On Ollie by LC!
June 30, 2010, 4:16 pm
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You might have seen a blogpost from Ollie the other day announcing his departure from the band, and we feel like we should offer a few words of explanation, publicly.

This is really tough to talk about for so many reasons.  I guess first off, you should know that the last few weeks have been pretty horrible for everyone, especially Ollie.  We didn’t think we’d ever be in this position and it’s been hard enough to deal with privately, let alone publicly, but we’ve certainly taken no pleasure whatsoever in any of this: asking one of our best friends to leave the band we formed together really does feel as shit as you would expect.

It’s obviously difficult to explain this decision in a sensitive way, because Ollie’s been nothing but professional and genuinely lovely throughout his time in this band, and has continued to be, even now.  Any of you that have met him will know what he’s like, and what a good guy he is.

So we feel we should stress that the reasons for this decision were never personal nor down to any lack of effort or professionalism on Ollie’s part; we still love and respect Ollie deeply.  Please understand that it’s a decision we all felt we had to make for Los Campesinos! to be able to continue as a band at all.

We’ve had over three brilliant years with Ollie and made three records I think we’re all proud of, and in that time he’s always been enthusiastic and hard-working, and, well, just an all-round nice guy.  Hopefully this decision won’t make any of us less proud of what we’ve achieved together, as it really has been a pleasure being in a band with him.  Again, we can’t emphasise enough just how shit this whole situation is, but we hope you’ll understand.

There is no danger of this being the end of Los Campesinos!, and we will definitely continue more enthusiastically and stronger than ever.  All scheduled gigs will continue as planned.

LC! x

Dry route to Devon, So great, like heaven, I think that we are losing a way. by Ollie
June 26, 2010, 8:59 am
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This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write.  I’m afraid it’s not a food review, but I am sat in a little café north of the border that does amazing Orange Polenta cake.

It is with very sad regret that I have to announce that I, Ollie Campesinos!, have parted company with Los Campesinos!.

When we first started this band we never expected in a million years that three years down the line we would have done and achieved all the things that we have.  It’s been an amazing experience and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I want to thank everyone that we have ever worked with.  Without your hard work we wouldn’t have done all these things.  Thank you to every band I have ever had the privilege of playing with.  I have made some really great friends.

But most importantly I want to thank every one of you that has ever taken any time to take interest in us.  Whether it’s coming to a gig, buying a record or merely reading my food reviews.  If it weren’t for you guys and gals we would have faded out a long time ago.

It’s been a true honour and a privilege, my life is going to be very different.

Thank you.

Ollie x

A bit of a plea by Ellen
June 6, 2010, 4:11 pm
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As some of you may know I am running a 5k next saturday with my mum to raise money for cancer research and as some of you may suspect I am about to hassle you for some pennies….

(A recreation of the event)

Myself and my mother have been wittering on about doing this race since my first year of university where I was not regarded as the fittest or most active of people, but in recent years I have started exercising and doing a jog here and then to try and regain some health BUT registering for this finally gave me the motivation to give up smoking. So thats point one of why this is a good thing.

The second point is this. Cancer is a indescribably awful bastard of a disease and 5 years ago this May my nan died of it. She was an altogether awesome Irish lady who raised seven children pretty much single handedly and still found time to drink 25 cups of tea a day and in later years insisted everything I bought from the high street would have been cheaper/nicer if I had gone to Oxfam. She kind of turned out to be right about that whole vintage thing.

I would like to raise two hundred pounds for this altogether worthy cause in her memory and so far I am fifty pounds off, so give a few minutes to increase your karma rating and give my mum a reason to have gone to those lunchtime running classes. Please click HERE

Ellen x