Los Campesinos! vs Volcanos by Ellen
April 23, 2010, 12:30 am
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Hello, so this is what happened with the  whole Planes vs Volcanos vs Los Campesinos! adventure…

Although we had to cancel some shows which sucked a lot, we have made it over in the end

(fingers crossed…I posted this before we boarded the plane)

see it bigger here

It is a shame in some ways though because I had planned a trip to Weston Super Mere with my mum…but I guess this will do instead.

Ellen x

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Ellen, that video made me laugh loud enough to accidentally wake people sleeping in my house.
Hope you all get to American safe and sound and have extra fun to spite the volcano x

Comment by Hannah

Love it, just love it.

Comment by Domenic

adorable. get here safely!

Comment by Jeska

As of this moment, at 2 in the morning, as I post here: you and The National are the two best bands in the world right now. I don’t care that the show I was supposed to see got canceled. I never planned on seeing you guys this year because I assumed you’d play Philly while I was at PSU. When you guys were scheduled to play PSU, I was shocked and excited. Then, it got canceled and I was very disappointed. But you know what? You guys are so accessible and so “right there,” that I said, “You know what? If I was born in Ireland like my ancestors and in a band, I’d be in the same boat right now.” It didn’t take me long to sympathize. I appreciate that you just did what you had to. You had a bunch of NY area shows and just one PA show, so you rescheduled an NY show when you could because hey, you gotta do that. I understand. I hope to cross paths with you guys one day. But if not, I’ll at least have your great records, and that’s better than most bands can say. All of you guys, let me tell you, you’re awesome. Great songwriter with a good sense of humor, as your videos have shown. Keep it up. There’s nothing more anyone in today’s age can expect from a band. You guys do it all. I will root for LC! to the end, whether I get the chance to see you live or not.

Comment by DS

I’m so happy you guys made it safely! I can’t wait for the DC show!

I have some food recommendations for the foodies in the band – Ben’s Chili Bowl. It’s a short walk from the venue. I’ll buy half-smokes and chili fries for anyone up for the DEFINITIVE DC food. Heck, Sarkozy ate there on his last visit.

Comment by DC_Matt

Yay! I can’t wait to see you next Friday in Chicago!

Comment by Tom

Weston Super-Mare !

Comment by Spelling Nazi

I am SO bummed you can’t make it to Toronto this time – but hope your US dates are fab.

Comment by Sarah

thanks for posting the video emma it was funny volcanos are my least favorite castorphe know but i cant see you tonight cause of parental athority but i hope to see you agian to do the us tour right……………………just do me one favor and DONT BREAK UP i love you guys and as i type im buying your cd. thanks!

Comment by kevin

thanks for posting the video Ellen it was funny volcano’s are my least favorite catastrophe know but i cant see you tonight cause of parental authority but i hope to see you again to do the us tour right……………………just do me one favor and DON’T BREAK UP i love you guys and as i type im buying your CD. thanks!

Comment by kevin

Last night’s show was so fucking awesome. You guys are so great live.

Comment by Steve

I’m so sorry for the trouble you guys had to go through and feel bad for the fans that had tickets for the canceled shows, but I can’t imagine anyone holding it against you. I’m just glad that the Chicago show was unaffected, but I’m super excited to be seeing you again! I caught your first American show at Lolla 2007, and then again when you played the Logan Square Auditorium with Titus Andronicus and they were two of the best shows I’ve ever seen! See you all soon!

Comment by BC

Great show tonight in DC!
Hope you make it down to Brazil sometime. And thanks for hanging out after the gig.

Comment by Paulo Zanello

Phew…I was started to get worried that you guys would never get over here. I’m sorry to hear other shows got canceled but I’ll see you guys at The El Rey and The Glasshouse! (:

Comment by Lindsay

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