July 11, 2010, 11:41 pm
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Last week we posted an mp3 of the ‘Princess Version’ of our song ‘Romance Is Boring’. This track makes up part of a new ‘reworkings’ EP that we will shortly release. The EP is entitled ‘All’s Well That Ends’ and is made up of four alternate versions of tracks from our most recent album. The tracklisting is as follows:
All’s Well That Ends
1. Romance Is Boring (Princess Version)
2. Letters From Me To Charlotte (RSVP)
3. Straight In At 101/It’s Never Enough
4. (All’s Well That Ends) In Medias Res
Ellen made a video of the making of said recordings:
The EP will first be available to buy at our Wichiten show at London’s Garage on Thursday 15th July, and will then be available in limited number from independent record shops from July 19th.
You can pre-order the 10″ EP from Wichita, here: (link active soon)

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I will be doing so

Comment by Nick

No mention of a digital release… I’m guessing orders of the EP will come with a download code if I want the songs for my ipod… am I right?

Anyway, great news, nice to see Rob make his first recorded LC! appearance as well.

Comment by Jed

In Media Res sounds really amazing from the video…also the last 2 minutes of the video made me feel inexplicably sad and happy at the same time (Props to Ellen!).
I’m gonna be checking that preorder link every 2 minutes now…

Comment by hannahwins

I think I now have a mancrush on Tom after watching that video.

Comment by dave

Is this not going to come in the form of a compact disc?

Comment by Jayby

lol wonderwall attempt…lol l’s and 1’s are the same

Comment by kyle

Ahhhhhh can’t wait, a few new lyrics and stuff too. Preorder can’t come online soon enough.

Comment by Josh

Preordered it!

(obligatory come to Australia plzkthx)

Comment by Josh

The bit of in media res heard on that has a definite godspeed you! black emperor sound to it, like dead flag blues but with more of a human quality.

Comment by oliver

… iTunes? Please?

Comment by Megan

[…] You can read more about it over here (plus, there’s a short video in the making of the entire thing, t… […]

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I also hope you guys release this in digital/CD form, since I’m not cool and I don’t have a record player.

Comment by Kyle

Always amusing video Ellen!

Comment by Paul

The cover is beautiful and the best yet imo.

Comment by Samuel

the part towards the end where Ollie is behind the tape reel smiling and the music is playing in the background makes me incredibly sad 😦

Comment by Eliot

[…] and whatever of us were play to intend concerned. Fear no more: the Brittanic septet has announced the sociable promulgation of All’s Well That Ends, a flooded EP’s worth of […]

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is this going to be an international release?

Comment by Julia

Pre-ordered yesterday; this was a bit like fate because yesterday I finally got my record player in my room and was wanting something other than old Cat Stevens to play…

Comment by Clair

Any release here in the States? Otherwise, I guess I’ll be ordering an import.

Comment by krazen

sounds great! will we be able to purchase the EP on iTunes?

Comment by Hugo

This is apparently impossible to buy. I don’t see it listed in any shop, online or off.

Comment by Sam

Boomkat are selling the digital version, I just bought it from there. Twitter said it was on iTunes but its not…

Comment by Laura

there ya go.

i’m loving straight in at 101.

Comment by maudie

I got this in the mail today and it is fantastic!

Comment by Clair

i know this is a long shot but i missed out on the pre order and i need this 10″, is there some way anyone could sell me one?

Comment by Robert

beautiful ep

Comment by connie

Robert, check maudie’s link:

Comment by Galvin

there’s no option for me to buy it, is it because im in the us? i just figured i was too late and its no longer for sale

Comment by Robert

The world would be a better place if LC! released an EP every month!

The new one is fabulous, guys!



I didn’t even know you were making a new ep. I need to twitter more often. I really love it, Straight in at 101 was my favourite song from Romance is Boring so I really liked the remake. Keep them coming! Really annoyed I was away when you were doing the big weekend in Cardiff, I’ll have to enjoy your set extra hard at reading x

Comment by Justine Ackland

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