Festival Footage! by Ellen
September 29, 2010, 8:39 pm
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How have things been with you? How is your dog/cat/lover/brother/mother? Good, glad we got the niceties out of the way and can get onto the important issues. As you can see there is a little video here for you to feast your eyes upon, it is a visual trip through our summer festivals and I call it “From Bilbao to Derby” or “From Reading to a part of France, it might have been in the North” or “From Leceister with Love” or something like that…

As you are aware we are coming to America, and much like Eddie Murphy we are travelling to New York to find wive’s for ourselves or a really nice pair of shoes from Beacons closet. I am, as always, bringing a camera, and I will be requiring your help in making the magic happen. I will be wondering around after the show and would very much love it if you came and talked to me, you could tell me a interesting fact about your town or if one of our songs has some special meaning to you that you  wish to share….it would be nice to have little collection of clips of that. Dont talk to me about the ending of Lost. Ever. It still burns.

But yes, talk to me people and yes, we are very excited, personally I aim to have a trip around one of ye olde graveyards in New Orleans and eat some grits

I will also be listening to a extraordinary amount of the RadioLab podcast which is currently my new obsession, and i recommend it highly to you all right now, it will make you learn things and feel smart and have many witty anecdotes to share at the dinner parties you attend.

In fact I fully intend to write a blog about possible movies that can be made out of Radiolab stories, because I constantly listen to it and exclaim “what a film that would make!” But seriously, dont send your kids to school, just make them listen to a couple of episodes of this (N.B do send your kids to school)

Anyway… i dont really have a sign out… i should get one of those…this girl at school use to sign everything off with “magic and fairies” and for some reason she was extraordinarily popular…it might have been something to do with her giant house/tv/walk in fridge


Magic and Fairies (sookie)

Ellen x

to see it bigger click here


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That was a nice film sookie, thank you.

Comment by Robin Buckley

This is my favorite RadioLab episode
Actually, this is the only one I’ve heard. But I like what they say about Blood Flukes.

Comment by Diana

I think you should go with “Stay Frosty”

Comment by Drew

That was lovely. Makes me wish even more I could see you guys on the next tour >.<

Comment by Victoria

Whenever you get through Radiolab or need a break or find yourself questioning every memory you’ve ever had, might I recommend the Memory Palace? It has a similar editing and narrative style and pulls the same “here-are-some-facts-and-now-we-will-blow-your-mind-by-questioning-a-sensitive-part-of-your-sense-of-existence” trick, except instead of using science, it pulls from (primarily American) history. (don’t worry, no history knowledge necessary to appreciate.) Also, the episodes are only about 5 minutes each, so you’re not wasting much time. perfect for superficial cocktail party conversation.

About the ferris wheel:

About the ‘inventor’ of the radio:

Comment by Eric

Coming to America reference! Awesome!

I don’t know much about Williamsburg, but I can tell you about the rest of the NY area.

Comment by Justin Leon

Thank you Eric I shall give those a listen x

Comment by Ellen

OMG… I just heard you me dancing on a bud light commercial!!!!

Comment by Andy

Further comment on this; I will be wondering around with a flip camera rather then a proper one, so I will be less obviously filming, but filming none the less.

Comment by Ellen

quite disappointed Gareth’s epic stagedive from Summer Sundae didn’t make the cut !

Comment by Hannah Matthews

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