St Joseph, Michigan by Gareth
October 7, 2010, 12:34 pm
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So, it’s early morning and my body thinks I’ve slept in late and is wondering why my stomach isn’t full of baked beans yet, but there’s barely light cracking the blinds and I can’t even hear vacuum cleaners in the hotel corridors yet.

Jet Lagged.

Our flight over yesterday was fine. Uneventful and fine. I have an enviable ability to fall asleep on a plane/train/automobile with ridiculous ease. A talent I wish I could replicate in bed. The first show of the tour is tomorrow, in Toronto. Yesterday we were met at the airport by our TM Joe Puleo, and merch seller/life counsellor Kellie, with a crate of beer (not Bud, gutted) and are now staying near his home, for a day of lounging before we’re met by our tour bus tonight.

Things are gonna be tight on the bus this time round. Twelve of us in a twelve-berth. Also, no trailer for the gear, so everything’s gonna be a squeeze, and an abandoned apple core slipped between seats, is gonna be more disgusting than ever. I look forward to the next 21 mornings, waking up desperate for a shit and having to pull on pyjamas and walk to the nearest Dunking Donuts to use the amenities.

I did my lightest ever tour pack this time round. So proud. Whoever has the biggest suitcase will get referred to as ‘Titanic’ for the duration of the tour. So hilarious.

A Month In The Country – J L Carr
Screen Burn – Charlie Brooker (the cover screams “toilet book”, but I’ve always wanted to write about telly. I think my dream job would be working for ‘Inside Soap’ or something).
Inverting The Pyramid – Jonathan Wilson (gonna attempt finishing this for about the 5th time)

Our Friends In The North (our pal Pete has been recommending this to me for years, and finally I’ve tracked it down to watch)
Parks And Recreation

Also, there’s a whole host of TV shows I’m going to have to download to keep up with, whilst I’m away. A quick list:

Match Of The Day, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, X Factor, Inbetweeners, Celebrity Juice.

I’m also really excited that we’ll be able to listen to Football Weekly 5 hours earlier (kinda) than we do at home. Priorities.

I’m gonna try to blog a lot more on this tour. Give an insight into what it’s like to tour in Los Campesinos!. We’ll see how it goes.




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Can’t wait to see you guys in philly!

Comment by Erik

Looking forward to reading all about it.. Wish you would tour in Australia, I would take you out on the town. Try to extract the apple before it infects your life. Also, Parks and Rec is amazing, so much better than The Office.

Comment by Natalie

There’s no “G” in Dunkin Donuts, you self-obsessed prick!

Also: see you guys tomorrow, psyched

Comment by Nick

You should check out the Football Ramble if you haven’t already. Hands down my favorite football podcast.

Comment by Curt

Let me know if there’s anything I can get you once you arrive in Laval (Maple syrup, home grown garlic).

Comment by Domenic

I’m getting my We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed tattoo tomorrow morning, then seeing your guys at Wrongbar 🙂 gonna be amazing.

Comment by Sam

Rock stars don’t poop. silly G

Comment by Grant

Gareth whats yr take on Inverting the Pyramid? Because I freaking loved it. The more the likes of Puskas get lauded over Pele for their innovative qualities – especially considering no-one about these days really saw either of them play week in week out – makes me v. happy to see the given ideals of the game change. (Of course of course of course Pele was ‘great’ – or so we are told.)

Comment by Samuel

why the pit stop in st. joe’s? …nice place! can’t wait til you guys make it down to austin, so pumped to hear the new album live!!!

Comment by dan eppley

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