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October 25, 2010, 2:58 am
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Comment by Jacob

But what does it mean?

I’ve got the poster, but I don’t have a clue.

Comment by Steven

!!!!!!!!!!! ….. ????????????

Comment by Rob

Well, something’s coming, that’s for sure. But what is it? And when is it coming?

Wait a sec, isn’t Anheuser-Busch headquartered in Missouri? This isn’t another Budweiser promo, is it?

Comment by sms


Comment by wolfparty


Comment by Nick

So mysterious. Makes me excited.

Comment by Victoria

Wow the previous commenter must be clairvoyant or something, as she took the words right off my keyboard before I got to typing them. Looking forward to whatever this mysterious cool looking poster/thing/??? entails.

Comment by Chris

The dimensions of the picture lead me to believe it might be a DVD?

Comment by Ken

Looks like a movie? Documentary film? Thing?

Comment by justin

I’m calling a live/tour DVD…

Comment by Ray

I think Ray’s right…
New EP (doubt it but i can be hopeful)

Comment by Matt

Nah but didn’t Gareth say something a while back about not making a live dvd because ‘our shows are for the moment’ and stuff?

Comment by Miles

As long as it’s not some form of STI, I’m getting it.

Comment by David Hume

new single+video+remixes? seems like an EP is the most obvious guess, no?

Comment by Julia

This is LC! nothing is obvious

Comment by James

Some kind of remix EP by Kanye West? Failing that, a performance to promote the album on X Factor.

Comment by OlliB

@Ray I said the same thing. Either that, or another EEP.

Comment by Jesse

Must be a live recording from Texas!

Comment by Domenic

So the reference to a track from Romance Is Boring, combined with the US tour, possibly means a full video of their gig in the Show Me State, which Eggheads and Weakest Link hours tells me is Missouri? I don’t know. I’m guessing they are playing in Missouri, right?

Comment by Rob

I hope this means you’ll play a show in Missouri, preferably in Kansas City. Please?

Comment by Flenker

The suspense is killing me.
LC! certainly know how to build a hype!

Love it.

Comment by chloedave

The image height/width ratio looks like a DVD package, not CD/Vinyl.

Comment by Anthony

What if just means they’re playing a show in MO tomorrow, which they are scheduled to play. Cruel halloween trick?

Comment by Pessemistic Pete

I reckon LC! The musical.

Comment by Hamish Rankine

Hmm, Gareth has said that he wouldn’t do a concert DVD and I think the image is meant to be a poster, not a video case anyway.
The plot thickens…

Comment by Sonny

Just when I think I can’t fall more in love with this band, they prove me wrong.

Fingers crossed for an EP!


When it comes to LC! I’ve realized that you can never really know what their next step is going to be…

But there is one thing I do know for sure…..
LC! Has NEVER let me down once!!
I ❤ LC!

Comment by Bella

I don’t want to be a downer but I think it just means they are about to play in Missouri.

Comment by Drew

An EP? Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. An LP!

Comment by Brett

probably a new single.

Comment by RoadLord

Seriously doubt its an lp, ep, single or the like, since letters from me to charlotte is already on an lp and an ep.

Comment by Pessemistic Pete

I hope they will release some Accoustic stuff.
Keep it coming…i´ll buy it anyway.

Comment by Rabii


Comment by Chris F

Ah, so Anheiser Busch is owned by a British company… it’s all making sense now. I did like the TV ad featuring the intro from “You! Me! Dancing!”.

Comment by dugrrr

yeah, I think they might just be playing in Missouri… the calendar says so at least. Im hoping for some more releases though!

Comment by hagen

Guys! I know someone who is the cousin of Bryan the soundguy from the band and he said it was going to be a theme bar in cardiff! OH I HOPE IT IS THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!????!!!!???????!!!!

Comment by Tim P

At the Brooklyn show the merch girl said its coming out around Christmas, so now we wait.

Comment by Jesse

my theory is they’re changing the name of the band to Heat Rash.

Comment by Alan Porridge

I think it’ll be a mixed media thing, book with mixed musical accompaniment.

Comment by Kyle W

I like this ^

Comment by Drew

This is gonna sound naive and stupid, but I am naive and stupid. Name of their next big album project thingy?

Comment by Will

Well WABWAD came out the same year as Hold On…

Comment by Brent

hey guys, I overheard one of the band saying it was going to be one of those NSFW nudie music videos like what flaming lips and el guincho has done recent.

Comment by Ryan Vinegarre

yeah… but theyre usually really good about all the hype beforehand. like photos/videos/pre-releases and stuff. unless this is the hype?

Comment by rachael


Comment by leila

only one comment referencing the show me state?

Comment by huan


Comment by Vanessa

You’ll notice that every other blog post has words near the end of it’s URL. This doesn’t.
It has four numbers – 3028.
Dunno if this is a default thing for an untitled post though.

Comment by Jeremy

I want a book.

Comment by Ally

This is building as much if not more tension than the live intro to You! Me! Dancing! I hope it culminates in a soundtrack to a J20 advert.

Comment by Coxon's Riot

They are probably just going to give us all heat rashes.

Comment by justin

[…] The first thing I think of when I hear is Los Campesinos! is Missouri, of course. Written by Sean Cannon > Morning Buzz, Music | 8:00 am More on: David Bazan, Foo Fighters, […]

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They played in St. Louis, MO last night. Not a big deal.

Comment by tachyonpython

My guess is that its an educational video about the seriousness of heat rashes.

Comment by jamie

A “Heat Rash” In The Shape Of…

Anything in that?

Comment by Jake

I got so excited because I thought that was my state’s outline.

Damnit, why do Missouri and Georgia have to look so similar.

Comment by Nikki

Could it be they’re realing as a single/ making a video of “A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte”

Because of the refrences to Missouri and heat rashes. Or is that too obvious.

Comment by James

“I hope it culminates in a soundtrack to a J20 advert” – That’s amazing

Comment by Matt

I live in Missouri will this be more exciting for me ohhhhh

Comment by abby

crossing my fingers for that yeezy remix ep

…or (slightly more likely) a documentary.

Comment by Pannell

A coffee table book showcasing pics of the band’s heat rashes?

Comment by Rask

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