April 17, 2010, 9:47 am
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So, as I’m sure most the world is aware by now, currently all flights in and out of the UK are cancelled due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano creating unsafe flying conditions. This leaves us with a US tour unravelling without us there to take up the twine. As it stands, the first four shows of the tour have had to be cancelled, as we are stranded in the UK:

16 April Purchase, NY Culture Shock Festival
17 April Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s
18 April Laval, Quebec Maison des Arts De Lava
19 Burlington VT Higher Ground Showcase Lounge

We are obviously very disappointed not to be able to make these shows.

One good piece of news is that we have been able to reschedule the Maxwell’s show for next week, so, that Hoboken show will now take place

RESCHEDULED SHOW: 21 April Hoboken, NJ Maxwell’s

Of course, all tickets dated 17 April will be honoured, but also a few extra tickets have been made available, anticipating that not everyone who bought a ticket will be able to attend this ‘Sold Out’ show.

I hope that all makes sense. If not, read it again, a bit slower.

It’s a really odd feeling being stuck here, missing shows we’re desperate to be playing and having no control and absolutely nobody to blame. Everybody we work with has gone above and beyond to keep us informed and make sure we have places to stay in the meantime and that we get on The First Plane Possible, and we thank the promoters of the shows we have to miss for being understanding, and any of you guys missing out on shows, also. And Cymbals Eat Guitars for waiting for us!

At the moment, we hope to be able to fly tomorrow (Sunday), but obviously this could change. We will keep you updated. When we do finally make it out you can guarantee we will be full of vigour and ready to play the shows of our lives.

Thanks guys,



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we need to send bjork into the volcano to slay the smoke belching dragon that lives within. Maybe then our skies will be filled with metal birds once more!

Comment by Andy

i was hoping to see you tomorrow in laval… i hope you reschedule soon! 😦

ps. maison des arts is not such a great place (i hate seated places, it just ruins it for me)… in fact, there is no great place for shows in laval. you really should get back to “sala rossa” (in montreal). or “le national” (also in montreal).

love you guys!

Comment by Mathieu Clavet

i’m absolutely shattered about the Maxwell gig. I leave the states tomorrow back to australia. You guys have to come down to oz.

Comment by The Yellow Jose

I really hope you guys can come out! My girlfriend and I are flying out from Calgary on Tuesday just for the Toronto show.

Comment by Bryce

I totally agree with Mathieu regarding the venue in Laval. I never understood why the promoters hooked you up in Laval in a seated venue. When you come back here in May you should be playing Sala Rossa or La Tulipe in Montreal. I’m so disappointed I won’t see you on Sunday. Come back soon.

Comment by Domenic

@Mathieu @Domenic – We take off the seats when we promote shows @ Maison des arts. No hate… Much love.

Comment by Bob

Please please please make it to Toronto!
We need you here!

Be safe.

Comment by Bogo

We need you in New York. But be safe. But do get here.

Comment by Chris Mello

@ Mathie and @ Domenic. Yeah, as Bob says, there’s no seats at the venue in the Places des Arts when there’s a show like that. I saw Parlovr + We are Volves there, a few months ago, and there was no seat, the venue was great too. It’s Very small, very accessible, very good to rock the eff out with a few friends. Well, whatever. I hope you guys (LC!) will be booked again here in the future. It’s very shitty that you can’t come, but meh, it’s life, I guess.

Comment by Anthony

I doubt they will be able to make the hoboken show 😦

Comment by Sam

Hope you make it boston!

Comment by Zachary

oh I so hope you make it here.
you’re all i’ve been waiting for since January.

Comment by jeska

i don’t want this to be updated again today 😦

Comment by Julia

Airspace is supposed to open tomorrow at 7 a.m.

Comment by Chris Mello

Really bummed that the Toronto show has been cancelled. When/if you get to North America: stay safe!

Comment by shankly

Really bummed that the Toronto show is canceled too. I suppose we’ll be flying out anyway!

Comment by Bryce

what a drag.

Comment by Julia

I swear to god if the flights are canceled all the way until your Chicago show I will man a plane myself and pick you guys up. Keeping my fingers crossed for your safe travels!!

Comment by Allison F

so….is the Toronto show cancelled????

Comment by tyler

Vermont misses you. Hope to see you again soon!

Comment by Rob

I saw you guys once before in Nashville. You put on an amazing show. Your safety is first; but, I really hope you can make it to the Boston Show. I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

Comment by Laura

Is the toronto show canceled?
(if it isn’t, please tell me you changed it to all ages at least) x

Comment by tess

yeah, toronto’s canceled. maybe i should start believing in “things happening for a reason” or “destiny” or “religion” to make sense of things that are totally beyond my control.
this blows.

Comment by Julia

You guys have to admit that the circumstances are pretty badass.

“Kids, when I was your age, I was in a band. And our concert got cancelled by a fucking volcano. And we walked all the way to the venue over in America. Stop complaining about your meaningless bullshit.”

Comment by Ray

Are you guys gonna make it to Hoboken?

Comment by norman

Just found out the Penn State gig is canceled. I’m not even sure why, since it’s not for another six days. Massive disappointment is an understatement.

Comment by DS

got the email. Show in hoboken=canceled

Comment by Sam

Is it just me or did the boston show move?

Comment by Zachary

I was sooo excited for your show in Laval, sucks that you had to cancel it.
Im hoping that youll be able to reschedule it!

Comment by Kenza

Ow! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I’ll back to Brazil at april 25th!!!! Why resccheduled!?! I was excited to see u in NY! WhatTheHell!!! It’s so bad guys… so bad!!!! 😦
Take my mony back is only thing rest me… FUCK!

Comment by Cristiano Reboli

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