August 24, 2010, 12:10 pm
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It is our great pleasure to announce that this coming October we will be returning to the United States for a run of shows along the East Coast and down a bit. They are as follows…

10/08/10 – Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar (All Ages)
10/09/10 – Laval, PQ @ Maison des Arts de Laval (All Ages)
10/10/10 – South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground (All Ages)
10/12/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s (21+)
10/13/10 – New Haven, CT @ Toad’s Place (All Ages)
10/15/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (16+)
10/16/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (16+)
10/17/10 – Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live (All Ages)
10/18/10 – Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle (All Ages)
10/19/10 – Charlotte, NC @ Visulite Theatre (16+)
10/20/10 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse (All Ages)
10/22/10 – Dallas, TX @ Granada Theatre (14+)
10/23/10 – Austin, TX @ La Zona Rosa (All Ages)
10/24/10 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live (All Ages)
10/25/10 – New Orleans, LA @ Republic (18+)
10/26/10 – St. Louis, MO @ Firebird (All Ages)
10/27/10 – Iowa City, IA @ The Blue Moose (All Ages)

I will update with news of age restrictions as soon as I am made aware of them all. As ever, we will endeavour to make as many shows All Ages as possible.

Apologies if we’re not playing somewhere that you want us to be playing.

Support to be announced soon.

PLUS as an initial offer, if you buy a ticket for any of the tour dates from you will receive a digital copy of our recent ‘All’s Well That Ends’ EP, FREE.

Here’s a video Ellen made of our last US tour. MAGIC:


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this has just become my main driving force in getting a job.

Comment by Michael

get a copy for buying a ticket but not a digital copy for buying the vinyl? 😐

Comment by jordan

Philly show is going to be 21+… please get an in-store or something mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <33

Comment by Joe

Great to see an Atlanta date. Criminal Records is an option for an in-store if you guys are interested.

Comment by titus

Just wondering when/if this was gonna be announced. See you.

Comment by Julia

I am moving from Chicago to Toronto… and cannot wait to see you again.

Comment by jeska

I’m moving to Boston for college, but I think I’ll come back down to NY for the saturday show.

Comment by Chris

Yeees! I just moved to Montreal 3 days ago, so this is awesome news. The fact that you’re
not playing Vancouver makes it a bit more satisfying, too. God bless eastern Canada.

Comment by Tina

If another Volcano prevents you from coming to Toronto this time, I’m going to go on a volcano-punching spree.

Comment by Casey


Comment by megan

I’m with Casey on that one.
Stoked to see you guys.

Comment by Aimee

Bought a ticket for your last Toronto show. Better make it this time.

Comment by Brent

As always, Tucson would love to have you guys. I could arrange an over pass to be opened up that you guys could play in celebration of again? I’ll even let you keep your sign so you don’t have to go about finding wire cutters to steal it

Comment by Allison F

Why no DC? I thought you guys loved it here. 😦

Comment by Madeline

So is Toronto all ages?

Comment by Ryan

@Ryan They said they would update as they know ages.

Comment by Brent

How about you come to Minneapolis? I think so.

Comment by Cody

[…] 2010′s Romance Is Boring LP as well as their recent acoustic All’s Well That Ends EP, according to an update on their blog. In concert, they are remarkably generous– so much so that leader Gareth suffered “a […]

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No Ohio dates? You guys should come back to Ohio.

Comment by Ned

Will there be any west coast shows winter/spring?

Comment by vanessa

come to monterrey, mexico

Comment by mon w.

Who is going to drum?

Comment by Samuel

No Michigan = :((((

Comment by Sean

Jason, I’d assume

Comment by Chris

Come to the West Coast kthx.

Comment by Clayton

Upon seeing the news of the Atlanta show I practically exploded with glee. Just got my ticket and I can’t wait to see you guys for the first time!

Comment by Kyle

Excellent. Definitely in for Baltimore, possibly even NC just b/c it’s lovely down there and your show there (was it last year?) with Titus was fantastic.

But what’s the word on a replacement for Ollie? Another elaborate video announcing a new band member in the works?

Comment by Eric

I know this is just a fan suggestion and it’s not totally your decision to make, but can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to get Holy Fuck as support (especially in Toronto)?
That would be the craziest show ever.

Comment by Brock

Ah dammit, they’re in Edmonton that night

Comment by Brock

i was hoping you’d make it over again….damn volcano spoiled it last time…and we get the first stop on the tour….bring it on!!!!

Comment by tyler

Vermont is psyched that you didn’t forget us. Hooray!

Comment by Rob

Missed your last show in DC, but I’ll definitely head up to Baltimore.

Comment by Jeff

What happened to coming back to LA in September? 😦

Great video, Ellen!
And Neil, I like what you’ve become. ;D

Comment by Diana

Tom promised you’d come to Utah next tour 😦 Now I’m gonna have to fly clear to the east coast.

