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October 27, 2010, 6:06 pm
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by Gareth
October 25, 2010, 2:58 am
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More Tour Tales by Ellen
October 18, 2010, 10:30 pm
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Brooklyn fun: We nestled ourselves into the Williamsburg area with a day off followed by two shows at the Music Hall. This was exciting for several reasons a) the possibility of them both being sold out and b) the luxury of a hotel bed.

We spent our time in the larger New York area having different adventures, Neil and Paul did a large amount of walking, Rob performed some songs at his friend Carolines birthday party and broke Eugene Mirman’s ipad, Jason and Kim got tattoos and I went to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store and bought a large empty paint can with the label “Omnipotence” on it. Needless to say its impracticality lies in how it fits in my suitcase.

The shop is part of the Dave Eggers brand, it’s a non profit organization promoting literacy for young un’s and it sells silly things to fund this endeavor with workshops being run in the back, this comforts me when I think about how I could have spent that 12 dollars on a musty yet jaunty hat from Buffalo Exchange. Other photos of the wonder of this shop are below, including my entrance into the Superhero Database.

We had a treat of a man at the two Brooklyn Hall of Music Shows in the shape of a trumpet player called Tim, he has toured with “Camera Obscura”  and we wish (so hard) that we had the money to take him away on tour but maybe after a few more Beer/car/cheese/dog food commercials. We ended that first night majestically at Barcade playing Donkey Kong and spreading rumours of a kill screen.

I spent the next day at a “haunted house” in Manhattan called “Nightmare,” where you explored an “insane asylum” full of “patients” who were “actors” covered in “blood ” and “other unidentifiable stuff,” and it was “psychologically terrifying.”

It was at a event space in NoHo and you walked around a maze of purpose built rooms in groups of five, I was on my own with two couples with one lady giving me permission to grab onto her fella if I became too terrified. At the beginning I appreciated the polite offering of human comfort but dismissed it with a “yeah right, it wont be that scary,” but I was so dreadfully wrong. By the end I was clawing away at any flesh that would come near me for dear life. At one point one of the men grabbed me and said “come here honey” and I thought I had scored, but he had just mistook me for his girlfriend in the screaming confusion.

Each room had a different actor inside who had chosen their own particular crazy person theme, one person reminded me of  Halle Berry in “Gothika,” the other Tim Curry in “It.” We were instructed to do everything the actors asked of us and I lost a coin toss to a woman with a bit of the Angelina Jolie about her and was commanded to go into a dark room alone to meet her “brother”. I wondered into the darkness fumbling around until I felt the tree trunk like arms of a heavily breathing man in the corner. I think I was meant to stay in there for the show to work but instead I ran out screaming. I would highly recommend it if you want to live in a film world like I frequently do. But take a lover.

The next show went even more well, with more Tim and an all ages crowd  and we celebrated by sitting on the bus for a bit then going to sleep.

In other news Gareth has started a exclusive tv club where he screens Harry Hills TV Burp, Match of the Day and The X Factor and we have all done some laundry.


Ellen x


New Haven by Ellen
October 13, 2010, 8:34 pm
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Today we are in New Haven, CT

I am currently logged onto the internet network known as YaleGuest and I feel like a imposter. Lets face it kids, I was never going to make it to Yale (for starters its too far away from Cardiff) but I can wonder around the campus with the Jean Paul Satre gift someone foolishly gave me and pretend for a while cant I? I wont ever read Satre, i know my limits, but  I figure intelligence works like osmosis, the knowledge from the other students and the book will collectively seep through my pores, into my brain and give me the ability to wax lyrical about all things post (modernism, structuralism, anarcism, secret etc)

Anyway, tour continues to chug along nicely with a lovely couple of days being spent in Philadelphia in which we went to the indoor food market, The Mutter Museum (conjoined twins in jars!) and saw Perfume Genius in a tiny chapel framed by thunder and lightning.

We performed in Johnny Brenda’s on a incredibly impractical stage and my increasingly chirpy mood was nearly threatened by a man shouting out “You looked better when you were Blonde!” at me whilst I was tuning up. I thought about explaining to him that blonde hair was really expensive and hard to upkeep but i figured that would be a really long retort so i settled with “I liked you better when you had hair,” because he was bald.

