A bit of a plea by Ellen
June 6, 2010, 4:11 pm
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As some of you may know I am running a 5k next saturday with my mum to raise money for cancer research and as some of you may suspect I am about to hassle you for some pennies….

(A recreation of the event)

Myself and my mother have been wittering on about doing this race since my first year of university where I was not regarded as the fittest or most active of people, but in recent years I have started exercising and doing a jog here and then to try and regain some health BUT registering for this finally gave me the motivation to give up smoking. So thats point one of why this is a good thing.

The second point is this. Cancer is a indescribably awful bastard of a disease and 5 years ago this May my nan died of it. She was an altogether awesome Irish lady who raised seven children pretty much single handedly and still found time to drink 25 cups of tea a day and in later years insisted everything I bought from the high street would have been cheaper/nicer if I had gone to Oxfam. She kind of turned out to be right about that whole vintage thing.

I would like to raise two hundred pounds for this altogether worthy cause in her memory and so far I am fifty pounds off, so give a few minutes to increase your karma rating and give my mum a reason to have gone to those lunchtime running classes. Please click HERE

Ellen x


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