October 5, 2010, 10:32 pm
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Oh yeh guys, we did an advert for Budweiser. Pretty neat, huh?

Oh and by the way, while I’m here, we’ve got a new t-shirt design available in our merch store. No big deal.


Super limited edition. A few available on our coming US tour. But very few available online.


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Will we be able to purchase these at your North American tour dates?

Comment by jeska

Seeing as how Anheuser-Busch is based in Missouri, I think you should also do a LC! shirt that plays on the Show-Me State sign.

I need payday to come so I can snag one of these!!!

Comment by Jordan

Love the commercial. Hope you cashed in.

Comment by Domenic

hate to sound self obsessed, but is that ME in the car at 17 seconds???

Comment by chris alcxxk

I love the shirt! 😀

Comment by Rob

I hope you guys made lots of moneyyyz. The ad is okay, but knowing you guys got an awesome wad of cash for one your most awesome songs makes me happiest.

Comment by Robin Buckley

I guess I shall not be drinking Heineken when I see you all next week.

Comment by Justin Leon

I’m no economic expert, but i think you’ll make about a hundred million bucks.

Comment by Ray

Way to pull a Minus The Bear on us! Sheesh.

Comment by Chris F


Baseball? Hope you pick a better sport next time 🙂
Hope you made mad bank LC! Enjoy America, even if the main reason it exists is kinda rubbish now (the wrestling, obv).

Comment by Samuel


Will defs try and purchase one in Toronto tomorrow. VERY EXCITED.

Comment by jeska

So is the shirt already sold out online? Can I buy the shirt off your back Gareth?

Comment by Andrew

need this

Comment by brian

I was at your first US show at Maxwells in NJ! who woulda thought you’d be selling american beer, im proud of you guys! keep up the great work! also lol I will now drink budweiser more often because they paid los campensinos to be inna commercial.. I’m serious.

Comment by erk

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