This was cheap a shot and didn’t even make much sense because we had never met before, but I had to say something to combat the fact he thought his comment was an okay thing to shout at me.

I continued tuning up and he added “your still hot though,” so I felt better about pointing out the fact he was bald.

He did try and buy me a drink afterwards to apologize, but he still seemed confused as to why I didn’t appreciate his commentary on my evolving style. Whilst I do not care whether this man preferred having masturbatory fantasies over me when I had bleach in my hair, I still get slightly thrown by such a comment, I am as insecure as the next person and sometimes I am not in the mood for that kind of rudeness (especially before a show).

I liked being blonde, I like being a brunette but I do my hair for myself, not for anyone else (apart from maybe Tyra Banks if I was on ANTM) and just because I am on a elevated platform in front of you (that stage was really high) does not mean you have more of a right to shout something negative at me.


Rant over, anger out, now I can concentrate on happier things like new episodes of HIMYM

Anyway below is some pictures of some stuff from the last couple of days, including us on a bus, hope everyone is okay and that

Ellen x

Toronto x by Ellen
October 9, 2010, 8:57 pm
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I got this picture from a shop in St Joseph in Michigan, it was nestled amongst a collection of old portrait shots  labeled “instant ancestors,” I naturally chose the one who most resembled me. I like to think she was a elegant woman who was married off into the Clergy for a suitable dower, and although she got on okay with her husband, the priest, her unnaturally high sexual appetite lead her to have wild passionate affairs with the guy who played the organ and the dude who repaired the pews. She probably had about 8 children, all increasingly dull before she did a Julia Roberts and went to various countries to find herself but instead contracted syphilis and died alone in a Tibetan opium den.

Today we are in Lava Quebec after a thoroughly enjoyable gig in Toronto, we played a song which has been absent from set lists for a good long while and the response to it was reassuring, as was the crowds general elation. It was like a warm sweaty collective hug. Post gig we tried out some Poutin, marvelled at the general attractiveness of Toronto inhabitants (what would they be called? Torontoites?) and ended up at a “house party” where upon arrival it seemed we were the only guests.

Us, the owners of the house a dog called George Pooney and a topless man. Awwwwwwwkward.

I will leave you with some invaluable advice I found in a book in Toronto.


Because everyone loves it when some stranger shuffles up them on a park bench



This just seems reckless.

Ellen x


St Joseph, Michigan by Gareth
October 7, 2010, 12:34 pm
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So, it’s early morning and my body thinks I’ve slept in late and is wondering why my stomach isn’t full of baked beans yet, but there’s barely light cracking the blinds and I can’t even hear vacuum cleaners in the hotel corridors yet.

Jet Lagged.

Our flight over yesterday was fine. Uneventful and fine. I have an enviable ability to fall asleep on a plane/train/automobile with ridiculous ease. A talent I wish I could replicate in bed. The first show of the tour is tomorrow, in Toronto. Yesterday we were met at the airport by our TM Joe Puleo, and merch seller/life counsellor Kellie, with a crate of beer (not Bud, gutted) and are now staying near his home, for a day of lounging before we’re met by our tour bus tonight.

Things are gonna be tight on the bus this time round. Twelve of us in a twelve-berth. Also, no trailer for the gear, so everything’s gonna be a squeeze, and an abandoned apple core slipped between seats, is gonna be more disgusting than ever. I look forward to the next 21 mornings, waking up desperate for a shit and having to pull on pyjamas and walk to the nearest Dunking Donuts to use the amenities.

I did my lightest ever tour pack this time round. So proud. Whoever has the biggest suitcase will get referred to as ‘Titanic’ for the duration of the tour. So hilarious.

