April 20, 2010, 7:25 pm
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25 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (18+)
26 New York, NY Irving Plaza
27 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
28 Covington KY Mad Hatter Club
29 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
30 Chicago, IL Cabaret Metro
01 Minneapolis MN First Avenue
04 Seattle, WA Showbox Theatre
05 Portland OR Hawthorne Theatre
07 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom
08 Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theatre
10 Pomona CA The Glass House
11 San Diego CA San Diego Women’s Club

If you look to the listings above, you will see how we hope this tour to pan out.

Incase you’ve not become aware previously, due to the erupting of a volcano in Iceland, all flights in and out of the united Kingdom have been stopped dead for the past 5 days. An upshot of this has meant that we have been unable to travel to the States.

More recently, flights have begun to be allowed, however as we were due to fly on the 15 April, we are no longer a priority to the airlines. Sadly it’s not a case of us being able to jump on the first flight over, we have to wait our turn.

I’m very sorry that we have disappointed some with the necessary cancellations, though obviously you appreciate that everything has been totally out of our hands. Please, if it offers any comfort, consider how sad you might be to miss us and multiply it by several million to get somewhere near how gutted we are to be on the other side of the world, missing these shows, missing you guys and hemorrhaging money.

But, all is not lost, and hopefully we will be with you on the weekend.

The gist is this.

Tonight’s Toronto show, and tomorrow’s show at Maxwell’s, New Jersey are CANCELLED 😦

Thursday’s New York show rescheduled for Monday 26 April.

Saturday’s Boston show will happen one day later than orginally planned on Sunday 25 April.

It just remains to say thank you very much to Alun and Ffion at Ankst for working so tirelessly to get us on flights and keep us in the loop, and Matt Hickey and his guys in the States for helping re route this tour.

One thing I am certain of, when we make it to you, these are going to be the most violently euphoric shows we have ever played.


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I hope you are ready for an abundance of gifts and treats and awkwardness in Madison… from me!

Comment by Lauren

Will there be a refund/reschedule for the Toronto show?

Comment by Emalynn

i’m super bummed, but what can you do. i know you’ll play the shit out of toronto whenever you make it next time around. owen pallett will take your place on wed. in new york and tonight, tonight i will paint my toe nails. really hope you guys can make it to america for the weekend! ❤

Comment by Julia

I do appreciate that it is out of your hands. Please play Penn State in the future if you get the chance, though. Good luck on the tour.

Comment by DS

sooo, the tickets for Irving plaza on thursday, are still good for monday?

Comment by Grant

please please please make it to Boston in time!

Comment by Zachary

cant wait for Irving thank god i got tickets for both shows

Comment by Norman

I’m actually kind of happy the Maxwell’s show got canceled. I love you guys, but I dislike when I buy tickets for a show only to find out a few weeks later that the band will be playing a smaller nearby venue.

Comment by I am the internets

“One thing I am certain of, when we make it to you, these are going to be the most violently euphoric shows we have ever played.”

“so yeah we’re not coming to your city but we’re gonna make sure that the shows we DO play are super duper awesome! Too bad you won’t be there”

that’s comforting?

Comment by james

We’re just happy that zero-sevenths of Team Campesinos! were engulfed in the volcano. Psyched for Irvings, ladies and gents.

Comment by Ray

Thanks for all being so understanding guys. Except you James, you can suck my dick.

(all tickets valid, or refunds if you prefer)

Comment by Gareth

Gareth, you’re the man. Psyched for the Irving show.

Comment by Jesse

Thanks guys, I can’t wait for when Toronto is rescheduled, was supposed to go with my sister for her first concert.Definitely psyched to see Irving was rescheduled. Good luck and safe travels through Volcano Island.

James, dunno if you’ve watched the news lately. They’ve been trying to get to the States and Canada since last Thursday and waited for more than a couple days to take off as soon as UK air space was opened. So not really sure where you’re bitching is coming from.

Comment by Nick

I hope you can come back to Vermont. 🙂

Comment by C.D.

Gareth, do you guys know when you’re getting out, yet?

Comment by Jesse

I was really looking forward to the Maxwells show, it’s second away from my job. 😦 I hate volcanos, now.

Comment by b

Sooo just to make sure I’m reading this correctly, when Los Campesinos! come play Toronto (T-Dot, The Big Smoke, Ol’ YYZ) next, the ticket I have for tonight’s show will get me in?

