by Gareth
October 27, 2010, 6:06 pm
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Stop Teasing Us!

Comment by Jake

Ive got it!

Thats the shape of Missouri – The show me state!

A heat rash in the show me state!

Comment by Jake

Garr! I don’t know if I can take this anticipation…

Comment by Sonny

yeah this is torture

Comment by carly

We can’t take it anymore, just tell us pleeease 🙂

@Jake: *facepalm* You should’ve already realised that by now…

Comment by Nina

I think Jake may be on to something…

Seriously, though anyone on this blog deserves better treatment. No one likes a cochlear tease.

Comment by Pessemistic Pete


Comment by Xio

Love the design

Comment by David


Comment by Grant

Oh please, oh please tell us already -_-

Comment by lauryn

Tour documentary? Looks like one to me anyway…

Should be cool.

Comment by CP

I just can’t wait! I MUST know what it is! This kind of anticipation better be worth it. I know it will be.

Comment by Victoria

Probably a new album, you guys. All of their albums were made on tour, right? IDK.

Comment by

This seems like a taunt.

Comment by John

I think some of the songs were written/inspired while on tour but they were recorded between tours. Its pretty hard to record while touring.

Comment by Pessemistic Pete

I wonder if it’s another “WAB, WAD” type thing…

Comment by matt

Maybe it’s a heat rash in the shape of misery (Missouri) ?

Comment by Sarah

Maybe its a live album. The day after they played in Missouri they posted this new update saying it was even closer… plus a “Heat Rash” in the show me state? cmon too perfect. and ik gareth said he wasnt up for a live album but he also said that about doing LC! songs acoustic…

Comment by Rob

Its like LC! are holding a massive middle finger at us, only this middle finger is made of chocolate or gold or something. Grr antisipation/frustration

Comment by Will

I know what it is

Comment by Pessemistic Pete

Well, since the poster is depicting half of the title of, “A Heat Rash In The Shape of The Show Me State; Or, Letters From Me to Charlotte,” it might be one of two things :

1) The first album WITHOUT Aleks. As you can see in the lyrics – “Shout into the wind this’ll never be the same.” 😦


2)By a lovely twist, Aleks is back? I miss you Aleks, I miss you.

Comment by John

It is either –

A) A WABWAD type release / New album
B) A new single (unlikely, as someone said, Letters has already been on an EP)
C) A DVD thing (unlikely for Gareth’s previous comments about live dvd’s
D) A new tour / big one off gig

As there apparently is a new drum kit coming soon, there are least 4 different images with new Heat Rash on it, there were a new set of photos up on the site before that and this is being strung out like a US election then I’m betting it’s a new album.

Shall we start a sweepstake?

Comment by Alex

Whatever it is, I’m being to feel like its going to be epically anti-climatic.

Comment by Pete

Chances are its an album. They’re probably gonna release it last minute to avoid the leak situation with RiB. Remember that, eh? Time flies…

Comment by penisbetweenis


Comment by Kevin

Oh gosh the tension…

Comment by Bryony

It better not be your official breaking up party. I just found out that the Rakes and White Rose Movement have broken up (yes, those things did happen 10 months ago, of course I should read bands blogs more often) and I’m in real danger of being stuck on a planet with only bad music – Please don’t travel on the same plane as Mumford & sons or Bishop Allen.

Comment by Pete

Don’t worry Pete, the day the good music dies, Mumford and Sons wouldn’t be riding in anywhere near the same airspace as the Big Bopper’s flight.

Comment by Andrew

It’s been close to a month since you guys posted this. You didn’t come to the west coast.. Please give us something here

Comment by Vanessa

I think this album ties in letters from charlotte as a big header, maybe it’s an EPEP??
In some of their songs you hear some sort skin infection with a something In the something state
Maybe this is a album of all of thier songs with these sayings in an EP

Comment by Andy

Why was my comment taken down?

Comment by Ray

I’m not aware that it was?
I just checked the ‘trash’ and ‘spam’ on here and there’s nothing from you in there.

If it WAS taken down though, it’s probably because it was either rude or a shit/pointless/irritating comment.

Comment by Gareth

I heard it’s going to be a collaboration with Mumford and Sons!!!! PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE! is it true?

Comment by Tim Potts

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