Food Review: European Tour March 2010, Part Two by Ollie
March 27, 2010, 6:13 pm
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Welcome to the second instalment of Team LC! eating their way across Mainland Europe.

In Part one we tried Schnitzel, Moroccan Stew and Strudel.  What can the Low Countries and Paris offer us?


First port of call in Amsterdam was a cafe (not a coffee shop!) called Pasta Tricolore.  After touring America with our coffee guru/ tour manager Joe, I have become more fussy about coffee.  This place on the recommendation of Tom did pretty good coffee and the food was great.  I have quite a sweet tooth when it comes to desserts and so I went for a piece of Tiramisu.  It was rich and creamy, you could taste the Marsala and coffee in the sponge fingers.  This was a great way to have a break between setting up and soundcheck.

The last time we played the Melkweg I’m sure we didn’t get catering there.  This time we ate in the cafe.  I went for the Tilapia, a white meaty fish that is quite popular in North America.  It came breaded with a lemon and cream sauce.  There wasn’t that much of it but  it was quite filling.  The breadcrumbs were a bit soggy and the sauce was quite thick, the consistency being as thick as mustard for example.  It came with some fried potatoes and some crunch vegetables.

The first time I did the Nijmegen Marches I had chips with Mayonnaise.  If you’ve ever had Dutch Mayo its very different from Hellmans.  It seems to have a little bit of spice in it that makes it moorish.   Every time I come to Holland now I have to get some.  After the show I snuck off to Febo’s round the corner and got some.  It was everything I could ever want in Chips and Mayo!  The salty chips covered in a thick layer of creamy Mayo.  If you don’t like Mayo, try the peanut sauce, it has a similar taste to curry.


Paris, the food capital of the world, or so they say.  I know French cooking is great but it is a different style to British or say Mexican.  Nothing beats a Sunday Roast cooked by your mum.

The meal tonight was in the cafe bar attached to the venue.  They had served me a mediocre coffee earlier that day.  The food was a vegan curry and then a plate of curried chicken.  The chicken was very flavoursome as it was still on the bone.  Thighs and legs are under-rated, all those flavours encased in the bone come out during that slow cooking, the meat falling off it faster than melted butter.  The curry was good, but the flavouring was very much one of those bulk standard “curry powder” flavours you buy from a supermarket.  Some fresh coriander would have been great.  They gave us a dessert of what seemed to be a lemon flavoured custard tart; rich but the lemon giving it a refreshing edge.


A kebab shop is not where you go for a meal in Britain.  However, this is not the same in Europe.  After a 9 hour drive, I found myself in a kebab shop sitting down with a lamb kebab and a stein of beer.  This kebab is not what you’ll find in your British take away.  The meat was fresh, spicy and had a lot of flavour.  It had a nice smokey flavour from being cooked over coals rather than on a griddle.  It came with a flat bread and a salad.  More importantly, I got to enjoy it on a plate and not out of a polystyrene box.

The following night, the venue got us take away from an Italian.  It was the worst pizza I’ve had in a long time.  The base was burnt with holes in it.  The sausage on the top was so salty that you couldn’t taste anything else.  A grease fest!


The Botanique has always done good food, so we were looking forward to ending the tour here.  Time meant that we ended up eating afterwards.  We had ordered before we had gone on thinking that it would be waiting for us when we came off.  Due to this I had opted for the chicken and chips rather than the fish.  When we got to the cafe they hadn’t even cooked it, too late to change my order though.  When it arrived it was basically just a chicken breast grilled with some chips and salad.  The breast was a bit dry and it could have done with some sort of flavourings.  But I was hungry.  We’ve had better, perhaps it us wanting to eat afterwards that annoyed them?

A few prizes

Best Meal – The kebab in Hamburg

Worst Meal – The pizza in Hamburg

Best Services – Marche – found widely in Germany

Worst Services – Shell Garages in Holland and Belgium


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Ha, I love the classic British attitude of going abroad and still getting chips. That kebab sounds great, I can imagine it would be truly epic after a night out..

Comment by dave

I love kebab. I’m over here in Iraq now and sometimes have it for lunch with the Iraqis I work with.

Comment by Jeff

You did the Nijmegen Marches? More than once?! Seriously impressed here! I only did them once, only to regret even starting after like one kilometre (or when I realised I had to get up at 4am on 4 consecutive days).

Comment by Linda

do you remember the name of the kebab or vaguely the location? I wanna eat kebab again soon (I haven’t for a year or so) and I live in Hamburg, so it’d be great to know where to get a good one.

Comment by Raketenkarl

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