Food Review: North America 2010, Volume One, Part Two by Ollie
May 14, 2010, 3:34 pm
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Welcome back to another instalment of us eating our way across America.

28th April Covington, Kentucky.

Covington hadn’t provided us with that much during the day.  A trip across the Ohio river into Cincinnati led to a market research interview in a bagel shop, which included false names and the impracticality of bottomless coffee mugs.

We did find a sports bar in Covington that included a whole variety of rock inspired Mac n’ Cheeses’ including Nirvana, Cream and Green Day.  Now I don’t like Green Day, but I decided to go for their take on Mac n’ Cheese.  I’m not sure if Billie Joe had had any input into it, but if he had his ideas were pretty good.  The Green Day contained spinach and sun-dried tomatoes, this created a better flavour to the Mac n’ Cheese and also a bit more colour.  I find Mac n’ Cheese a bit bland and not the most attractive of meals, but the spinach and the tomato changed this.  It was a nice size, the perfect amount of a quick meal before the show.

29th April, Madison, Wisconsin.

The last time we played Madison, whilst we were annoying the students in their beer hall, I decided to ask some of them where was good to eat.  We were kindly sent to the Top of the World and had an amazing meal.  We decided we would go back there.  Top of the World is a Himalayan restaurant serving dishes from Nepal, Tibet and India.  I had the Goat Curry last time and it was so good, I had it again.  With the meal you were given a dhaal or a salad.  I went for dhaal.  This one was more of a soup, normally it is a lot thicker, but the spices and the spinach created a lightly balanced soup that was refreshing.

The curry came and the meat just fell off the bone.  It was so tender and the spices created an amazing flavour, the spices dancing on my tongue.  Despite it being quite dense, it felt really light, and I felt contented at the end.  I was left sucking the bones to get all the flavours off.  Despite it being one of the more expensive meals of the tour (average plate cost $16), it was definitely worth it.

30th April, Chicago Illinois

No visit to Chicago is complete until you’ve gone to Intelligentsia Coffee; probably my favourite coffee shop in the world.  Unlike Gimme Coffee in New York, it doesn’t have the snobbery and the staff were really helpful in suggesting different beans for my espresso. Me and Tom both came away bearing some beans.

Today’s meal was eaten and then I realised I hadn’t taken a picture.  Sorry fans, my stomach comes first.  I went across the road to Azteca De Oro and got a couple of tacos.  First tacos of the tour and they were great.  It’s hard to muck up a taco and these were satisfying and full of flavour.

After the show I crossed the street again to a hot dog place called Wrigleyville Dogs.  And though it was a great meal at 1am, it wasn’t as good as a Pink’s in L.A. The chilli sauce had made the bun go too soggy and this led to it all spilling out.  Nonetheless, after a show and a massive thunder storm it was satisfying.

1st May, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Some of us ended up in a Tequila bar for dinner called Barrio.  As well as having a massive selection of tequila, which we failed to try, they served Mexican “tapas”, which was basically small mexican dishes mainly tacos.  I had a carnitas taco and a crab taco.  Both appeared well presented with a few extra touches such as fresh coriander.  The crab taco was very good, when were in Mexico we had tuna sashimi tacos and they were amazing.  The crab created a different feel to the taco, the lightness of the crab meat contrasting really well with the lime and the coriander.  Despite being in a fancier place these tacos didn’t cost that much more than anywhere else so it was still excellent value, and being served a man called Machete also helped.

2nd May, Billings, Montana.

So how many of you have been to Billings?  Well, we’ve been there twice.  Both times we’ve been to a restaurant called Walkers, which serves pretty fancy food in a town that doesn’t seem that big.  With a vast beer and wine selection, they have a very appealing menu.  I had the confit of duck which came with Cannellini Beans, pancetta, fried garlic and asparagus.  The duck was so tender and had been cooked really well; the meat falling off the bones.  The beans had been cooked in a creamy sauce.  The fried garlic was very good, and that with a bit of duck meat and the beans lit up my mouth.  The asparagus had been cooked very well, it was still a bit crunchy and the creaminess of the beans really complemented it.  It was pretty expensive but well worth the price.

In part 3, we reach the West coast and hit up some of our favourite food establishments.


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