A Month In The Country – J L Carr
Screen Burn – Charlie Brooker (the cover screams “toilet book”, but I’ve always wanted to write about telly. I think my dream job would be working for ‘Inside Soap’ or something).
Inverting The Pyramid – Jonathan Wilson (gonna attempt finishing this for about the 5th time)

Our Friends In The North (our pal Pete has been recommending this to me for years, and finally I’ve tracked it down to watch)
Parks And Recreation

Also, there’s a whole host of TV shows I’m going to have to download to keep up with, whilst I’m away. A quick list:

Match Of The Day, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, X Factor, Inbetweeners, Celebrity Juice.

I’m also really excited that we’ll be able to listen to Football Weekly 5 hours earlier (kinda) than we do at home. Priorities.

I’m gonna try to blog a lot more on this tour. Give an insight into what it’s like to tour in Los Campesinos!. We’ll see how it goes.



October 5, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Oh yeh guys, we did an advert for Budweiser. Pretty neat, huh?

Oh and by the way, while I’m here, we’ve got a new t-shirt design available in our merch store. No big deal.


Super limited edition. A few available on our coming US tour. But very few available online.

October 4, 2010, 11:10 am
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Before and between bands at our pop concerts I always leave my iPod at the sound desk, blasting an LC! approved playlist as a slight to inhouse sound guys with awful music taste and to make sure we never walk onstage to a Remi Nicole song ever again.

I’m always really pleased when I see people taking an interest in the music they are hearing, or when people ask or email about it. One time when we played in New York, a load of the audience sanf along to ‘Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying’. That was nice.

Not that I don’t trust you fuckers, but I don’t wanna leave my iPod at the sound desk any more (cos I wanna be watching episodes of Parks And Recreation in miniature backstage, mostly), and so this is happening on the forthcoming North American tour.

– I am going to buy an iPod shuffle.
– I am going to put a playlist of brilliant music on it.
– This music will play before/between/after bands on this month’s shows.


– Anybody who buys merch on this tour will receive a raffle ticket.
– At the end of the tour, tickets will be drawn and somebody will win said iPod and the music within.


I’m working on the playlist now and will post it on here in the next couple of days.
What would you like to hear before an LC! show?

Some Of My Favourite Music At The Moment by Gareth
October 1, 2010, 10:42 pm
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Guys, music is great isn’t it? Actually, not all of it is, which is why it’s important I write about the following stuff. Because I’m sick to my back teeth of hearing people spouting on about absolute bullshit bands.

F.I.L.A. – The-Dream (feat. T.I.)
I dunno if my favourite album of the year thus far is Learning, or Love King, but this is the demo of possibly the best song off The-Dream’s third album. This cut features T.I. rapping some frankly pretty incredible verses. I swear The-Dream is the Michael Jackson of our generation.

So Good – Electrik Red
Proteges of The-Dream, these put any current chart girl groups to shame. Plus, sexy as fuck.

If Your Girl – Forest Swords
One of the worst things in the world is when guitar bands go on Live Lounge or some shit and cover a pop song and think they’re being all smart and subversive when really the song they’re covering has always been one hundred times better than the piss weak ballads or empty emoting that they get away with just because they need a haircut and don’t wash their clothes.

Anyway, this is a really brilliant cover of a really brilliant popular song. Get Dagger Paths.

Song For The Greater Jihad Download
Song For The Greater Jihad – Blue Water White Death
Shearwater/Xiu Xiu supergroup. Wasn’t a dude from the pAper chAse meant to be in this group at some point? This is the best track I’ve heard in a couple of months, and I’m really excited for the release of the album. First person to email me a promo copy of it wins.

avi – Grimes
I dunno, kind of like John Maus or something. But danceable. This whole tape, Geidi Primes, is really fantastic though. She plays in New York on the 14th October, we have a day off in Brooklyn that day. Anyone wanna take me out?

Kangaroo – This Mortal Coil
Not new, at all, but one of my top 5 favourite songs of all time, most probs.

Welcome To Old Love -Former Ghosts
Freddy Ruppert’s ‘Former Ghosts’ project has produced two of the best records I’ve heard in the past 12 months. In the build up to his new record ‘New Love’ due later this month, he’s generously compiled this free download of Remixes/Covers/Outtakes. It’s hyper-emotional stuff, and well worth your exploration.