Tour Rambles by Ellen
April 29, 2010, 10:21 pm
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I do wonder what my life would have been like if I had been stuck in Cardiff right now instead of looking at a man unloading a Miller Lite van in Madison, Wisconsin. I would go with “less eventful.”

As you can tell we have made it here safe and sound and undead from the ash cloud.

Fitting back into the American way has been an easy transition and aside from the obvious things about the US I missed (Portion sizes, thrift shops, independent record shops, Teen Cribs) there is always the surprise of how receptive the audiences are. I know I sound like a bit of a gushing suck up (which I am please love me) but from our first gig at Maxwells, NJ to Convington, KY last night things so far have been adrenaline filled.

Our house for the next couple of weeks is a mahogany furnished tour bus complete with fridge, microwave, mirror ceiling (for all the narcissistic sex i imagine) and a bus driver called Marty. Marty is awesome and I imagine his last name is McFly but I have yet to ask. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Im sorry.

When we first boarded the bus and clambered to pick our bunks we discovered masking tape outside each one to put our names on, this tried and tested method prevents people drunkenly climbing into the wrong bunk but I imagine it takes away the fun of the “slutty opportunist”. However this has not yet prevented Rob putting things in my bunk whilst I sleep for a lol, I woke up at four in the morning a couple of evenings ago to find his scanner at the bottom of my feet. Oh how I laughed in my sleepy confused haze. Its fine. At some point I will have my revenge! Or get distracted by something else and move on with my life…either way give me your suggestions….

I have taken some of your advice on places to visit and did in fact go to the frozen yogurt cafe in Boston and a Zoo in Washington which NONE OF YOU SUGGESTED. Shame on you. I love zoos. I found this abandoned in the Reptile House.

If you want it back Keith so you can finish filling it in and answer the question on what lives in deep oceans then get in touch. Other then that everything is fine, we have been given some delicious vegan cake fare along the way (Thank you Griffin!) and Cymbals Eat Guitars are a pleasure to watch every night. In fact the fair town of Madison has been designated inter band bonding time so I must go and prepare my witty anecdotes.

Love to your mothers

Ellen x


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Last night’s show in Covington, KY was absolutely great! I so wish that there was an encore though (I always want more). Maybe next tour you can hit us in Louisville, KY.

Comment by Paul

I am so so ecstatic that you all made it here and will be in San Francisco in about a week. Your Back to the future reference was amazing for so many reasons. Side note… I work at a Fro Yo/Rice Pudding shop in San Francisco. Just say the word and you can experience all the Fro Yo/Rice Pudding you can handle. Which one??? Back to the Future 1, 2, or 3? I love the first one, but I would love it even more if that was the film that the hover board was introduced

Comment by vanessa

I thought the NJ show was canceled? I’m confused. Is this pre-written?

Comment by qxan

where is the fro yo? Is it near the venue? I bloody love rice pudding x

Comment by Ellen

Oh mercy me, every post I read makes me so much more excited for the show in Seattle. You’re all so brilliant! 😀

Comment by Brian

It’s about 10 blocks away about a 15 min. walk and its called Loving Cup its on Polk and Union. Polk street has a lot of great shopping as well. The venue is also about 3 blocks away from a Whole Foods.

Comment by vanessa

Mum says she loves you straight back. And thanks for the almost autograph at the NYC show.

Comment by Grant

Oh! I’ve been looking everywhere for that scavenger hunt! =)

Excellent show in Covington by the way! Very worth the 1.5 hour drive and having to get up at 5 on Thursday!

Comment by Tessa

I may not be the Keith in question, but I will happily relieve you of the Zoo questionnaire. I’ll be drinking copiously at the El Rey in Los Angeles.

Comment by Keith

Thanks for the AMAZING show in Covington, and I echo Tessa’s remarks on driving times and wake-up times. Totally worth it.
You guys made my month by signing the set list (thanks so much, Ellen, for finding one for me.. And thank you for not making fun of me being shy.) Thanks. So much. Can’t wait to see you all again.

Comment by Corey

hey vanessa,
i’m not in the band, but if i come in wearing my LC! t-shirt and request a Los Campesinos FroYo treat will you force me to pay for it?

Comment by Chris

Thank you guys so much for coming back to Madison! While nothing will ever beat the concert at the Rathskellar last year, (I spent that entire concert being plastered to my friend’s back by the crowd behind me as he tried to keep the audience from overflowing onto the stage with his foot) you guys were still amazing, especially Tom who ran his hands through my friend’s hair during Sweet Cheeks. Please come back again! (and if you’re feeling brave, come back to the Rath!)

Comment by Summer

Yay-glad you finally beat the volcano! Can’t wait for the El Rey…

Comment by waj

You poncey limey bastards. I simply cannot wait for your show in SF.
Do let’s enjoy some Karaoke before or after? Perhaps a bit of tea and scrumpets as well!!

Comment by Ben

Hey, don’t forget to get back in Laval/Montreal for the show you cancelled 🙂

Comment by Mathieu Clavet

come in at four on friday and we will work something out. the code name is banana

Comment by vanessa

If you enjoy zoos stop by the one in Madison next time through. It’s nothing incredibly amazing, but it’s a free zoo. Although they did get rid of the wax animal machines…

Comment by Ryan

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