New Haven by Ellen
October 13, 2010, 8:34 pm
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Today we are in New Haven, CT

I am currently logged onto the internet network known as YaleGuest and I feel like a imposter. Lets face it kids, I was never going to make it to Yale (for starters its too far away from Cardiff) but I can wonder around the campus with the Jean Paul Satre gift someone foolishly gave me and pretend for a while cant I? I wont ever read Satre, i know my limits, but  I figure intelligence works like osmosis, the knowledge from the other students and the book will collectively seep through my pores, into my brain and give me the ability to wax lyrical about all things post (modernism, structuralism, anarcism, secret etc)

Anyway, tour continues to chug along nicely with a lovely couple of days being spent in Philadelphia in which we went to the indoor food market, The Mutter Museum (conjoined twins in jars!) and saw Perfume Genius in a tiny chapel framed by thunder and lightning.

We performed in Johnny Brenda’s on a incredibly impractical stage and my increasingly chirpy mood was nearly threatened by a man shouting out “You looked better when you were Blonde!” at me whilst I was tuning up. I thought about explaining to him that blonde hair was really expensive and hard to upkeep but i figured that would be a really long retort so i settled with “I liked you better when you had hair,” because he was bald.

This was cheap a shot and didn’t even make much sense because we had never met before, but I had to say something to combat the fact he thought his comment was an okay thing to shout at me.

I continued tuning up and he added “your still hot though,” so I felt better about pointing out the fact he was bald.

He did try and buy me a drink afterwards to apologize, but he still seemed confused as to why I didn’t appreciate his commentary on my evolving style. Whilst I do not care whether this man preferred having masturbatory fantasies over me when I had bleach in my hair, I still get slightly thrown by such a comment, I am as insecure as the next person and sometimes I am not in the mood for that kind of rudeness (especially before a show).

I liked being blonde, I like being a brunette but I do my hair for myself, not for anyone else (apart from maybe Tyra Banks if I was on ANTM) and just because I am on a elevated platform in front of you (that stage was really high) does not mean you have more of a right to shout something negative at me.


Rant over, anger out, now I can concentrate on happier things like new episodes of HIMYM

Anyway below is some pictures of some stuff from the last couple of days, including us on a bus, hope everyone is okay and that

Ellen x


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It is probably important to note that it is, in fact, Jean Paul SaRtre. Just so you look as intelligent as possible. Unless it was a book by another famous post author called Satre. In that case, apologies. Other than that, an excellent post Ellen!
I hate people (read: middle aged men) making remarks like that during gigs.

Comment by Gerlin

Where was the Hulk? I’m coming to Iowa (via Chicago) to see you guys at the end of the tour. There seems to be a decent comic shop in town from my research.

Comment by Dave

no your right Gerlin, my spelling and accuracy of French writers leaves a lot to be desire x

Comment by Ellen

you should have challenged him to a SP style bass battle and kicked his ass.

Comment by James

Great show in New Haven. You guys never disappoint. And screw that guy thinking he was giving you a compliment.

Comment by Rob

I was curious about which of Sartre’s books you’d toted about and so, noticing images of text attached, I clicked through the photos to see if I recognized any passages. I must say that, while amusing in their own right, the excerpts are far better if you imagine they were written by an august French philosopher. I particularly liked him writing about being on Extra! and how people always worry he’ll say mean things about their clothes.

Comment by E

I’m sorry about what you had to deal with in failuredelphia. They seem to have asshole sports fans and also asshole music fans.

Comment by Justin Leon

Failuredelphia? That’s horrendous. Next time at least capitalize a proper noun.

Comment by Matt

People are always shouting inappropriate comments to you in Philly. Remember last time when the guy yelled “I love the bassist!” and you said “I don’t love you!” I’m still embarrassed for you over that one. Also if it’s any consolation/not too creepy I think you’re hair looks very nice dark.

Comment by Doug

Hooray for Sartre! Hooray for Brunette Ellen! (which looks better anyway!) Hooray for seeing LC! in Baltimore on Sunday!

❤ you guys!

Comment by Chris

Just to say that picture of you and the hulk is golden!

Comment by Dan

reading this and the pictures makes my day. I’m bummed I’ll be missing the Atlanta show which I probably couldn’t make anyway, even if I WAS at home. And hooray for men’s (well, there’s still those awesome guys out there) predictable dickery…being blonde is overrated.

Have some good shows, guys!

Comment by Mckenna

Just to say I have nothing against Blondes, some of my favorites are blondes i.e Katie Sackoff, Sarah Michelle Gellar,Whigfield

Comment by Ellen

I know three people who go to yale. I graduated with two of them, and was friends with the third. He was Jose Saramago’s pen pal (a major latin american author), yet he’s an actually cool and smart dude. So don’t be intimidated, there are at least SOME people there who try to be modest (and the rest are just entitled rich kids, from what i’ve heard)

Comment by Diana

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