Romance Is Boring (Princess Version) by LC!
July 5, 2010, 12:45 am
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If there was a movie and its theme was the original version of “Romance Is Boring,” then this would surely be the thing that plays over the end credits after the hero escaped the collapsing cave and is slowly limping out into the sun.

Comment by Zach


Comment by Yash

campesinos I love you so much.

Comment by joaquim

WOW!!! My heart swells, yet again.

Simply Marvelous.


This is surprisingly entertaining. Kudos

Comment by Aaron

This is beautiful guys, thanks a lot

Comment by Christian

I don’t really get why this was made, but I do get that the world becomes 20% more awesome every time you release a song.

Comment by Sam

Is that slide guitar around the 2 minute mark? Love it!

Comment by Jed

Was this recorded recently?
And also Im not actually sure how busy you all are but more updates via this blog would be cool.

Comment by Jayby

Thank you, this is amazing!

Comment by DK!


agree with SAM

Comment by ale

I’m in love.

Comment by gb

[…] Romance Is Boring (Princess Version) Download […]

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This is amazing. Thank you.

Comment by mrshankly

Hey this is kind of lovely. Might like this better than the album version. Although that Blur-esque guitar bit is fantastic still…

Comment by Paul

This is perfect for so many reasons. It’s been a while since something on your blog has made me smile. Hope the tour is going well and maybe you’ll all make your way back to America. Good luck and thanks for the music

Comment by vanessa

I love it! But I am very sad to hear that Ollie has left! Maybe you guys can provide some more details when it cools off.

Comment by Chris F

I love the original spastic Los Camp! I thought the next two LP’s were okay. It was change, but not in a direction I particularly liked musically though I liked the lyrics a lot. This is AWESOME.

Comment by Blake A

Really lovely!

Comment by mamacampesinos!

Saw you on Kilbourn tonight. You were marvelous. Look fwd to hearing you on Sirius. Your e.t.a to a Chicago show is?…

Comment by BillySwing

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