April 29, 2010, 10:42 pm
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We are very pleased to announce that on July 15 we will be playing a show to mark the Tenth Anniversary of our beautiful home, Wichita Recordings.

At London’s Relentless Garage venue, we will be joined by Frankie & The Hearstrings and Johnny Foreigner to play the final of four big celebratory Wichita shows.

More details at the Wichita website:

A negative, for this reason and others, our show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in May will no longer take place. Bummer. Refunds available through the ‘normal’ ‘channels’. We are incredibly sorry to anybody who made travel or accommodation plans, or anyone who’s been inconvenienced or disappointed by this change. Apologies, guys.

Tour Rambles by Ellen
April 29, 2010, 10:21 pm
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I do wonder what my life would have been like if I had been stuck in Cardiff right now instead of looking at a man unloading a Miller Lite van in Madison, Wisconsin. I would go with “less eventful.”

As you can tell we have made it here safe and sound and undead from the ash cloud.

Fitting back into the American way has been an easy transition and aside from the obvious things about the US I missed (Portion sizes, thrift shops, independent record shops, Teen Cribs) there is always the surprise of how receptive the audiences are. I know I sound like a bit of a gushing suck up (which I am please love me) but from our first gig at Maxwells, NJ to Convington, KY last night things so far have been adrenaline filled.

Our house for the next couple of weeks is a mahogany furnished tour bus complete with fridge, microwave, mirror ceiling (for all the narcissistic sex i imagine) and a bus driver called Marty. Marty is awesome and I imagine his last name is McFly but I have yet to ask. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Im sorry.

When we first boarded the bus and clambered to pick our bunks we discovered masking tape outside each one to put our names on, this tried and tested method prevents people drunkenly climbing into the wrong bunk but I imagine it takes away the fun of the “slutty opportunist”. However this has not yet prevented Rob putting things in my bunk whilst I sleep for a lol, I woke up at four in the morning a couple of evenings ago to find his scanner at the bottom of my feet. Oh how I laughed in my sleepy confused haze. Its fine. At some point I will have my revenge! Or get distracted by something else and move on with my life…either way give me your suggestions….

I have taken some of your advice on places to visit and did in fact go to the frozen yogurt cafe in Boston and a Zoo in Washington which NONE OF YOU SUGGESTED. Shame on you. I love zoos. I found this abandoned in the Reptile House.

If you want it back Keith so you can finish filling it in and answer the question on what lives in deep oceans then get in touch. Other then that everything is fine, we have been given some delicious vegan cake fare along the way (Thank you Griffin!) and Cymbals Eat Guitars are a pleasure to watch every night. In fact the fair town of Madison has been designated inter band bonding time so I must go and prepare my witty anecdotes.

Love to your mothers

Ellen x

Los Campesinos! vs Volcanos by Ellen
April 23, 2010, 12:30 am
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Hello, so this is what happened with the  whole Planes vs Volcanos vs Los Campesinos! adventure…

Although we had to cancel some shows which sucked a lot, we have made it over in the end

(fingers crossed…I posted this before we boarded the plane)

see it bigger here

It is a shame in some ways though because I had planned a trip to Weston Super Mere with my mum…but I guess this will do instead.

Ellen x

April 20, 2010, 7:25 pm
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25 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (18+)
26 New York, NY Irving Plaza
27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
28 Covington KY Mad Hatter Club
29 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
30 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro
01 Minneapolis MN First Avenue
04 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre
05 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre
07 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom
08 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
10 Pomona CA The Glass House
11 San Diego CA San Diego Women’s Club

If you look to the listings above, you will see how we hope this tour to pan out.

Incase you’ve not become aware previously, due to the erupting of a volcano in Iceland, all flights in and out of the united Kingdom have been stopped dead for the past 5 days. An upshot of this has meant that we have been unable to travel to the States.

More recently, flights have begun to be allowed, however as we were due to fly on the 15 April, we are no longer a priority to the airlines. Sadly it’s not a case of us being able to jump on the first flight over, we have to wait our turn.

I’m very sorry that we have disappointed some with the necessary cancellations, though obviously you appreciate that everything has been totally out of our hands. Please, if it offers any comfort, consider how sad you might be to miss us and multiply it by several million to get somewhere near how gutted we are to be on the other side of the world, missing these shows, missing you guys and hemorrhaging money.

But, all is not lost, and hopefully we will be with you on the weekend.

The gist is this.

Tonight’s Toronto show, and tomorrow’s show at Maxwell’s, New Jersey are CANCELLED 😦

Thursday’s New York show rescheduled for Monday 26 April.

Saturday’s Boston show will happen one day later than orginally planned on Sunday 25 April.

It just remains to say thank you very much to Alun and Ffion at Ankst for working so tirelessly to get us on flights and keep us in the loop, and Matt Hickey and his guys in the States for helping re route this tour.

One thing I am certain of, when we make it to you, these are going to be the most violently euphoric shows we have ever played.

