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October 18, 2010, 10:30 pm
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Brooklyn fun: We nestled ourselves into the Williamsburg area with a day off followed by two shows at the Music Hall. This was exciting for several reasons a) the possibility of them both being sold out and b) the luxury of a hotel bed.

We spent our time in the larger New York area having different adventures, Neil and Paul did a large amount of walking, Rob performed some songs at his friend Carolines birthday party and broke Eugene Mirman’s ipad, Jason and Kim got tattoos and I went to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply store and bought a large empty paint can with the label “Omnipotence” on it. Needless to say its impracticality lies in how it fits in my suitcase.

The shop is part of the Dave Eggers brand, it’s a non profit organization promoting literacy for young un’s and it sells silly things to fund this endeavor with workshops being run in the back, this comforts me when I think about how I could have spent that 12 dollars on a musty yet jaunty hat from Buffalo Exchange. Other photos of the wonder of this shop are below, including my entrance into the Superhero Database.

We had a treat of a man at the two Brooklyn Hall of Music Shows in the shape of a trumpet player called Tim, he has toured with “Camera Obscura”  and we wish (so hard) that we had the money to take him away on tour but maybe after a few more Beer/car/cheese/dog food commercials. We ended that first night majestically at Barcade playing Donkey Kong and spreading rumours of a kill screen.

I spent the next day at a “haunted house” in Manhattan called “Nightmare,” where you explored an “insane asylum” full of “patients” who were “actors” covered in “blood ” and “other unidentifiable stuff,” and it was “psychologically terrifying.”

It was at a event space in NoHo and you walked around a maze of purpose built rooms in groups of five, I was on my own with two couples with one lady giving me permission to grab onto her fella if I became too terrified. At the beginning I appreciated the polite offering of human comfort but dismissed it with a “yeah right, it wont be that scary,” but I was so dreadfully wrong. By the end I was clawing away at any flesh that would come near me for dear life. At one point one of the men grabbed me and said “come here honey” and I thought I had scored, but he had just mistook me for his girlfriend in the screaming confusion.

Each room had a different actor inside who had chosen their own particular crazy person theme, one person reminded me of  Halle Berry in “Gothika,” the other Tim Curry in “It.” We were instructed to do everything the actors asked of us and I lost a coin toss to a woman with a bit of the Angelina Jolie about her and was commanded to go into a dark room alone to meet her “brother”. I wondered into the darkness fumbling around until I felt the tree trunk like arms of a heavily breathing man in the corner. I think I was meant to stay in there for the show to work but instead I ran out screaming. I would highly recommend it if you want to live in a film world like I frequently do. But take a lover.

The next show went even more well, with more Tim and an all ages crowd  and we celebrated by sitting on the bus for a bit then going to sleep.

In other news Gareth has started a exclusive tv club where he screens Harry Hills TV Burp, Match of the Day and The X Factor and we have all done some laundry.


Ellen x



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You guys were amazing. :]
As my first concert goes,I’m so glad I saw you guys.

Comment by Angelica

Ahhh, the superhero supply store! I found that on my trip to NY in April, which was a highlight of the trip (along with LC at Maxwell’s NJ of course!)

Comment by Dave

Thanks for the Brooklyn show, it was amazing! Lots of dancing and singing was had. Glad you enjoyed the superhero place, too. It’s a few blocks down from my apt, too.

Comment by Jeremy Abel

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