October 4, 2010, 11:10 am
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Before and between bands at our pop concerts I always leave my iPod at the sound desk, blasting an LC! approved playlist as a slight to inhouse sound guys with awful music taste and to make sure we never walk onstage to a Remi Nicole song ever again.

I’m always really pleased when I see people taking an interest in the music they are hearing, or when people ask or email about it. One time when we played in New York, a load of the audience sanf along to ‘Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying’. That was nice.

Not that I don’t trust you fuckers, but I don’t wanna leave my iPod at the sound desk any more (cos I wanna be watching episodes of Parks And Recreation in miniature backstage, mostly), and so this is happening on the forthcoming North American tour.

– I am going to buy an iPod shuffle.
– I am going to put a playlist of brilliant music on it.
– This music will play before/between/after bands on this month’s shows.


– Anybody who buys merch on this tour will receive a raffle ticket.
– At the end of the tour, tickets will be drawn and somebody will win said iPod and the music within.


I’m working on the playlist now and will post it on here in the next couple of days.
What would you like to hear before an LC! show?


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sounds potentially iffy legally. Are you allowed to raffle off other peoples music?

Comment by metamagical

‘Love Fade’ off of the Tamaryn record.

Comment by Matt Sheret

Flare Gun by Owen Pallett

Comment by Brent

You’re buying merch, not the iPod. I don’t see anything wrong with giving someone music that they bought legally. You could even charge them the cost of the mp3 device. When you charge someone money for songs you downloaded at no cost to you, things start to get iffy.

Comment by Shawn

Great idea. I’d like to hear the following:
Arson Wells – Golden Triangle
He’d send in the Army – Gang of Four

Comment by Domenic

I agree with magicface. Its the unlicensed exchange without compensation to the owner of the song’s rights that creates legal liability. That the songs were purchased legally or you bought merch is largely irrelevant. So I would stick to bands/labels that support creative exchange, like Titus Andronicus who’s song “Four score and Seven” would be a bold addition to any playlist meant for public consumption.

Comment by legal eagle

You should start walking onstage to Nicki Minaj songs.

Comment by givingupthegun

AAAAAAH! I’m so glad you mentioned the “Get me away from here” occurrence, it still goes down as one of my favorite concert moments.
This is a great idea! I wish I could participate, stupid college and work getting in the way of Los Campesinos!.
If I can get away with asking for a song anyway, “Let’s Fall Back In Love” by Slow Club would be a nice sing-a-long.

Have and awesome tour!

Comment by Shannon

Lots of Slow Club, Help, She Can’t Swim and Xiu Xiu?

Alternatively Justin Beiber as a sort of ironic thing to walk on to, although not sure how well that would work… actually that’s a terrible idea scrap it

Have a good tour come back safe x

Comment by Matt

When I saw you guys open in Minneapolis earlier this year, there were a couple of songs that definately made the wait a bit easier.

Hunger – Frankie and the Heartstrings
(I heard this song for the first time at your show, and spent hours googling the lyric “We’re waiting outside, for you to come out tonight!”)

Early Whitney – Why?
(How epic was it to see my favorite band walk out on stage to the tunes of my other favorite band?)

See you in Iowa City!!!

Comment by Matt

perhaps lonely sailor by rifle recoil?

Comment by meagan

Some Art Brut on the playlist would be nice.

Comment by Jon

Get some Another Sunny Day on there… Anorak City never fails!

Comment by Ray

I think “Return of the Mack” is the only correct answer here.

Comment by Kyle

Keep It Goin Louder by Major Lazer

Comment by Nick

Something from Former Ghosts?

Comment by Peter

If you are not putting someone’s entire album on it I don’t see what the big deal is in regards to legality. It’s free publicity.

Comment by Amy

don’t haunt this place — Rural Alberta Advantage

Comment by colin

I Won’t Lie to You-Let’s Wrestle

They snuggle up right next to you on MY ipod, so they become awesome by proxy.

Comment by Grant

“Say it ain’t so” Weezer.

The All-time greatest

Comment by Drew

“Oh Captain, My Captain: Ron Swanson, A Swansong”

Put some Local Natives on there, the one-two combo of them and you at Reading made my weekend

Comment by Jed Howlett

sometimes in the bullring, by johnny foreigner.

oh, wait. In that case, anything by slow club.

Comment by ferg

“Moon Deluxe” by Andrew Cedermark “Springsteen” by Nosferatu D2, and “AT&T” by Pavement would all be wonderful to sing along to at a Los Campesinos! concert. Oh, beief shout of hooray that you like Parks and Recs. Such a wonderful show.

Comment by David

“The Party Song” – Blink-182

Comment by John

I would love to hear “Slide Away” by The Verve

Comment by James

No wonder “It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful” played after your Pomona show. It made me so happy!

Schizophrenia by Jukebox the Ghost might get some feet a-tappin’.

Comment by Diana

I’m sure that they will include a itunes gift card so you can dl the artists on the playlist right?

Comment by Justin Leon

Ofo the Black Company – Allah Wakbarr

new South Park eps in 2 days, alright!

Comment by Jordan

Just bring your asses to California. The iPod is a nice gimmick though.

Comment by Amgspot

Xiu Xiu

Comment by leah

Anything Could Happen by The Clean.

Comment by ryan

Gareth, why not just buy a Zune?
Then you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing it.

Comment by Christian

what is wrong with you people? your first response to an awesome contest is “shit, what if you get busted?” i’m taking all of your raffle tickets.

Comment by Julia

Gareth, do we get 1 raffle ticket per item we purchase or for the whole purchase?

Comment by Domenic

Waiting Room by Fugazi

Comment by Ray

Hey Gareth, did you tell your merch person about this? Both Peter and I bought merch last night and no raffle tix for either of us. BTW boo for only having the king of bands shirts from Philly onwards.

Comment by JaneinMA

I recall a song from The kKife before your show in San Diego.
So including Fever Ray would only be logical.

Comment by britannia

when’s this being drawn, anyways?

Comment by Ray

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