UK Tour Vidz Part Uno by Ellen
April 12, 2010, 8:40 am
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Hey ya!

Here is the first part of the UK the tour vid for the February/March tour we partook in with Islet and Swanton Bombs. Both parts have a run time of 50 mins altogether but my mum said they totally didnt feel that long

It features many wonderful things such as…

  • A cultural dissection of the mysteries of  chat roulette!
  • Some play a long pictionary!
  • A party in a travel lodge!
  • Everyone trying to steal a car!
  • Our biggest every London show!
  • Men in suits!
  • Men in their pants!

What more do you need in life? (Some of those things are on Part 2 which I will put up tomorrow)

So US of A people I will be trying to upload short videos rather frequently and that is where I need your help (imagine a 3-D finger looming out of the screen and pointing at your face)

If we are coming to your town and you can think of a fun touristy/quintessential thing for us to do during our visit then suggest it here. More importantly if there is lazertag in your town….we want to know.

Think practically, we wont be going to Universal studios, but if there is something awesome near the venue, or a reasonably priced taxi ride away, or a national dish worth eating then get in touch my friends.

I will see you at the gigs, I will be walking around with the camera looking a bit odd  so come and say hey

Ellen x


still trying to work out how to embed widescreen into wordpress


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The public garden in Boston is lovely and it’s a 2 dollar t ride on the green line.

Comment by Brendan

brilliant as always, sadly can’t see me in this one but you can see my mate dan looking very miserable watching Islet. Got no idea why cos they were briliant

Comment by James Walker

When you’re in DC you should go to the Spy Museum and do their “Operation Spy” thing! You get to pretend to be a spy! It’s awesome, and it’s close to the metro. Have fun on your adventures, I can’t wait to see you guys!

Comment by Madeline

Amerie! An inspired choice…

Comment by Ed

The fact that you played One Thing by Amerie during your DJ set has cemented your position as Best Band In The World Ever. Congratulations.

Comment by Tim

San Diego features many touristy/famous animal-based attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park and Sea World.

As to laser tag, San Diego offers ULTRAZONE, which is as awesome as it sounds.

Comment by Alison

Go up the Space Needle in Seattle… that’s quite tourist-y. Pose in front of the Public Market sign, go to the sculpture park (both very close to the venue, and the first week of May would hopefully be sunny enough).

Comment by Clair

Millenium Park in Chicago is always a good touristy place to visit. Wicker Park and Boystown are good places for commerce. Buying a train/bus pass for a 24 hour time slot is a good idea and certainly cheaper than taking a cab. If you need directions or a guide I’d be more than happy to oblige. Looking forward to seeing you all!

Comment by Alex

When you play in Laval, next sunday, you have to try poutine. It’s Quebec’s most famous trainwreck of a local dish. Basically, what you’re getting is fries (but you guys say “chips”, right?) covered in cheese curd, topped with gravy. I can’t wait to hear Ollie’s food review for this. They serve poutine in pretty much every local fast-food chain, but if you want the real deal, go to La Belle Province.

Not much else to do in Laval though. Well you’re playing at Maison des Arts, so there’s bound to be an art exhibit. You could try that!

Can’t wait to see you guys on sunday, have fun touring!

Comment by Alexis

when yr in princeton definitely check out the princeton record exchange. quite a great shop…

Comment by griffin

good video i like your shooting style and funny edits/cuts. Tom: …wanking next scene

swanton bombs and islet sounded amazing.

bite-sized vids sounds awesome but if it becomes a pain in the arse don’t do it. if i didn’t have fun doing photography i would never do it. anyways i’ve always enjoyed the videos you would release long after the tour has been over.

i don’t know about LA but in SF…
there’s a place for “interesting” video after the gig, but it’s also associated w/ alcohol fueled stabbings and shootings. let’s just say it rhymes with breakaway.

so i’d suggest, before the gig you can try Westfield San Francisco Centre on Market St and surrounding area.

one of your fans suggested cock n bull for football on sunday. i’ve heard about the place, maybe your best bet.

FYI: fellow commenters. copy and paste your text to notepad before posting. bc if you included it may or may not take it, thus having you to have to retype everything.

Comment by tps

In Seattle there’s laser tag! Near the space needle.

Comment by Charlotte

I know for a fact that there is no laser tag in Hoboken, but definitely places to go in NYC.

