The Project – Update, Spring 2010 by Ollie
April 10, 2010, 4:41 pm
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Due to the power of wireless internet I’m writing this whilst sat in our garden.  Wilco is coming out of the kitchen and its warm and sunny.  It seems, possibly, that spring is actually here!

So an update.  For anyone who has forgotten, I said I would try and liven up our back garden.

Okay, lots of you will say it hasn’t changed much but it has.  I wasn’t going to do an Alan Titchmarsh or Monty Don on it!  Over the winter we planted Daffodils and Tulips.  The Daffodils flowered late compared to the rest of Cardiff but they were beautiful over the Easter weekend.  We also have some garlic growing.  Thanks to Mama and Papa Campesinos! I was given some herbs in pot for Christmas, they are growing well despite the cold snap last week, and soon the garden will be filled with the hypnotising smells of Mint and Thyme, among others.

Due to us being a house of food lovers, we have a lot of food growing.  Radishes and Spinach have been planted, whilst we have lettuce and tomatoes growing on the kitchen windowsill prior to them being put into grow bags outside.  Also on the agenda is squash and courgettes.

We’ve found a nice sunny patch in the garden which has been marked for Sunflowers.  I haven’t grown sunflowers since I was a kid, and me and my sister always used to have a competition to see whose was the tallest

Wildlife wise, with the introduction of a bird feeder we are seeing some wildlife come into the garden.  Theres nothing better than doing the washing up whilst watching the Sparrows nibble on the fat balls.  We are getting a few cats in our garden.  They have seen the new soil in the beds as ideal toilet spots, and so i’m regularly clearing away cat poo!

Going off to America will mean that the garden will be left to fend for itself for a while.  Hopefully on our return everything will be thriving.


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I can just imagine how nice the herbs and daffodils would all smell. Sunflowers are also great, as they give such a great bit of colour to any garden. Well done!

Comment by Megan

Good job Ollie! If you want to save space you could try growing tomatoes and peppers upside down in hanging buckets. From my friend’s experience, this method yields more fruit (I’m trying it for myself this summer). You can also grow herbs on the top of the bucket to really maximize that space. Here’s a decent site with instructions if you’re interested:

Comment by Julia

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