March 21, 2010, 8:05 pm
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It’s that time again. When I come back from a tour broke and attempt to detox my LIFE. I’m drinking nothing but Soda Water and Lime Cordial for the next three weeks and sitting in the middle of my bedroom in tears and a fog of self-loathing thinking “HOW DID IT GET TO THIS!?!?!”.

Anyway, one of the upshots of this is I want to get rid of some more band t-shirts. I still like all these bands dearly, but the tees are either too small for me, or just, I guess, surplus to requirements. These are mostly ones that I’ve been holding back from the past two times I’ve shamelessly flogged my belongings on here, so there are some pretty good’ns.

INITIALLY, UK ONLY, I’m afraid, but we’ll see how that goes. Postage £1.50 for the first tee, then an extra 50p for each on top of that. Payment through paypal.

Tees with strikes through ’em have been snapped up.

Xiu Xiu (Goggles) – M
Xiu Xiu (Iraq) – S
Xiu Xiu (Money Shot) – M
Xiu Xiu (F.T.W.) – S
Xiu Xiu (Xiu Mutha Fuckin’ Xiu) – S
Xiu Xiu (Horse Shark) – S
Past Lives – S
Those Dancing Days – M
The Blow – S
Kill Rock Stars (Crocodile) – S
K Records – XL Girls
Kill Rock Stars (Cassette) – S
Times New Viking (Fuck Yr Blog) – M
Vivian Girls – M
Times New Viking (Other) – M
Rolo Tomassi (Hysterics) – S
Sleater-Kinney – M
Rolo Tomassi (Blood) – YL
Girls – M
Comet Gain – S
Deerhoof – S
Hefner – M
5RC – S
Super Furry Animals – S

Johnny Foreigner – L
Wild Beasts – M
Sky Larkin – S
Camera Obscura – S

The Drips (Mexican Flag) – S
The Drips (wrestling mask) – S
Times New Viking (Guitar, Drums, Keyboard) – S

If you’re interested in taking any of these off my hands then please fire an email to, with the subject title “T-SHIRT SALE NUMBER 3”.

Thanks guys.


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how can 1 man have SO many xiu xiu tees?

Comment by kieran

I’m so jealous of your massive t-shirt collection!

Comment by kenobicommaben

Without fail, every time you do this I’m shocked at the amount of merch you seem to have bought in your lifetime.

Comment by Kyle from TX

You need to be bigger, S and M are no good :p :\

Comment by Matt

AUGH missed the vintage jofo shirt AUGH AUGH AUGH x infinity

Comment by JMN

JoFo shirt is still on their proper store ( for slightly more.

❤ yr t-shirt collection too.

Comment by Josh

Just of curiosity, how many Xiu Xiu t-shirts have you got left?

Comment by Nina

2 days. the post is up for 2 days and they’re all gone. serious bummer.

Comment by KiaMarie

You’re not pricing your shirts so supply meets demand at the equilibrium point. You really outta double the prices. You are selling them as though they are used shirts, when, in fact, they are used shirts worn by LOS CAMPESINOS! FRONTMAN GARETH CAMPESINOS!

Comment by Simon

I’d love a shirt! You should figure out shipping to the US and I would totally buy whatever I could take off your hands. :^)

Comment by Ben

Hello There!
I know this is absolutely ridiculous and not the sort of thing that I would do, however something is compeling me to do this, hehe. I saw you guys in San Francisco, CA and I was absolutely amazed… And I couldn’t help but become completely attracted to you, ha… I would love a date. Really, this isnt the sort of thing I would do. Trust me, I am writing this feeling so silly, but it’s always worth a try right?
Thanks, hehe,

Comment by Chelsea Showalter

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