Comment by Kia

No Australia?

Comment by matt

Once payday comes around on thursday I am buying tix to BOTH NYC shows! Getting the new EP legally for free is a bonus!

Comment by Justin Leon

St Louis is SOOOOOOO close to Chicago. Can’t you just add one more show???

Comment by Patrick

NO UTAH?! EVER!? Give it a chance guys!!!

Comment by Jack

Thank freaking god, I was so bummed that I missed you in DC.

Comment by Adri

I still have my ticket from the cancelled April Toronto show. I won’t have enough money to make both tickets and bus to Toronto for the October 8th show.

I know it’s completely unrealistic but I’d probably shit 1000 suns and a corresponding universe if this show honored any April Toronto tickets still out there.

Comment by Ben

I can not wait to see you guys at the brooklyn date for sure! Last year my bimbo dad didnt let me see you guys at the ivring plaza date 😦 ive waited and waited and now im definately going to see you guys. I bought all your cds and i just came from work and i was pissed but this made my whole day! 🙂

Comment by Kevin

I will see you all on both 15 and 16 October! I’m actually running late for work because I waited for tickets to go on sale. Quite exciting!

Comment by Jill

Ben, you can get a refund for the canceled Toronto show from Ticketmaster.

Comment by Julia

Julia; I’m not the one who purchased my ticket though… Most likely I will end up keeping it, unfortunately.

Comment by Ben

I’m a bit worried about the Toronto show. Tickets for Toronto go on sale tomorrow, but the show hasn’t been confirmed as all ages (the Arts and Crafts website lists it as 19+). Because Wrong Bar is so small (~300 people), tickets might sell out by the time we get the final word on age restrictions. I hope I’m just being paranoid here…

Comment by mshankly

Philadelphia is 21+ 😦 Please please play an all ages show in the general area soon! I’ll bring a lot of friends!

Comment by Chris F

Seeing myself in Ellen’s video has made me the happiest girl on the planet.

Comment by Corinne

Pleassssseeeee come to San Diego!!!! I had to miss you in May, but please give me another chance!!!!!

Comment by Nathan

People of Laval aren’t cool enough for so much awesomeness in one evening.

Still, usually we use “QC” as the acronym for the province. 😉

Comment by Joe G

Well, the GalleryAC site says that the Toronto show is 19+.

Comment by Brent

The Toronto show is 19+. MY LUCK. I think I’m going to be ballsy and try and borrow someone’s ID or something. Felonies are no big deal, right? I’ve got gumption

Comment by Sonya

YES! thank you so much for coming to texas, and for coming to austin, and oh my god yes yes yes I will be there yes. completely stoked.

Comment by leila


Comment by Kel

Toronto tickets achieved!

Comment by Andrew

Toronto is 19+. I think I’m going to cry.

Comment by Emma

We’ll work something out for Toronto. I’m really pissed off that my requests on age restrictions have been ignored. I’m on it. G

Comment by Gareth

i think you should come to utah. i know it doesn’t really matter but you MUST come to utah. we love you here.

Comment by cyndel

since when is baltimore 21+?! i already bought my ticket! nooooooooo

Comment by Madeline

I know you have such little control over this but you’ve played exactly one all ages/non-“students only” gig in philadelphia and XPN helped present it and so the crowd was ancient and a bummer. please play the first unitarian church or the barbary the next time. i am betting it’ll be a lot more fun for you lot and us too.

Comment by Joe G

Baltimore is actually all ages! I spoke to someone at Ram’s Head.

Comment by Madeline

UTAHHHHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE! Need some venue suggestions??

Comment by Jessica

Woot!! Driving seven hours for the Quebec show!! I FINALLY get to see LC! live!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Comment by Emma

So happy you are coming back to Austin. Can’t wait to see you there and will try very hard not to annoy with stage antics.

Comment by David

Gareth, it melts my heart and makes me beyond happy to know your concern for age restrictions. Even if it is beyond your control to change it, thank you so much for trying.

Comment by Sonya

I would double check Rams Head- I went to a concert there when I was 17 with no issues, And the shows listed on their site are all “all ages.”
But then again, maybe they’ve changed their policy.

Comment by Ally

What Sonya said. It’s a really nice thing you guys are doing. 🙂

Comment by mshankly

Ram’s Head is most definitely all ages! It says so on their website, and I talked to a person in their office who said it was. (It’s just no re-entry for people under 21)

I also agree with Sonya and mshankly. :))

Comment by marie

Toronto is all ages

Comment by Brent

Dang, no Ohio-Kentucky shows. =(

Comment by Tessa

Got my tickets

Comment by Brent

The Mid West would really love to see you guys! Come to Indiana!!!

Comment by Paul

no chicago 😦

Comment by Cristian

bud commercial!!! insane!!!!!

Comment by brian

Thanks so much for coming to IC. Looking forward to a real barn burner.

Comment by Evan (Shnards)

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