Comment by Brock B

Toronto is CANCELED. Refunds available:

Comment by Julia

I saw the pitchfork update on my twitter and I almost cried. Though I’m really, really sad that you guys won’t be able to make it to Princeton, I hope to get another chance to see you!

Comment by Emi

I hope you guys can reschedule Toronto, I wasn’t able to make tonight anyway.

Comment by Spencer

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that you guys make it in time for the show on the 27th! I hope you guys get out of those airports! It’s got to be miserable! Volcanoes blow.

Comment by Steven

Looking forward to a euphoric Boston show, then.

Comment by Patrick

I hope to heck there’s a way for you guys to reschedual the toronto show. I can think of nothing better than being at a violently euphoric los camp show right now.

Comment by Claireth

So I take it the April 23rd show in Princeton is canceled too?

Comment by Virgulino

I’m so sad for everyone else, but I hope you guys make it to Chicago!

Comment by Tom

Aww, stupid volcano! Me and my friends were gonna rage saturday in boston because it’s my 21st birthday. Now it’s gonna be the day after my 21st birthday… (smaller rage will ensue… but still raging)

Comment by Ryan

i still wish you were coming to philthy but im not gonna complain. I’ll see you in new york. woot woot.
ps. it better be as good as koko. like you say it will be better. that show was fucking off the rocker. some lesbians gave us free gin and a jacket. and you guys gave us the best fucking show ever.
im so excited.
safe travels over the volcano. seriously tho.

Comment by Sharah

[…] of smoke coming out of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano. But they’re regrouping. According to a post on the band’s site, LC! must cancel tonight’s show in Toronto and tomorrow’s in Hoboken, NJ, and shows in […]

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Man, I hate volcanoes. Hope you guys can make it to NJ sometime in the not too distant future.

Comment by sms

being one of the more older fan/ol stick in the mud don’t worry about needing to put on an epic show.

all the giddyness and excitement will cum ;;) naturally from all the craziness that has transpired so far. we just happy to see y’all.
and when you let it come naturally that’s when it’s the most fun ;;;)

and from seeing all the prev comments i’m glad to be a part of this fanbase. like LC’s songs we’re all a little rough on the edges and have gone through the ups and downs of life. we can keep moving even after the dips.

i got denied by the coachella volcano last year; i know the feeling.

stick to “the game plan” happy u just here.

there still one more bridge to cross till this puppy officialy starts.
have fun

ps i liked your blog title

Comment by tps

Is It just me, or does anyone else read “…these are going to be the most violently euphoric shows…” as “…these are going to be the most volcanically erruptive shows…”? For LC!’s live show, the metaphor could be fitting.

(Or maybe I’m just checking this site for updates too often.)

Comment by Steve C.

“Thanks for all being so understanding guys. Except you James, you can suck my dick.”

Well I could if you were playing my city but it seems these lips won’t be meeting your dick for a while longer.

Comment by james

The cancellation of the show was a front page story in the paper today, which in a weird way is kind of a cool tribute to how popular you are amongst the music fans here.

Comment by DS

James stop clocking!give them a fucking break and get over the fact that your city got canceled at least their coming to the states and not canceling the tour all together!…………LOVE LOS CAMPESINOS AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN THE IVRING PLAZA! GOS I CANT LIVE WITH OUT YOU GARETH AND THE REST OF YOU GUYS!! But i want to know what are you guys are doing for fun while you wait? You should try to post some vids.

Comment by Kevin

[…] Los Campesinos! are stuck in the UK and have re-routed their US tour. For a list of the re-scheduled dates, click here. […]

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clocking like a wrist watch

Comment by james

I hate volcanos, I really do. I’ve been crying on and off since the 20th. And I can’t even drive yet, so a road trip to a show in the states is out of the question. Damn, now I sound like a angsty teenager. I’m really not, I swear. My point is, come back to Toronto some day.

Comment by Emma

Hi there all,
This comment is kind of late but I just wanted to tell you that I had an AMAZING time at your show at the El Ray Theater. I even got to meet Neil I think, I dont know if you remember me, I was the small kid in black. Anyways it was an amzing concert everyone had fun and it was just a good time. I also wanted to tell you that your music is so wonderful, it makes me really happy and has gotten me through more than 1 bad time. Thank you all so much.

Comment by Eric

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