Volcano News Update by Ellen
April 15, 2010, 9:19 pm
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Dear USA,

Due to the volcanic situation in Iceland we are grounded in Heathrow with fingers crossed to fly tomorrow but here is a hastily thrown together visual update (better then CNN, Sky News or anything Fox will tell you)

On the upside the sunset will look lovely tonight so apparently every volcanic ash cloud has a silver lining HAHAHAHAHA

im sorry

Ellen x


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Puuuuhhhhhhlllleeeeaaaaze make is to HOBOKEN! But best of luck making it to the states if you can

Comment by Sam

hope you guys can make it to hoboken and wish you a safe flight

Comment by Norman

In an ironic twist, Iceland’s airport is open…

Comment by Ray

Hopefully you can make it to the Toronto show.

Comment by Brent

🙂 hahaha

Comment by tps

“titanic was filmed in real time”. haha, excellent.

Comment by reecelipman

lol i just saw the clip on cnn

Comment by matt

oh no! please tell me you will make it to culture shock!

Comment by katsoup

Did I hear Gareth say act of god? Why can’t you give tectonic plates the credit they deserve? Volcanoes are people too.

Comment by eric

Act of God is the legal term for a natural disaster… wind knocking over a tree onto your house is an act of god, since it is obviously the fault of no person.

Comment by Ray

A very sad SUNY Purchase student here… Hope I can see you guys at the Irving Plaza show…

Comment by Peter

Oh man… If you guys don’t wind up in Toronto on the 20’th I’ll probably cry.

Comment by Ben

@Peter I got accepted to Purchase for next year! We’ll se ’em together, mate 🙂

Comment by Ray

Fucking volcano.

Comment by domenic

Any updates on the situation? I’ve got an 8 hour long standardized exam tomorrow, and if I can’t end the day with LC!, I’ll be a sad panda 😦

Comment by sms

“Titanic was filmed in actual time..”


Comment by Sarah


# HOBOKEN, NJ. Our show at MAXWELLS tomorrow is CANCELLED. But RESCHEDULED for WEDNESDAY. All tickets HONOURED. Please RT if relevant. 4 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Comment by sms

Any word on the Burlington show? Stay safe, fingers crossed.

Comment by Cole Moore Odell

I’m pissed, just received confirmation from the promoter that the Laval gig on April 18 has been cancelled due to the fucking volcano. I’m hoping for a make up gig.

Comment by Petrellad

Yeah I know about the show in laval, I’m a montrealer but was supposed to report for cism 89.3 and for some Welsh medias around the net, so of course I’m gutted, but well we can’t go against mother nature

Comment by londoncafe

Damn You Iceland!!!

(still crossing my fingers that you wacky LC kids can make it to Toronto by Tuesday)

Comment by FrostBiteBoy

Vermont show? The venue says it’s cancelled but I still have hope.

Comment by Chloe

Chloe, sorry to say Higher Ground’s ticket agents have already sent me an email about refunding my purchase for the Burlington show, which they only do in the event of a cancellation without rescheduling, so I’d say that one is off indefinitely (although like you I’d love to be wrong.) Here’s hoping they come around sometime when the skies are clear.

Comment by Cole Moore Odell

Please make it out to the Toronto show 😦
Canadians love you guys too!

Comment by Chantal Da Silva

“Los Campesinos!, who aren’t playing Coachella this year, also had to reschedule some U.S. dates thanks to being stuck in London (and pretty bored, according to their Twitter feed). Coincidentally, we’re 99 percent sure we saw Gareth Campesinos in a brief, unidentified CNN interview this morning being asked about the volcano travel delays.”,40223/

NOW you’ve made it. CNN! hah.

Comment by Julia

I Heeyytt Assslaannd.

Comment by dennis

“Snazzy tie”

Comment by Dalton

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