Too Many Flesh Suppers (Free Download) by Gareth
November 30, 2010, 12:47 pm
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This track was recorded during the Romance Is Boring album sessions. It’s one of my favourite things we’ve ever recorded, but it was with a heavy heart we (rightly) decided it didn’t ‘fit’ in the album. It was later used as the B-Side to the Romance Is Boring 7″, which nobody bought.

So, we’d like for you all to hear it, if you haven’t already, here it is as a free download. We are good people.
RiB 7″ by Los Campesinos!

(Also, if you’re gonna blog about this or anything, please don’t say it’s a “new track” or anything like that, because it’s really not. Cheers.)


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Favourite, favourite song by you guys. Honestly wonderful.

Comment by James

I bought Romance Is Boring 7″. Too many Flesh Suppers is amazing.

Comment by V-Toll

I bought it from iTunes, but thank you guys so much! 😀 It’s a brilliant track, more people need to hear it!

Comment by Jeremy

You know what, I had no idea there WAS a 7″ for RIB! I guess with it coming out at the same time as the album, everyone just didn’t notice!

Will buy it when I get paid BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT 😉 x

Comment by Stef

I bought it off you in thekla. That tune is incredible !! Play it at the NME awards show because ill be seeing you for the fourth time there!! 🙂

Comment by Aaron Flint

I bought it on iTunes when it came out. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. Absolutely brilliant.

Comment by Chris Mello

This song is awesome! But it’s too bad your singles never make it to Wisconsin because I have been seriously looking for them in every record store around here. But nothing! Nobody has them can you believe it???… well maybe you could, but send some this way please!!!

Comment by Joe Marek

Got it free with the album download and have to say, I can’t stand this song. Everything is horrible from the replusive opening lyrics to the dull dull tune. Sorry guys, snow made me grumpy.

Comment by Leigh

[…] “It was later used as the B-Side to the Romance Is Boring 7″, which nobody bought.” (via) Daher gibt es diesen Song jetzt für […]

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I love the fact that you’re releasing (arguably) your most disturbing song as a free download, which I will use to entice my friends to listen to your music.

Comment by Jack

This song is absolutely amazing. I can’t believe you left it off RIB, though I suppose it makes sense. You absolutely never fail to disappoint

Comment by Aaron

I brought a copy of the 7″ and i also think this may be my favourite song of yours.

Comment by Spencer

This is great. Thanks XD

Comment by ANA

i bought that bloody 7″ and paid for the download because it didn’t have a token or anything inside to download it. it’s a really, really good song though so this is awesome. as was previous free download how i taught myself to scream.

Comment by robert

[…] Los Campesinos! – Too Many Flesh Suppers […]

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Sooooo good. I should have bought the 7″. I will now if i can find it. Absolutely brilliant guys.

Comment by Brian

[…] “Too Many Flesh Suppers” by Los Campesinos.  Gory violins and excitable guitars, kinda Donner party, some of that sorta 80s vocal effect.  If there were lasers blowing out all over it, it’d be goth makeout music.  Oh and they are Welsh! […]

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