August 24, 2010, 12:10 pm
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It is our great pleasure to announce that this coming October we will be returning to the United States for a run of shows along the East Coast and down a bit. They are as follows…

10/08/10 – Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar (All Ages)
10/09/10 – Laval, PQ @ Maison des Arts de Laval (All Ages)
10/10/10 – South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground (All Ages)
10/12/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s (21+)
10/13/10 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place (All Ages)
10/15/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (16+)
10/16/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (16+)
10/17/10 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live (All Ages)
10/18/10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle (All Ages)
10/19/10 – Charlotte, NC @ Visulite Theatre (16+)
10/20/10 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse (All Ages)
10/22/10 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theatre (14+)
10/23/10 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa (All Ages)
10/24/10 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live (All Ages)
10/25/10 – New Orleans, LA @ Republic (18+)
10/26/10 – St. Louis, MO @ Firebird (All Ages)
10/27/10 – Iowa City, IA @ The Blue Moose (All Ages)

I will update with news of age restrictions as soon as I am made aware of them all. As ever, we will endeavour to make as many shows All Ages as possible.

Apologies if we’re not playing somewhere that you want us to be playing.

Support to be announced soon.

PLUS as an initial offer, if you buy a ticket for any of the tour dates from you will receive a digital copy of our recent ‘All’s Well That Ends’ EP, FREE.

Here’s a video Ellen made of our last US tour. MAGIC:

Charity Auction by Tom
August 13, 2010, 8:59 pm
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Hello there,

How is everybody?

Thought I’d alert you all to an eBay auction that’s a-happening…

It’s on behalf of the good people that organise Cardiff’s Woodstick festival. That took place last weekend and raised a load of cash for the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (, and we thought we’d chime in and try and help a little ourselves by, er, exploiting you and your generosity.  Which is kind of altruistic, right?  Either way, it’s for a great cause, so please feel free to tuck whatever cash you have in our filthy g-strings of charity as we wiggle and grind our philanthropic foo-foos in your face.  Yeah!

There are two auctions, one for the vinyl test-pressing of our last album and the other for a test-pressing of our most recent EP… These are genuinely really rare as there’s only a few of them in existence, so hopefully at least one of you will find them attractive…

Thanks guys!


This Grinds my Gears by Ellen
August 3, 2010, 5:08 pm
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Hello self indulgent rant and platform in which to expunge and berate all the things which have been pissing me off in life this week…

This image you see before you  is not taken from GQ,Zoo, Nuts, Maxim or the classier pages of Horse and Hound, it is in fact a image in this months Total Film magazine.

The last time I checked Kelly Brook’s bit part in Piranha 3-D was not important enough in the film world to warrant a four minute contemplation LET ALONE a four page spread and tag line cover reading “Bikini’s in the Movies” by Kelly Brook. I would not mind if that was attributed to a vast essay dissecting the finer points of iconic clothing within fimilic moments by a credible actress but NO, its Kelly Brook saying ” Whatever, I’ll dress up as Princess Leia for you.” (actual quote)

I would not mind if it was a small picture in the “stuff thats going on in films this month” section but there is no valid reason I can think of which requires that much space and that many large scale images of a semi naked Kelly Brook. She didnt impress me in Smallville and she wont impress me in Piranha 3-D, and this magazine is not meant to be a naked lady booby magazine, I have nothing against those, this is meant to be a “modern guide to movies” supplement. Even Megan Fox would have made more sense….

Whats next? Is Heat Magazine going to start discussing the decay of the textile industry in order to pull in keen knitters who may have overlooked it? Is Bizarre magazine going to start promoting ladies who abhor  spandex for the more traditional reader? Is More magazines position of the fortnight going to be replaced with “funny cat of the week” for the lolz cats generation? (Not a bad idea) EH EH

To balance out this fall from grace I demand a four page photo spread of a naked William H Macy  with the tag line “Genitals in the Movies” by William H Macy, in which he discusses his favorite images of genitals within modern cinema and recreates those shots.

Ellen x

August 2, 2010, 9:17 pm
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Vivian Girls (Black) – M

Vivian Girls (White) – M

Xiu Xiu (Breast Licker) – S

Cold Cave (Death Comes Close) – M

Times New Viking – M

Cold Cave (Heaven Was Full) – S

Gang Gang Dance – M

Sleater-Kinney – S

Erase Errata – S

No Deachunter – M

Telepathe – S

Xiu Xiu (Freddy) – M


Ponytail – M

The Smiths – BIG MEDIUM

Car Clutch – S

Super Furry Animals – S

Anticon – M

Deerhoof – S

International Pop Underground – S

Bikini Kill – M

Xiu Xiu (Prison Tattoo) – S

Girl Talk – M
Upset The Rhythm – S
Gossip – S
Tender Forever – S
Tiger Force – M

Anticon Zip-Up Hoody – M