints I could only get take away, this meant I couldn’t have any vanilla sauce or my strudel hot.  Despite this it was still pretty tasty.  The pastry flaky and the apples soft with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.  I was even kind enough to buy some for the others.

Gareth had discovered a vegan restaurant when we had been in Munich before, but alas when we turned up, it had turned into a different restaurant mainly specialising in steak.  Oh the irony!  So we went to the Hofbrau beer hall and I had some schnitzel.  It was fantastic, the pork being really tender and succulent.  If you had something similar in the UK, it would be dry and have no flavour whatsoever, Bernard Matthew take note.  The potato salad was strange, it was almost as if they had combined pureed potatoes with boiled potatoes.  It almost looked like Apple Sauce!


The venue in Zurich was attached to a restaurant.  We were given a room next to the kitchen.  I had originally chosen the duck but as there wasn’t enough I went for a Moroccan stew instead.  The beef was tender and full of flavour.  The spiciness of the sauce was perfectly complemented with a yoghurt dressing.  There were nice chunks of aubergine and peppers with it as well.

St. Gallen

Had some Strudel, the filling was slightly strange in the fact that it bore more of a resemblance to Bread Pudding than apple.  It was still pretty good, the pastry being more like shortcrust than filo.

The catering that night was from a restaurant down the road, it was a giant pasta bake.  It was quite hard to distinguish what was in it, we found chicken, bacon, tomato and peppers in it.  It was a nice meal but nothing amazing.


The venue that allowed you to create your own meal!  They produced a tray of rice, a tray of a vegan curry, a tray of spinach and tofu, and a tray of cooked chicken.  Enabling you to create whatever you wanted.  Tofu curry? Chicken curry, or even just vegan curry?  The curry was a coconut based one with a large variety of vegetables including peppers, courgette and sweet potato.  The chicken had been fried, but it still retained some of its juices.  I’m not a big fan of tofu and how they had cooked didn’t really do anything for me.

Part Two coming soon.


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I shouldn’t have gone through this just before work. Now I’m all hungry.

Comment by TheMattfish

But you missed the currywurst!

Comment by Cheetah Print

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