Food Review: North America, Volume One, Part One. by Ollie
May 6, 2010, 12:20 am
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So we have finally reached America and its time to taste its culinary delights.

23rd April. Hoboken, New Jersey.

Maxwell’s does good food.  It was great to play a show and then sit down to a meal.  I had the chicken and cheese burrito.  It was massive and packed with lots of chicken, cheese, beans and rice.  It could have done with a bit more spice, and it could have been served wet instead of dry.  There was some salsa, which I used to add a bit of extra flavour.  It was served with some olives, which was slightly unusual.

24th April. Boston, Massachusetts.

British pub food has such a bad reputation.  Many places “serve” food but its basically a microwave, enabling people to soak up the alcohol with terrible burgers and carry on drinking.  I had been to the sports bar next door to the Paradise Club and thought it was pretty good.  It has an open plan kitchen so you can actually watch the chef preparing your meal.  You wouldn’t find this in a Scream brand pub!  I opted for the Salmon dinner which I had with a salad and fried Green Beans.  The salmon had been grilled and was pretty flavourful.  It was served with a sweet chilli dip and it was pretty spicy.  The salad was massive and full of a lot of fresh vegetables.  I was surprised by the fried green beans.  I assumed that they would be just raw green beans fried in some oil.  But they were actually deep-fried.  They were nice but there was so many of them that the batter soon became over-powering.

Perhaps one day high street pubs will turn their backs on the microwave?

25th April. New York, New York.

So we decided to go for pizza before the show.  Asking the crew is always a good idea, so we asked their suggestions for pizza.  They directed us to a place just round the corner from the venue.

I had a slice of cheese and a slice that was called a granny slice.  The granny slice was a deep pan and the tomato sauce was on top of the cheese.  It actually worked; biting through the sweet tomato sauce to hit the salty cheese and then the dough.  It was pretty filling and quite enjoyable.  The cheese slice was good, it was good New York style pizza, and a lot cheaper than Lombardi’s.

26th April. Washington D.C.

The 9.30 club feed you so well.  Pizza, soup and salad on load-in, loads of snacks, dinner and their famous cupcakes.

The pizza was cheap and greasy, but it was good after carrying in heavy gear.  They even did a vegan pizza.

For dinner I chose the vegetable chilli with brown rice.  When it came there was no rice, but tortilla chips.  It was a chilli but it seemed like it was more like nachos especially with the melted cheese and sour cream on top.

Their cupcakes are very good, but very rich.  I ate two, and felt very sick afterwards!


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Ollie, did you puke in Washington?

Comment by Domenic

did you eat the cupcakes before the show? you looked a bit miserable during the opener. or maybe I was just projecting.

Comment by Sophie

never seen a burrito like that. would like to try one some day

Comment by tps

oh you might’ve already had 1 since you guys been in san francisco plenty times. try an It’s-It. yeah it’s just an ice cream sandwich but it’s really good. i can’t explain it

Comment by tps

for great, closeby to the venue food in San Francisco tomorrow try these which all have lots of veggie options:

El Super Burrito (1200 Polk Street)
authentic and cheap Mexican food. One block away from the venue at the corner of Sutter & Polk.

Thai House Express (901 Larkin Street)
5 minute walk from the venue. Fresh and cheap Thai food and the people watching there is great – what looks like a girl on the outside isn’t always the case underneath the clothing…

Turtle Tower (631 Larkin Street)
excellent and cheap (you seeing a pattern here…) Vietnamese food in SF’s Little Saigon district. About a 10 minute walk from the venue, but worth the trek through a gritty and colourful part of SF.

Comment by Chris

Ollie, if you want a really good burrito, you guys must play lowly Harrisburg, PA, if only for Neato Burrito. The Cowboy Crunch is seriously the best ever.

Comment by Lomasney

as the band are swanning off around a diff continent this is more for odd obsessives like myself- have you noticed how AWESOME lc! videos are when yoooooouuuuuutuuuuuuuubeeeeeeeed?


Comment by Samuel

Your LA tour date has passed, but I am still going to suggest that you guys check out Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. They’re in and around LA but they also have a location in Long Beach, CA. It’s worth a trip!

That was all as far as food suggestions go. Much love for LC! It was great seeing you guys live at Fist Ave!

Comment by Cori

In noticed while you were in the US, you ate Mexican food in MN and NJ…I really hope you’ve been able to sample Mexican food in Southern California. I’ve had Mexican food in NJ before too and it didn’t live up to what we have here in SoCal.

I second Cori’s suggestion about visiting Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach next time. Also, try Pink’s in Hollywood for an amazing chili dog.

Comment by Lorena

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