April 17, 2010, 9:47 am
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So, as I’m sure most the world is aware by now, currently all flights in and out of the UK are cancelled due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano creating unsafe flying conditions. This leaves us with a US tour unravelling without us there to take up the twine. As it stands, the first four shows of the tour have had to be cancelled, as we are stranded in the UK:

16 April Purchase, NY Culture Shock Festival
17 April Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
18 April Laval, Quebec Maison des Arts De Lava
19 Burlington VT Higher Ground Showcase Lounge

We are obviously very disappointed not to be able to make these shows.

One good piece of news is that we have been able to reschedule the Maxwell’s show for next week, so, that Hoboken show will now take place

RESCHEDULED SHOW: 21 April Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s

Of course, all tickets dated 17 April will be honoured, but also a few extra tickets have been made available, anticipating that not everyone who bought a ticket will be able to attend this ‘Sold Out’ show.

I hope that all makes sense. If not, read it again, a bit slower.

It’s a really odd feeling being stuck here, missing shows we’re desperate to be playing and having no control and absolutely nobody to blame. Everybody we work with has gone above and beyond to keep us informed and make sure we have places to stay in the meantime and that we get on The First Plane Possible, and we thank the promoters of the shows we have to miss for being understanding, and any of you guys missing out on shows, also. And Cymbals Eat Guitars for waiting for us!

At the moment, we hope to be able to fly tomorrow (Sunday), but obviously this could change. We will keep you updated. When we do finally make it out you can guarantee we will be full of vigour and ready to play the shows of our lives.

Thanks guys,


Volcano News Update by Ellen
April 15, 2010, 9:19 pm
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Dear USA,

Due to the volcanic situation in Iceland we are grounded in Heathrow with fingers crossed to fly tomorrow but here is a hastily thrown together visual update (better then CNN, Sky News or anything Fox will tell you)

On the upside the sunset will look lovely tonight so apparently every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining HAHAHAHAHA

im sorry

Ellen x

UK Tour Video part Deux by Ellen
April 13, 2010, 11:37 pm
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I think its better then the first one.

But Vimeo made me seperate them.


Keep the suggestions coming in, if there is anything in Burlington you would recommend that would be great. Also someone from Princeton, can I have a tour of Princeton?

You know Im going to go and try and be a spy in Washington.

And win lazar tag Barney style. In a suit.

and people of America, go see Kick Ass. Changed my life.

And if you want to see it bigger go here

Thanks x


UK Tour Vidz Part Uno by Ellen
April 12, 2010, 8:40 am
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Hey ya!

Here is the first part of the UK the tour vid for the February/March tour we partook in with Islet and Swanton Bombs. Both parts have a run time of 50 mins altogether but my mum said they totally didnt feel that long

It features many wonderful things such as…

  • A cultural dissection of the mysteries of  chat roulette!
  • Some play a long pictionary!
  • A party in a travel lodge!
  • Everyone trying to steal a car!
  • Our biggest every London show!
  • Men in suits!
  • Men in their pants!

What more do you need in life? (Some of those things are on Part 2 which I will put up tomorrow)

So US of A people I will be trying to upload short videos rather frequently and that is where I need your help (imagine a 3-D finger looming out of the screen and pointing at your face)

If we are coming to your town and you can think of a fun touristy/quintessential thing for us to do during our visit then suggest it here. More importantly if there is lazertag in your town….we want to know.

Think practically, we wont be going to Universal studios, but if there is something awesome near the venue, or a reasonably priced taxi ride away, or a national dish worth eating then get in touch my friends.

I will see you at the gigs, I will be walking around with the camera looking a bit odd  so come and say hey

Ellen x


still trying to work out how to embed widescreen into wordpress

The Project – Update, Spring 2010 by Ollie
April 10, 2010, 4:41 pm
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Due to the power of wireless internet I’m writing this whilst sat in our garden.  Wilco is coming out of the kitchen and its warm and sunny.  It seems, possibly, that spring is actually here!

So an update.  For anyone who has forgotten, I said I would try and liven up our back garden.

Okay, lots of you will say it hasn’t changed much but it has.  I wasn’t going to do an Alan Titchmarsh or Monty Don on it!  Over the winter we planted Daffodils and Tulips.  The Daffodils flowered late compared to the rest of Cardiff but they were beautiful over the Easter weekend.  We also have some garlic growing.  Thanks to Mama and Papa Campesinos! I was given some herbs in pot for Christmas, they are growing well despite the cold snap last week, and soon the garden will be filled with the hypnotising smells of Mint and Thyme, among others.

Due to us being a house of food lovers, we have a lot of food growing.  Radishes and Spinach have been planted, whilst we have lettuce and tomatoes growing on the kitchen windowsill prior to them being put into grow bags outside.  Also on the agenda is squash and courgettes.

We’ve found a nice sunny patch in the garden which has been marked for Sunflowers.  I haven’t grown sunflowers since I was a kid, and me and my sister always used to have a competition to see whose was the tallest

Wildlife wise, with the introduction of a bird feeder we are seeing some wildlife come into the garden.  Theres nothing better than doing the washing up whilst watching the Sparrows nibble on the fat balls.  We are getting a few cats in our garden.  They have seen the new soil in the beds as ideal toilet spots, and so i’m regularly clearing away cat poo!

Going off to America will mean that the garden will be left to fend for itself for a while.  Hopefully on our return everything will be thriving.