by Ellen
May 24, 2010, 3:16 pm
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I’m gonna skip the greetings and get straight to the point of this post (of which there are two)


Tonight is a momentous occasion in tele-visual history for myself (yes bigger then Eurovision) it’s the ending of LOST!

I summarise the entire show like thus: Six years, Four laughs and One likeable character.

(All four laughs were had when Juliet died in case your wondering)

I like to think of Lost as a long term relationship, it started out full of passionate and fire but suddenly got really arduous and dull and the only way to get through it is to lie to yourself and your friends about how awesome the sex still is.

I dont want to be upset with the amount of time I have spent watching badly scripted circular conversations, flashbacks/forwards/sides and Lockes man boobs, but tonight is the last time I will hear one character apologizing for causing another characters deaths through stupidity. Thats right, I will be attending a Lost viewing party.

There will be three of us.

I am avoiding spoilers by not typing Lost into google, ignoring twitter and facebook and not going places where people talk inanely about stuff. I will mostly be sat inside with earmuffs on today.

Here is my friend Johnny’s Lost Viewing Party Food Menu

– Doctor Jack Shepherd’s Pie

– Hurley Fries

– Man In Black Pudding

– Jacob’s Crackers

– Smoke Monster Munch

– Uncle Ben’s egg fried rice

-Sawyer Sauce served from a Not Penny’s Gravy Boat

-bottles of Jin (and Jim Robinson’s Squash as a booze free alternative)

– to celebrate the end, a few lines of Charlie

This is my contribution

Anticlimax pie with a side of “was it worth it” fruit salad

POINT TWO: Me and my mother are doing a 5k canter/trot/run/jog/walk/skip together for Race For Life and goddamit we need some sponsership, so if anyone has a couple of quid spare and they want to get the best karma ever then click here and let your conscience lead the way/enter some bank details

Ellen x


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despite being a huge lost nerd (or maybe because of being a huge lost nerd), the ending only left me feeling as if my life has been wasted. IT’S SO STUPID!

Comment by dave

I disagree! I found it deeply affecting pretty much the whole way through, and found it gave me enough answers to satisfy (what more did I expect seeing how the show has progressed thus far?). Really, it was all about the characters this whole time. It left me feeling as I hoped I would…just wanting to watch it all again from the beginning. ❤ LOST FOREVER

Comment by Julia

P.S. that menu is hilarious. sounds like you may have made an appropriate choice with the anticlimax pie?

Comment by Julia

I always was curious about LC!’s (potential) drug usage. I’m glad I have some confirmation.

Comment by simon

I found it all a bit sad to be honest….on reflection…

Comment by Ellen

sad pathetic or sad depressing?

Comment by Julia

four laughs when Juliet died. haha

Comment by tps

sad depressing, there is a good Jimmy Kimmel special on the internet which apparently they showed straight after in america which seems to lend itself to answering some questions x

Comment by Ellen

Who is the one likeable character? I’d say Desmond

Comment by Jed

I’ve had an odd relationship with Lost, I guess I never saw it quite consistently enough to develop similar expectations as a lot of folks. I went into the series without even having seen the first Season and only saw the recap, I watched Season 2 and enjoyed it quite a bit even if I was a bit…Get Ready, folks Lost Anyway then came Season 3 where we got to watch our Heroes stand around in cages for 6 fucking weeks and I remember almost nothing except for Jack being in a room, Ben being creepy, & Sawyer & Kate finally screwing, I was watching with the television run and lost patience, I was done with it. So I keep hearing from my friends No, Watch it, it’s awesome again! and I’m finally like oh, alright, I’ll give it a look. I watched Season 4 in a weekend and actually did really love it (It helps that The Constant is probably the best episode in the series). Anyway then I kept watching it and kept up with the TV run, had it’s ups and downs but mostly liked it and only finally saw Season 1 for the first time about a day or two before the finale which was kinda weird coming at it now.

All and all though I quite enjoyed the finale. I didn’t get all the answers to all the mysteries and all that but I sort of gave up on that awhile ago. I was happy at least the character arcs were resolved and there were some cool moments on the island as well. Also liked how they bookended it.

Best moment of the finale for me? Daniel all pimped out with the tux and fedora rocking on the piano with Drive Shaft.
Actual best moment of the finale: Probably either the ridiculous but awesome fight scene and the moment where Hurley & Charlie see each other again even if I guess I thought I didn’t like either of them.

Comment by Nick

Ah shit, I fucked the HTML

Comment by Nick

I’ve spent the whole of the past two days telling people they should have given the time they spent watching Lost over to watching The Wire because it was better.

Comment by OlliB

Hey The Wire and Lost are both good in completely different ways, they are like Jacob and MIB, one is annoying and wimpy with moments of brilliance and the other is rough, tumble and wants some answers…that didnt work at all…
anyway, I actually did like the ending, it seemed to be appropriate, and the flying punch was greatly amusing, i just wish locke had been a bit more…terrifying…. the people who said limbo from the start are going to start claiming they were right all along, when they were only kind of a a bit right but in a wrong way

Comment by Ellen

Curious: You disliked Juliet? And what was the one likable character?
Sorry, I am dumb.

Comment by Crystal

I’m avoiding all Lost related media b/c it just won’t fill the emptiness inside me knowing that I’ll never see another new episode. Not quite, but maybe that is part of why I found it so depressing? I cried at the end, horribly, and is it b/c I got to thinking of who would be in the church with me? or were those happy tears after watching all of the reunions? (huge soft spot for any Desmond + Penny moments) anyway, I was left not knowing why I felt the way I did. That was the most personally affecting show I’ve seen since Six Feet Under.

Comment by Julia

always a p.s.:
what should i watch now? Treme? Warehouse 13?

Comment by Julia

I cried. it was like making a best friend over 6 years and knowing it was going to have to end. but when it does, it strikes haha. Desmond or Ben was my favourite character, easily :), but i agree, what to watch now? I’m hearing good things about Flashforward although i dont know whether to trust channel 5 haha.

Comment by Ben Barker

real housewives

Comment by michael

i prefer wife swap.

Comment by Julia

I’m so happy I don’t have to see Locke’s man boobs anymore either…come on, there are editing rooms/people to preview before episodes air – why didn’t they do anything about it? I mean you’re on tv – there are Man Spanx nowadays for situations just like these. Great during the first couple of seasons (honeymoon period)and then fizzled out. This is the same thing that happened with the promising Alias (great first 2 seasons, then…)

BTW – great show at the El Rey in LA last month! Can’t wait until you guys come out again.

Comment by Lorena

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