Toronto x by Ellen
October 9, 2010, 8:57 pm
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I got this picture from a shop in St Joseph in Michigan, it was nestled amongst a collection of old portrait shots  labeled “instant ancestors,” I naturally chose the one who most resembled me. I like to think she was a elegant woman who was married off into the Clergy for a suitable dower, and although she got on okay with her husband, the priest, her unnaturally high sexual appetite lead her to have wild passionate affairs with the guy who played the organ and the dude who repaired the pews. She probably had about 8 children, all increasingly dull before she did a Julia Roberts and went to various countries to find herself but instead contracted syphilis and died alone in a Tibetan opium den.

Today we are in Lava Quebec after a thoroughly enjoyable gig in Toronto, we played a song which has been absent from set lists for a good long while and the response to it was reassuring, as was the crowds general elation. It was like a warm sweaty collective hug. Post gig we tried out some Poutin, marvelled at the general attractiveness of Toronto inhabitants (what would they be called? Torontoites?) and ended up at a “house party” where upon arrival it seemed we were the only guests.

Us, the owners of the house a dog called George Pooney and a topless man. Awwwwwwwkward.

I will leave you with some invaluable advice I found in a book in Toronto.


Because everyone loves it when some stranger shuffles up them on a park bench



This just seems reckless.

Ellen x



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I’m quite sure that is what Gary Glitter did?

Comment by Peter

Toronto was the bomb. Gareth, I’m sorry I made you hear my Los Crampedesinos! joke, because I was just so tired and finally not hungover anymore. You are the best.

ALL OF YOU ARE THE BEST. The set was great. I was very excited to hear Exhale.

Comment by jeska

Toronto was amazing. Told that I was the first person at the event to fill in a ticket. Best wishes to the band and JoFo.

Comment by Brent

Us lovely people are called Torontonians 🙂

Comment by Courtney

“Torontonians” is the correct usage btw. Oh ya, great show!!!!

Comment by Daniel

I can confirm it is “Torontonians” and I can also confirm that the show was incredible.

Comment by Thomas

The resemblance is uncanny, also I feel like “Eat, Pray, Death In Utter Isolation” probably would’ve been a more interesting summer blockbuster. It’s a shame no producers in Hollywood are reading this blog.

Glad you guys enjoyed the show as much as I did, thanks again for the wonderful time and one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Comment by Nick (a/k/a the tall dorky guy in the Sex Bob-omb shirt who was so panicked he wasn't going to get a ticket he accidentally walked in on you guys setting up)

what were y’all doin in st. joe’s, MI? just curious, i’m from Michigan and went to school on the westside. i live in austin, texas now… can’t wait for yer show on the 23rd!! it’ll be my first time seeing you down here, and possibly my first concert in the live music capital of the world since i moved down here, hoooray!

Comment by dan eppley

I’ve lobbied for years to have us changed to the Big Smokers, but I guess it sounds too gender specific. Great show here. Third time was a charm. That after party (after party?) sounds like the story of my life.

Comment by Glen

T.O. was possibly the sweaty-est show I’ve ever been to – but also the most awesome. Wanna just live in my pocket and do gigs in Toronto every Friday? 😀

p.s. What did that guy who stage-bombed during the encore say to Gareth? That was the most awkward encounter I’ve ever witnessed lol.

Comment by Katelyn

so glad you all exist! this show was amazing! i wouldn’t have thought of “the sea…” as a sing-a-long song, but they pretty much all turned into one. best toronto crowd yet.

Comment by Julia

Definitely the most fun I’ve had at a concert.

Comment by Brent

this is a little random, but do you remember the kids with the white “custom” t-shirts that were at the New Haven concert, and we stayed for like an hour and a half afterwards and talked to everyone?

Comment by Eddie

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