Happy Free Comic Book Day! by Ellen
May 1, 2010, 9:34 pm
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The 1st Saturday of May is Free Comic Book day and I took advantage of this at Big Brain Comics in Minneapolis AND i saw some Morris dancers in the town centre. This day is working out pretty well.

Hope your free comic book day is joy filled



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It is joy-filled! I picked up that Green Hornet issue, did you get a copy of the Tick?

Comment by Jordan

You should have stayed in Chicago a tad longer. There’s a nice comic shop just down the street from The Metro. They didn’t have dancers but I did see a guy get caught shoplifting. Because when they’re giving away things for free, that’s the time to get greedy.

Great show last night, btw!

Comment by Mike Chuck

free comic book day is not over yet!

Comment by Julia

I was so deadset on going to the record store today,I completely forgot to go get my free comics!
Hopefully I can go tomorrow and snag some leftovers.
And DOUBLE hopefully,my Local shop will have some of those nifty KICK-ASS posters left.

Comment by Well fuck

Some good selections – shame it was so loud at the venue or we could’ve talked longer.

Comment by Joel

I am so unbelievably jealous of your Kick-Ass poster. They ran out of them by the time I got to my comic shop. I did get to pose with some guy dressed up as Kick-Ass though so that’ll suffice for now.

Comment by Lindsay

Thats amazing, I want to pose with a guy dressed as kick ass

Comment by Ellen

I didn’t get any free comics but I am visiting (I am Canadian) a friend in a small village north of Brighton. We spent the day watching Morris dancers at the pub. Very strange, although I liked the bells and have now taken to wearing them as part of my daily ensemble.

Comment by Chris

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