Comment by Shannon

In Toronto, Honest Ed’s, or some of the record stores (Sunrise, Sonic Boom, Criminal Records). Also try laying facedown from the top of the CN Tower.

Comment by Brent

There’s a record store called “Tunes” a few minutes away from Maxwell’s… and it just happens to be Record Store Day on the day you’re there…

Comment by Ray

In Toronto the venue you’re playing at is right down the street from the house where Kenny vs. Spenny is filmed

Comment by Clem

if you want to pick up some comics for the road, check out The Beguiling. it’s right near Honest Ed’s if you end up there.

Comment by Julia

woahhhhhhhhhh what a list of exciting things. I am getting together an idea for a scott pilgrim pilgrimage. Clever oui? Non?
Anyhow, if any toronto fans want to get in and help me organise a little trip to some places such as honest eds, and pizza pizza, second cup etc to kind of look at them and film them and all that on the day of our gig then start putting your thinking caps on. Will blog about it nearer to day (next tuesday) but it could be fun/amazingly lame. They are normally the same for me.

Comment by Ellen

From the El Rey, walk west on Wilshire Blvd for about 5 minutes and you will find a world of treasures.

1. The La Brea Tar Pits complete with dinosaur statues

2. Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture

3. Alexander Calder’s 1964 standing-mobile fountain “Hello Girls”

4. And a vintage piece of Americana, Johnnie’s Coffee Shop (closed but good for pictures)

Comment by Darin

haha…i was going to suggest the huge public library and thought “too lame”, but non! it’s a scott pilgrim fight scene locale. you might get to see it if you make it through the volcanic ash clouds! (please do)

Comment by Julia

If you want a good cup of tea in Boston, then go to Tealuxe. There’s one on Newbury St. (the big fancy shopping street) and one over by Harvard in Cambridge.

If you go to Fanuel Hall, you can hang out with Ben Franklin for a bit.

Someone already recommended the park, which is nice for a walk. They’ve also got swan boats you can ride on the pond in. Those might be expensive, I’m not sure.

Say hello to Boston for me, I’m over in the UK and miss my hometown.

Comment by Margaret

Whilst in Princeton, eat at Hoagie Haven. Hoagies as big as your arm for less than $5. It’s a Princeton institution, and unlike most shops of its kind, they’re just as good when you’re sober. For the non-vegans, try a chicken parm. From Terrace Club, just walk up Washington (the street you’re on) towards Nassau, hang a right, and it’s a maybe two blocks on your left. If you have room after, get blend-ins (ice cream with magic inside) at T-Sweets on Nassau. And I second the recommendation of the person who said to go to the Record Exchange– it’s one of the better independent shops I’ve been to. The little hole in the wall serving espresso right next to it is the best coffee in town too, no matter how much people go on and on about Small World.

I would be thrilled to give you an insider’s tour of my old alma mater but I am both now far too old to know anyone who is still there to take you around, and I sadly live on the wrong coast myself at the moment so will have to see you in San Francisco instead 😦

Comment by Bettina

I would say while in San Diego, there are some great places to eat downtown by the venue:

Breakfast: The Mission (pretty cheap and incredibly filling)
Lunch: The Cheese Shop (nom inducing)
Dinner: Rama (if you like Thai food that is)

Can’t wait to see you guys next month!

Comment by Damien

May 9th – Ye Olde King’s Head in Santa Monica for the finale of the Premiership season – come watch me cry as the Blues will probably have blown the title to the bloody Scouse of all people by then. Then just wander from there along the beach down to Venice for a slice of free LA ridiculousness; definitely the best tourist attraction this city has to offer! I’d second the tar pit recommendation also.

Comment by Tom

There’s a cafe across the street from the Paradise in Boston that has a million flavors of frozen yogurt. You know, if you’re into that.

Comment by Tim

In Pomona, there’s a Motorsports exhibit at the Fairplex (six minute drive from the venue).

Or you can try “Sopa de Siete Mares”, the Seven Seas Soup that’s served in a bowl almost as large as the name implies. The restaurant is on the next block:

Comment by Diana

ARGH! I missed you guys in York! NONONONONONO!! 😡 I am a fool, it is true.
Anyways, come back soon. From now on I shall stalk your twitter Just In Case you ever come back here.
Hope you had fun here. Did you go to Travelling Man? I did my work experience there. It’s a Good Shop. 🙂
Love you guys, xx

Comment by Ellen (no, seriously)

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