Some Of My Favourite Music At The Moment by Gareth
October 1, 2010, 10:42 pm
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Guys, music is great isn’t it? Actually, not all of it is, which is why it’s important I write about the following stuff. Because I’m sick to my back teeth of hearing people spouting on about absolute bullshit bands.

F.I.L.A. – The-Dream (feat. T.I.)
I dunno if my favourite album of the year thus far is Learning, or Love King, but this is the demo of possibly the best song off The-Dream’s third album. This cut features T.I. rapping some frankly pretty incredible verses. I swear The-Dream is the Michael Jackson of our generation.

So Good – Electrik Red
Proteges of The-Dream, these put any current chart girl groups to shame. Plus, sexy as fuck.

If Your Girl – Forest Swords
One of the worst things in the world is when guitar bands go on Live Lounge or some shit and cover a pop song and think they’re being all smart and subversive when really the song they’re covering has always been one hundred times better than the piss weak ballads or empty emoting that they get away with just because they need a haircut and don’t wash their clothes.

Anyway, this is a really brilliant cover of a really brilliant popular song. Get Dagger Paths.

Song For The Greater Jihad Download
Song For The Greater Jihad – Blue Water White Death
Shearwater/Xiu Xiu supergroup. Wasn’t a dude from the pAper chAse meant to be in this group at some point? This is the best track I’ve heard in a couple of months, and I’m really excited for the release of the album. First person to email me a promo copy of it wins.

avi – Grimes
I dunno, kind of like John Maus or something. But danceable. This whole tape, Geidi Primes, is really fantastic though. She plays in New York on the 14th October, we have a day off in Brooklyn that day. Anyone wanna take me out?

Kangaroo – This Mortal Coil
Not new, at all, but one of my top 5 favourite songs of all time, most probs.

Welcome To Old Love -Former Ghosts
Freddy Ruppert’s ‘Former Ghosts’ project has produced two of the best records I’ve heard in the past 12 months. In the build up to his new record ‘New Love’ due later this month, he’s generously compiled this free download of Remixes/Covers/Outtakes. It’s hyper-emotional stuff, and well worth your exploration.




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The-Dream’s album is amazing, every track is infinitely replayable, I’ve been listening to it non-stop the past few months. I really like Florida University, Abyss, and Love King too

Comment by Nick

The-Dream, yes!
My friends all take the piss when I tell them how fucking good he is. They’re getting linked to this.

Comment by James Master

Former Ghosts, YES!!!

Comment by Amgspot

Oh… Electrik Red. How they’ve not gone huge yet I do not know. On a similar vein, if you don’t know of them (tho’ breadth suggests you will) you ought to take a listen to Jazmine Sullivan, and THIS:

And How To Dress Well.

Thanks, bye!

Comment by Natalie Shaw

I’ve been listening to the Old Love mixtape nonstop since downloading it yesterday evening. It’s great! I never thought a Blink 182 song would appeal to me that much.

Gareth, do you know Liger?
They’re an Austria/Berlin based band which sounds similar to Xiu Xiu, but is nonetheless far better than being a copycat.

Check out the video for the upcoming 7″

Comment by Kern

I’m sitting watching the NFL on a streaming site and it goes to (one of their many, many) commercials. Budweiser. My ears prick up at this familiar strumming, Y!M!Dancing!. Unexpected Campesinos! One of the best kinds of Campesino! imo.

I think a well done is in order.

Comment by Jamie

the former ghosts is AWESOME. it is the only thing i’ve listened to this weekend.

thanks for the suggestion, Gareth!

Comment by Madeline

Thanks for sharing some of your current favorites. Are you familiar with Third, the album which Kangaroo originally appeared on? There are some other songs on it that are similar, it’s an amazing album.

Comment by Dave

There are few things weirder in the world then you liking The-Dream in a unironic senese. Few.

Comment by David

The Former Ghosts track is amazing, haven’t heard them before but will definitely check them out more! thanks for the tip!

Comment by Rachel

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