Portland Bitch by Ellen
May 5, 2010, 10:14 am
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Tomorrow we are playing a show in Portland which is famous for these things

  • The Ground Kontrol Barcade which sells Liquor AND has arcade games AND has pin ball machines.
  • Voodoo Doughnuts which sells erm…doughnuts BUT really special and creative ones. When i visited this shop I ate the “Old Dirty Bastard” but am morbidly fascinated by the “Bacon-Maple Bar,” because I have always dreamed of dying of a heart attack face down in a delicious sugary pastry

  • The home place of Bitch Magazine!

Myself and Kim are both fans of this fine non-profit quarterly magazine which describes itself as a “feminist response to pop culture” and is truly a purveyor of interesting, informative and funny articles which don’t patronize or pander to its readership of people with a sly interest in feminism.

It first caught my eye when we were on tour in Florida last January where my child like brain was drawn to the immediacy of the title, and the proclamation that was an article inside discussing the validity of Jane Eyre as a feminist.

There was a refreshing lack of articles on penis vowing and how to be less shit in bed (not that there is anything wrong with those articles but when you have read as many as myself and you still suck in the bedroom department….well its a sad day.) Instead it was a variation of topical and well written articles, reviews and took more than five seconds to read and I was hooked.

However Bitch magazine survives purely on donations to keep being really really good and so they need YOUR HELP, MY HELP and EVERYONES help to stop Cosmopolitan and Glamour swallowing up my entire brain, because I JUST CANT HELP MYSELF.

Therefore they have this to say
“if you donate as little as $5/month for a year, that helps support us in a huge way and you also get a subscription of the magazine. Also, when you buy the magazine off the newsstand, we get less than 7 cents for each issue sold, but when you subscribe we get a whole lot more, so subscribers are super-important too!!”
SO if you don’t believe me read the website and realise i have amazing taste

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Hey, NYC has a barcade too, stocked with old-school arcade games:

You guys should check it out next time you’re on the east coast

Comment by sms

I like that you said Portland was “famous” for things that most people would consider fringe culture 🙂

Also, if you ever want to sit down with a bunch of Bitch back issues, I’m your gal. I’ve been saving them for, like, 10 years.

Also, also! We were recently in San Francisco and visited an awesome vintage zine shop that has tons of old issues of Rockrgrl, Bitch, Venus, & other feminist zines… so next time you are near SFO, you should check out Goteblud ( although it is only open on the weekends.

Comment by ap

Saw you last year in Portland. Great show, too bad I can’t make this one.

Comment by monkeyinabox

My friends and I had so much fun meeting you after the show in Seattle! Please bug Garret to post that picture that he said he would post. 🙂

Comment by Winnie

Show was amazing, KEXP session was fabulous.
I wish I’d said hi last night… next time. (:

Comment by Clair

I hope Tom plays Dananananaykroyd licks during soundcheck x

Comment by Joseph

Mmmm. Maple Bacon Bar was one of my favorite things in Portland. That and playing the TMNT arcade game at Ground Kontrol. If you have enough time, the Deschutes Brewery is a little bit of heaven in a pint glass.

Also I am sad I missed you at Big Brain, and that I forgot May 1st was free comic day. Though you did play a hell of a show at First Ave… Prince would be proud.

Comment by Noelesque

Great show here!! Thank you for playing some of the older material. You guys have gone far since that first Grand Rapids show I went to. 🙂

Comment by Rob

I used to love Bitch. I picked up a copy a few years back for a writing assignment and I’ve loved it ever since. But, they stopped carrying it at the bookstore by my apartment and I haven’t seen it since =(

Comment by Tessa

Fantabulous show in SF. I’m only commenting on this PDX biz ’cause it’s my hometown and I love the bacon maple bar @ voodoo.

I hope you guys come back to SF soon and actually stay a while next time. Maybe you could do a 2-day show at the Independent or the Fillmore(both are right by my apartment).

Comment by aj hobart

Is it okay that i’m a guy and i’m still entertained by the magazine?

Comment by Peter

Of course. It should appeal to any feminist, not just women.

Comment by Julia

bacon maple bar is sooo gooooood!!!!sugary-cardio-explosion, in your mouth.

Comment by Marley

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