UK Tour Video part Deux by Ellen
April 13, 2010, 11:37 pm
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I think its better then the first one.

But Vimeo made me seperate them.


Keep the suggestions coming in, if there is anything in Burlington you would recommend that would be great. Also someone from Princeton, can I have a tour of Princeton?

You know Im going to go and try and be a spy in Washington.

And win lazar tag Barney style. In a suit.

and people of America, go see Kick Ass. Changed my life.

And if you want to see it bigger go here

Thanks x



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the koko scene had me in stitches. i paid close attention to the fore & background. how a particular someone was exiting the scene.

again enjoy the way you put your video together. the still frames was pretty cool.

did not want to see kick ass but will since you said it. once it gets to the value theaters

Comment by tps

2 Become 1 and Love Connection pt. II. And that’s only the first minute of the video. Sweet.

Comment by Cheky

Hey guys Come back to Colombia Please,,,, come soon ,, We wait for you

Comment by edward

Thanks Ellen, I always enjoy your video footage. I look forward to seeing the clips from the upcoming US tour. Have fun.

Comment by Dave

In a suit! 😀 I can personally tell you, that doing lazer tag in a suit is as legendary as it sounds.

Comment by kevin

Good stuff!

Comment by dave

“I’ve cummed in my pants like 14 times”
Who is that guy?

Comment by Drew

Errrr I cannot follow directions and posted some Princeton suggestions for y’all in not quite the right place. Quite long so I won’t repost, just see UK Video Part Uno.

Comment by Bettina

If you guys ever manage to get to princeton, go to Hoagie Haven. It’s a good sandwich place that you can surely find online in a few minutes.

Also Princeton Record Exchange is cool and not far away from Hoagie Haven. You might have to get there early to maximize your potential of finding good CD’s/Vinyls.

Comment by Ayon

I forgot to tell you that you have to get tickets ahead of time for Operation Spy. Here’s a link to go get them:

Have fun!

Comment by Madeline

Where can I get that Midi version of Romance Is Boring? Quite epic.

Comment by Alec

It was me that jizzed in my pants.ran backstage shitfaced….let this be a lesson about what not to say to your favourite band when you meet them.awesome though

Comment by daz

Why nothing on Falmouth? 😦 I was looking forward to reliving the gig.

Comment by Jess

There is something incredibly liberating about dropping your trousers, glad to see I’m not the only one!

Comment by Tom

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